More pressure to win - Romo or RG3?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DavidAK, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I got this from the Redskins forum and I thought it was a good idea to talk about this here.

    Over there the overall consensus is that Rg3 doesn't have any pressure to win this game. As a matter of fact, their fans are already building up excuses as to why they wouldn't be disappointed with a loss. They're just happy to be there mentality along with Rg3 being a rookie doing better than anybody thought to begin the season + injuries give RG3 a pass to fail in the biggest game of his NFL career.

    -"While Romo on the other hand has a truck load of pressure because he has to prove he can win a big game".:rolleyes:

    What a load of crap. Everybody is picking Romo and the Cowboys to lose. You wan't to talk about injuries, we're decimated by them.

    I hope we beat the Redskins down, I hate their dumb fans and team.
  2. perrykemp

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    My own sense is that most of the pressure is on the Cowboys.

    Redkins have a rookie starting QB, they basically lost their best two defenders at the beginning of the season, they had to deal with a $36m cap penalty, their coach basically wrote off the season half way through, etc, etc.

    With the Cowboys every year the playoffs are expected.
  3. SDCowboy85

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    It's no question. Romo. RG3 has been praised for fumbling before. The guy can have his typical 150 yard 1TD game, and win or lose, he walks on water. With that, it has to be a fantastic to be a Cowboy, outside of the QB. It doesn't matter how poorly you play, how awful your side of the ball was, it will get pinned on Romo instead of you.
  4. CATCH17

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    Injuries aren't an excuse for anyone.
  5. Venger

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    Romo, and it is by so much that I wonder why we need a thread about it (not hating on the OP, just sayin'). RG3 has already cleared his expectations bar for this year by a mile. Romo is still trying to undo a shaky season start and overcome the hobgoblins of seasons past. The fact he is playing the best QB ball of anyone in the league right now doesn't matter...
  6. fifaguy

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    RG3 is a rookie and no one expected the Skins to be in the playoffs this year. On the other hand, the window is starting to close on Romo, Witten et al. For this reasons I think this game is, or should be, much important for us than for them. Must win, period....
  7. DFWJC

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    No offense to the OP, but come on.

    It's clearly on Romo. He could play close to perfection and still get the blame if they lose. We all know that.

    RG3 is the annointed one, is a rookie, and has a built-in and fairly legit excuse of not being at 100%. You can't get much less pressure than that.
  8. ragintd

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    The main reason behind this is:

    a) No one picked the skins to win more then 6 games this year. We were expected to reside in our usual 4th place in the division. Instead they are in position to win the division or a wild card berth (if bears lose to the lions which is doubtful and the vikes loses to the pack). Our expectations for the year and RG3 has been met and then some. Some would say we're playing with the house's money right now.

    b) This is an exceptional year for rookie QBs. 3 rookies have the potential of going to the playoffs. No one really had any expectations of any of the the 3 going to the playoffs. Well maybe Seattle as they have played in weak division and had been coming on strong the past year. Some thought they were only a couple of pieces away from making a serious challenge to the 9ers.

    c) The Cowboys as usual have been expected to challenge for the division as they usually are year after to year by the media, fans, peoples grandmothers.

    d) Romo is in the process of trying to get a new contract (not a contract year). Think he somewhat needs to prove to Jerry and the cowboy fans (you don't matter much in the discussion but it goes a long way in helping him in the eyes of the franchise if you all are behind him) that he can carry his team deep into the playoffs and shake off that choker label (not really deserved IMHO).

    e) Romo is a vet and has been in this position many times and should know what he needs to do to get the job done. RG3 is learning on the job and this is his first big run in the NFL.

    That being said, I think there are a ton of pressure on both of these kids. They both carry the hopes and dreams of their respective teams on their backs. That's a lot of pressure. I'm sure we both could recite reasons why neither team should be where we are (injuries, cap penalties etc). But it boils down to a big game. Winner takes all. I think the expectation at the moment is more on Romo then RG3 and thus the pressure.

    That's how I see it. Correct anything you think is wrong.
  9. Phoenix

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    Yep, Romo for sure. And it isn't even close.
  10. Fmart322

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    I read a lot of that thead and couldn't believe how little they knew about our team. They pretty much said all of of the Cowboys late season woes was because of Romo. Such uninformed fans they are. Most of this teams problems under Romo came on the other side of the ball. Last I checked Romo has nothing to do on defense.

