More pressure to win - Romo or RG3?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DavidAK, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Didn't say win, but challenge for the NFC East crown. Big difference. Everyone did pick the Eagles last year with the "dream team" and all. This year was more of an open competition with most people thinking the Giants. But Dallas is usually in the conversation. Skins, never. We been the whipping dog every year since Gibbs 2.0 left town.
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    [QB pressure is more on Romo on the outside world but I have a feeling RGIII will put more pressure on himself being a young QB in the game itself.[/quote]

    I agree. If you could have seen some of the looks he was making on the sideline when we played Cleveland will tell you he wants to be the man and will dictate himself to getting there. So I'm sure he pressuring himself to get the win and preform his best game ever.

    There is a pic of him floating on with him wearing a t-shirt that says, "No pressure, no diamond" Think that should give you a little incite into what he's thinking right now.
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    I'm sure, but I think that had more to do with the Redskins then the Cowboys. But the NFL knows that any giving year any given team can rise up and challenge. Worst to first. The NFL is littered with that now. They leave that game open for that reason. Whole reason the NFL came up with the flex TV scheduling. They are not dumb people. It's all about the money. The money comes from TV contracts. Higher viewership equals bigger money for a bunch of rich guys who want to be richer.
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    It's obviously Romo. First, Dallas has a much richer tradition at QB than the Redskins, so Romo is held to a higher standard. Second, Romo's closer to the end of his career. He won't have more than a handful of chances left to make any noise. Third, you'll never hear Jerry Jones acknowledge that the Cowboys won't make the playoffs until they're mathematically eliminated. Shanahan announced plans to "evaluate personnel" after the Skins' 6th loss. Finally, just consider the difference between how fans have adjusted their expectations after this relatively minor knee injury versus Romo's broken rib last year.

    The good news is that Romo is more capable of handling it at this point. I think he thrives on it and finally has a group of guys around him who can rise to the challenge.
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    One of the biggest problems we have is that a majority of people buy into the media's narrative, and not just with sports,,, We shouldn't give a flying flip what any of those marginally informed, agenda driven morons has to say about Romo before or after this game,,,,,, it's all just noise designed to make your tongue wag.

    Now if you want to talk about actual pressure on the QBs and not the perceived pressure that the media gins up, then Romo has much more to deal with because he and the other skill position players basically have to carry the entire team. It's a suicide mission that will be over in the next 1-2 weeks whether Romo plays well or not, his magic tricks will only go so far.

    Griffin has a solid team around him, he doesn't have to carry anybody this week, just go out there and play reasonably well against an extremely banged up and soft defense.
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    I'll agree that the media loves to build them up and taking great joy in knocking them down.
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    That was some funny stuff right there:laugh2:
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    Not even close. It's Romo. RG3 is a rookie and should not even really be in this situation yet. Win or lose, he's had a hell of a season. This will be our 3rd do or die game in the last game in 5 seasons. We have lost the other 2 and in pretty ugly fashion. Romo is always labeled as a choker and loses every big game he plays. This would be another one they can talk about if he loses. Even if it's not his fault.
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    There's enormous pressure on both players, but the media pressure is definitely going to be on Tony. That's ok. We play pretty well this season in games like this, and it's not like there's much more pressure you can put on a team or a QB than win-or-go-home. Tony will play very good football. I'm sure of that much. RGIII needs to prove it, since he's not been in many of these situations yet in the NFL, but he's probably going to come out and play great, too.
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    Romo.. there is no debate. RG3 will have ten years or more to win the division. The Cowboys lost last year in this same situation.
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    Romo. However I think the NFL stands to make more money if the Redskins win. RG3 is this years Tebow. And I have a feeling thats how it plays out. One and done for them. Hes a flash in the pan.
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    Amen. Time to man up and win the game. No excuses.
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    Romo, you could argue there's no more pressure on anyone else in the league than Romo to win every week. Not to mention RG3 is a rookie and is resurrecting the team (aka milking the option read while it'll still work)
  14. MissouriCowboy

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    Man Skins are known for not drafting good players. Would not be shocked if
    RG 3 is a flash in the pan.
  15. Idgit

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    I think this is wishful thinking. He might have a significant sophomore slump, but he fits right in with the trends in NFL offenses. I don't think he's going to just go away, unfortunately. He's a good player and seems to be a really good leader, too. The Sk*ns have a good coach and a good running game. They are building a contender.
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    even if RG3 was a flash in the pan, he still doesn't have more pressure to win.

    I dont think you can compare him to Tebow though. RG3 has a cannon for an arm. His legs will eventually go away and he'll have to learn to play more in the pocket, but he has the arm strength to do it unlike Tebow.
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    I agree. I don't see a flash in the pan player with RGIII. He looked composed back there he is making plays and avoiding the mistakes. I see nothing but a guy who will improve. I hate to say it because he plays for the skins but just from a pure football perspective the kid has the talent and the smarts to play this game at a high level.
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    I don't know why everyone is crying and trying to come up with excuses for Romo. He's a man, he can handle his own business. I would say that our team is more talented than Washington, and at this point, our QB is better.

    So no excuses. The Romo crowd is so nervous that he will lose, they are already preparing their excuses. They are nervous because even they know that he's been a choker in the past, and last week, again, we choked. Luckily that loss won't bite us in the butt.

    Now, cowboys need to go up there and remove Washington. Romo may be asked to carry this team because they do generate pressure, and our defense is not very good at this time. So since he knows this, the world knows this, just go carry the team. His fans already thinks he's been carrying the team for years, so go ahead and keep carrying them all the way to the Super Bowl.

    No excuses. Carry this team, or once again, you're a regular season hero. No more.
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    Romo by far.

    RGIII is the up and coming super star.

    Romo is the guy who dropped the snap and went to Cabo
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    The media acts as if this is game will define Romo or not...Just stupid. They don't mention the D is playing with a bunch of nobody's and the Oline is horrible. Its a team sport and Romo can't do it all by himself. We can win, but the D will have to play as a unit.

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