More pressure to win - Romo or RG3?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DavidAK, Dec 26, 2012.

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    It'll always be more pressure on Romo no matter the situation.

    It's the way the media defines him
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    They discussed this on NFL AM this morning, I believe. It wasn't about who has the most pressure to win, though. It was all about is this the biggest game to date in Romo's career.

    Of course, most of the cast on the show said yes with the exception of the guy who actually played the game, Eric Davis, who said no...this is just the next game on the schedule. Romo shouldn't be concerned about these kinds of issues, and he won't be. He just needs to go out and execute the things he's done throughout his career. To me, he implied that players don't get wrapped up in this pressure to win hype machine. The media does.

    That makes more sense to me than anything anyone else is saying, and of course, it comes from an ex-player, not some media clown who has never played the game.
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    To say players don't feel pressure is silly. Players don't get mixed up in rivalry games because most of the time the team they're on isn't their first allegiance. But in a playoff game, or a "playoff" game like this they absolutely feel pressure. It's like any important thing in life, you look forward to it, and your nerves best you.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say this could very well be Romo's last game as a QB with the Cowboys. If he fails again, either he or the team could very well decide to pursue other opportunities next season.
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    Romo, and it's not even close. RGIII is just starting out, and has many years to get it right. Whether anyone here wants to admit it or not, Romo is running out of time, and the proverbial window is indeed closing.
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    Question for you 'boys fans:

    What is Tony Romo's relationship with pressure and how does he handle it?

    We all know how the media loves to play up games and situations as "legacy-building games" etc. But how does Tony view things? Is he actually worried about his reputation in addition to the team implications on Sunday? Do you think he's feeling the window on this Cowboys roster begin moving in the opposite direction? And is he the type of guy who embraces that kind of pressure and uses it to enhance his play or does he struggle to deal with it?

    Obviously it's all speculation considering none of us really know Tony Romo but I felt you all would have a better pulse of things than myself or most Skins fans.

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    I always find this line of questioning amusing considering that Romo has spent almost his entire career running for his life and being pummeled while trying to manufacture points for this team. Sometimes the heroics and magic tricks pay off and sometimes they don't, but the idea that the close losses are the result of him folding under pressure is a laughable media narrative foisted upon the unwashed masses.

    I think Romo does sometimes fall short in close games due to the fact that he doesn't have a rocket arm to whistle the ball into tight coverage,,, couple that with the fact that he rarely has solid pass protection and you've got an offense that has had trouble mounting a comeback with time running out,,, until this year oddly enough. There seems to be some extra Romo-magic getting dialed up. :)
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    Fair enough. One would think the consistent failure, regardless of culpability, would have the potential to creep up on a QB but if Romo is as cool under pressure as you say he is then good for you guys.

  9. EGG

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    That's quite a stretch,,, what was your question again? Oh yeah,,, clutch situations and the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Here is what they call a "teachable moment" being bestowed upon a member of the great unwashed:

    (There's plenty more where this came from matching the statistics against Rodgers, Brady, Staubach, et al... perception is a tricky thing when you watch mass media and you're predisposed to believing certain things,,,)

    Do stats lie? No QB better than Tony Romo in fourth
    September, 5, 2012

    By Tim MacMahon |

    If you buy into perception, the NFL season opener features one of the league’s elite clutch quarterbacks and one of its worst choke artists.

    In Eli Manning’s case, perception is reality.

    In Tony Romo’s case, perception is wrong.

    There is no denying that Manning has earned his reputation as one of the NFL’s clutch kings. He’s had 25 game-winning drives in his career, including five in the playoffs and a pair to claim Super Bowl rings. According to research done by, Tim Tebow, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan are the only active quarterbacks with better winning percentages than Manning (.510) in potential game-winning drive situations.

    But the popular belief that Romo usually fades in the fourth quarter is just foolish.

    Fact: Romo has the highest fourth-quarter passer rating among active quarterbacks. And it’s not even close. His 102.1 rating is more than five points higher than the second man on the list, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers.

    Romo has had some high-profile fourth-quarter failures – last season’s opener at MetLife Stadium stands out – but you can’t look at the numbers and call that a trend. He has completed 63.4 percent of his passes for 5,819 yards (8.7 per attempt) and 44 touchdowns with 18 interceptions in fourth quarters during his career.

    Those numbers compare favorably with those put up by Manning, even though Manning set an NFL record with 15 fourth-quarter touchdown passes last season. Manning’s career fourth-quarter passer rating: 84.6.