    Also, they are under some strange notion that the Cowboys were picked to win the Super Bowl this year and last year. Yea, one or two NFL prognosticators picked us but most didn't and had us finishing 3rd or 4th in the division. Everyone had either the eagles or giants, hence their last game being scheduled previously for SNF.

    I really though more of them as a knowledgeable fan base but I guess I'm wrong.

    Another thing, I haven't seen a Redskins jersey, hat, bumper sticker ect.. in 15 years or so. Now, they are everywhere, all fresh and new. Yet people call us fair weather fans. Funny.
    I have a friend who's a skins fan and I haven't heard a peep out of him since Bush was president, the first Bush. H.W.Bush!

    Just remember, it's NOT a strike year so even if the Skins win Sunday night, they WON'T win the Super Bowl.
  11. DavidAK

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    I can't believe how little they know about the Cowboys and about Romo for that matter. Romo can't ever win with the media and fan perception it's nearly impossible. And for that I guess the pressure will always be on Romo.

    It's unfair but the Cowboys QB will always be haunted by these demons..Romo has to embrace it.
  12. ragintd

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    [Everyone had either the eagles or giants, hence their last game being scheduled previously for SNF.]

    The NFL doesn't schedule a SNF finale. They wait till the 2nd to last SNF game to pick it. That way they can maximize ratings for which in turn make them more money on TV contracts. This game has the opportunity to be one of the highest watched regular season game in NFL TV history.
  13. Risen Star

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    I would agree. More pressure on Romo than Griffin.

    Once again Tony has to try to perform a magic trick with Jerry's flawed props. If he doesn't, he's a choker.
  14. DavidAK

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    No I didn't find anything that I really disagreed with. I think Romo does have more pressure. I just don't think that RG3 should get a pass if they lose, it's like you said..They're playing with house money. No big deal one way or another. Which I disagree. I think he does have pressure, #1 draft pick overachieving in terms of expectations..But now that he's here he has to take it.
  15. Doomsday101

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    Outside pressure sure there is more on Romo. The game itself the pressure is the same for both Romo, RG3, the Cowboys and the Skins. 2 teams have played 15 games and it all comes down to this 1 game winner take all.
  16. Fmart322

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    The giants and eagles have been picked by almost everyone the past 2 seasons. I don't know where your fan base gets the Cowboys have been picked to win every year. Also, ESPN hates the Cowboys. They love watching us lose just as much as you guys I bet. When you have a fan base as large as the Cowboys do you always report about them on every story because it creates ratings.

    Now this part is my own opinion: You said that your fans are playing with house money but they won 6 straight, if they lose and don't make the playoffs I bet it'll sting more to your fan base then to ours. I still can't believe we even have a shot with how poor the Cowboys have been playing. The skins have been playing very good ball. The Cowboys play in the 1st half of most games has been horrible. Winning 5 of 7 still has me scratching my head as to how they did it.
  17. Tejano15

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    I believe the Redskins as a team have more pressure, win 8 straight and now that win streaks means nothing with a loss to the Cowboys. The Cowboys have been underdogs all year so they aren't expected to win anyways.

    QB pressure is more on Romo on the outside world but I have a feeling RGIII will put more pressure on himself being a young QB in the game itself.
  18. ragintd

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    Of course we will be majorly disappointed if RG3 craps the bed. But in the same hand, most of us are just happy we have something to play for on the last game of the season other then draft positioning. The vast majority of our fans never expected this. Thus most of us can walk away from this season seeing it as a success and a major building point for next year.

    This has been a funny year for us Skins fan. The bar gets set higher every game since we shellacked the Eagles 6 weeks ago. Yes our expectation is to take it home at home this Sunday. And yes, I'll be royally pissed for the rest of the week if we lose. But, the future is so bright, i got to wear shades :) I think most Skins fans ultimately will give RG3 a pass with in a few days of the loss.
  19. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    From what I see on the internet, RGIII is already a football messiah, see some of the over-the-top remarks about his greatness already in the video below (2nd coming of Sammy Baugh, "Greatest thing to happen to Redskins...EVER", Synder can't be the worst owner if he picked RGIII)

    Someone parodied the 2008 Hope campaign poster with RGIII on it.

    While I think RGIII is already one of the better QBs in his rookie year and on the path to a potential HoF career, looks like his fans already have very high expectations of him

  20. Fmart322

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    Trust me, that's the game the NFL schedule makers had in mind as the big one. Not either of our teams.

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