    Of course, the Giants will feel great if the game comes down to a drive engineered by Eli.

    But the Cowboys will have plenty of confidence if Romo has the ball in his hands at winning time, too.
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    Without context that's not enough information to draw a conclusion one way or the other. Do those stats come when the game is out of hand and defenses are playing off just trying to prevent the big play? Or are they coming while Dallas roars back into the game. How many of those big fourth quarter games result in victories? How many result in comeback victories? In how many of the games that result in losses is it not Romo but the defense or another player that drops the ball (metaphorically or literally) and costs the team? In how many of those losses is it Tony who is unable to manage the clock, hit his receivers, extend plays, etc.

    Look I'm not going to lie to you I don't know, I don't follow Dallas particularly closely. But when you have some gaudy numbers (and I'm talking W-L) that suggest a team is not able to get it done (and football is ultimately a team game), I think it merits looking into whether the leader of your offense is able to take control of games in those do-or-die situations and so far, I haven't seen much evidence that Tony is that guy.

    In any case my original question was whether you thought he would be feeling a lot of pressure going into this game, whether he personally is concerned with the effect of this game on his or the team's reputation, and if so how you think he would handle that pressure. If the answer is he doesn't let that stuff get to him and he handles it all beautifully, then good for you guys.

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    And I'm damn sick of it too.

    The guy does all that he can and even when he plays damn well he still gets blamed as a choke artist.

    Look the guy has made mistakes in games before. There is no denying that. It happens and it happens to every single QB whose ever played the dang game. It's part of being a QB in the NFL.

    But this notion that he never comes up big in big games is just flat out stupid. The guy has and will continue to on a regular basis. The problem is that the tag 'big game' gets changed if Romo and the Cowboys win.

    When they win all the sudden it wasn't a big game. When they lose it was the loss of the biggest game in the history of the NFL. That's how the media, and some moronic fans, try and present it.

    Last week was a HUGE game. Are people really going to try and foolishly claim that Romo choked last week? Really? Over 400 yards and 4 TDs without a Turnover?

    And that's not the only time. He played HUGE against Pittsburgh 2 weeks ago which, coincidently, was also a BIG game. That was quickly forgotten afterwards because Romo played great and the Cowboys won.

    And he played really damn good last year in December as well only to watch his defense completely piss all over themselves and cost the team games.

    I've never wanted to see an individual for the Dallas Cowboys, or for any sport for that matter, win a championship as badly as I want Romo to get his so that he can stick it to the idiots out there.

    The pressure is, without question, more on Romo.

    As usual.

    Unfortunately I'm afraid that is a case of extremely wishful thinking on your part.


    This can't even begin to be a serious comment.
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    There's no question more pressure is on Romo.

    But I honestly believe Romo will answer the bell. If the Cowboys lose, I don't expect it to be because of Romo. If they win, I expect it will be in a large part because of Romo.

    And I'm not some Romo homer. I have been critical of his play and penchant for turnovers in previous years.

    But this year is different. If the defense were on par, Romo would/should be in the conversation for MVP. That's how good he has played this year.

    Just remember, this team was out of the playoff hunt a few weeks ago. Now they're one win away from the playoffs. Unbelieveable.

    But the one constant with Raliff out, Lee out, Carter out, Dez injured, Murray out and the defense giving up points like crazy is Romo.
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    The pressure is clearly on Romo. Griffin is a rookie and a media darling. He also hasn't had a defining meltdown.

    I don't see Romo getting any slack unless Dallas makes it to the championship game and he clearly isn't the reason if they lose. He is in a tough spot.
  14. EGG

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    you claim to be seeking enlightenment on the issue, so I'm providing you quality information that isn't commonly uttered by the mediots. The truth: What you want to believe is already etched in your brain and nothing will sway you (much like the common American motor-voter) so here is some more info for you to ignore: (you're welcome) :D

    After Further Review: Admit it, Romo haters -- QB at top of his game
    Pete Prisco

    Dec. 27, 2012 7:11 AM ET

    The Dallas Cowboys can win the NFC East by beating the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

    If they do, there are a lot of media members, fans, and big-time bashers who owe Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo a big apology.

    Ripping Romo is a blood sport of sorts. But if anybody has paid close attention to the past six weeks, you know the reason the Cowboys even have a chance to make the playoffs is because of Romo.

    To put it bluntly: He is playing out of mind.

    I've been one of the few pro-Romo media members. I think he's significantly better than most. Romo isn't an elite quarterback, but he's not far behind.

    It's just that when he does have a bad game, people pile on. It's part of being the Cowboys quarterback.

    Nobody, not even his harshest critics, can complain about the way he's playing now.

    Watching Romo on tape you see a comfortable passer who is filled with confidence. His pre-snap reads are spot on. His accuracy is pinpoint. His movement in the pocket is better than it has ever been.

    In the last six games, Romo has 14 touchdown passes and three interceptions. He has two games with more than 400 passing yards and three others with more than 300 yards. He is 175 for 267 for 2,082 yards in those six games. That averages to 347 yards passing per game and a 65 percent completion percentage.

    Romo has 57 touchdown passes the past two seasons. The only quarterbacks with more are Drew Brees (85), Aaron Rodgers (80), Tom Brady (71), Matt Ryan (60) and Matthew Stafford (58). That's some nice company.

    Romo is flourishing despite not having the best group of players up front blocking for him. But even the protection has been better the past couple of weeks, and the Cowboys are doing things to scheme ways to help. One of those ways came on Romo's first touchdown pass to Dez Bryant against the Saints last week, the first of four he threw in the Cowboys 34-31 overtime loss.

    On the play, which you can see from the pictures below, the Cowboys have a first-and-10 at the Dallas 42. Romo splits Miles Austin wide left and Bryant wide to the right. Both are in man coverage. The Saints show blitz, but the Cowboys are in a maximum-protection situation. They send only Austin (blue circle) and Bryant (yellow circle) into the route. Everybody else stays in to block. Romo takes the snap and play-fakes to running back DeMarco Murray. When he turns back to make his throw, he takes a look to Austin on the left running an in-route. That holds the single safety. The other safety -- Roman Harper in the red circle -- runs up to the line and gets caught in nowhere land before the snap. That leads to an easy one-one-on matchup with Bryant and corner Patrick Robinson. Without any pressure, Romo makes a deep-ball throw to Bryant, who makes a great play to catch it and run in for the score. It's the type of throw Romo has to make to give the talented Bryant a chance to make a play.

    Romo is going so well that even when he makes a misread, he still threw a touchdown pass. Take a look at his 16-yard touchdown pass to Dwayne Harris in the fourth quarter. Harris (red circle) is lined up wide left against Johnny Patrick in off-man coverage. Austin (blue circle) is in the slot inside of tight end Jason Witten (yellow circle). At the snap, Harris runs a stop-fade route to the end zone, Witten clears out the middle and Austin comes underneath into an open area. Austin is so wide open he could almost walk into the end zone if Romo had thrown to him. But instead of making an easy throw -- white line -- Romo throws a dart to Harris -- black line -- and he catches it for a touchdown. The accuracy of that pass is truly impressive, as he throws it outside away from Patrick where only Harris could catch it. Romo's arm compensates for his poor read on the play. When things are going well, that's what happens.

    The last throw I want to show came on the Cowboys' game-tying drive in the final seconds. It's not the touchdown pass, but rather a 19-yard throw to Witten. It comes on a second-and-10 play at the New Orleans' 38. Witten (red circle) is lined up in the slot to the left of Romo. He runs across the field in man coverage, settles down, pivots back, and Romo hits him with a dart. What I like about the play is how Romo looks to the left at Austin (yellow circle) before coming back to the middle to hit Witten. You can see in the last picture that Romo's eyes are clearly looking to the left as Witten crosses the field.

    The critics will say Romo didn't get it done in overtime on his only possession, but on a key third-and-5, I thought Bryant did a horrible job of getting across the face of Robinson on a quick slant. Romo threw high as Robinson broke on the ball. That was on Bryant as much as Romo.

    So as the Cowboys prepare for the biggest game of the season Sunday against the Redskins, just remember that no matter what happens they wouldn't even be close to being in this position without Romo.

    Give the man his due. He's earned it -- no matter how much you want to beat him up.
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    That was a very good article by Prisco. Thanks for sharing, EGG.

    I do wonder why he doesn't think Romo is an elite quarterback. I wish he would have explained why? Is it because of his past? Is it because he doesn't have a Super Bowl win?
  16. EGG

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    Yes, some details would have been nice regarding the "elite" comment,,, I've noticed that often people who are making a strong argument that goes against popular opinion will concede to some lesser points. I don't know if it's an attempt to appear unbiased or an attempt to be less harsh, but it happens all the time.
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    Very serious. Watch it pan out.

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