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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 50cent, Oct 27, 2013.

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    When Murray is healthy, running is our main strength. Like I've said, outside of a lack of commitment Murray has produced as a runner and receiving threat. When Murray is featured, it allows the defense to rest and keep them off the field and opens up the play action fake game for Dez. This shotgun, air it out approach has become predictable and resulted nothing more than close ugly wins and Romo always letting the one in hand away! I agree Dez is our best player, but he is even more dangerous with a play action game. And if you seriously think this same cast of core characters are gonna do anything more than a back their way in the postseason and get dealt with in the WC then you are seriously nvm. Murray and Dez are best chance to win, not Romo chunkin it aimlessly!
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    I think most people realize that at least some balance is a good thing. That does not say anything about how good or bad any one player is.
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    Well...uhhh...there's a little more to it than that.
    New Orleans played Buffalo at home and Dallas played Detroit in Detroit.

    I'd feel pretty good about Dallas beating Buffalo (without their QB or Spiller) yesterday in Dallas..and by a decent margin.

    It would not at all have surpsied me if Detroit would have beaten New Orleans in Detroit yesterday--as the Saints are not the same at all on the road.
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    When Murray is healthy running is not our main strength. It helps to run at times but Murray is not the focal point of our offense. Its Dez, Witten, Twilliams, and others that catch passes from Romo. We live and die by Romo passing the ball. Sure we want to balance our offensive attack. But when the run the ball for minimal gain and expect it to be successful - and you keep doing it till late in the game, like the Detroit game - then thats the sign of insanity. More passes should have gone to Bryant or even Witten. Maybe if we started getting our passing game going we would have won.
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    When did Murray have a subpar game this year when given the oppoortunity? WHEN? Fact remains when the Cowboys have run the ball with their man RB 19+ times this year we are undefeated. Your main strentgh has produced all of one game over 300 yards passing and you consider it a STRENGTH? SMH. The run game has only stalled when the OC has stopped calling them. This passing attack has lost a game with 4 TOs and barely won a game with 6. Balance is the key even if it has to be forced down Romo and Garretts throats and you can't have balance if you don't call run plays. The run game is broken excuse is old, the lack of run plays called is the problem. We lead for mosst of the game with 4 TOs and lost TOP by more than 10 mins as a passing team.

    AGAIN, a "passing attack" that can only muster up one 300+ yard passing game in 8 tries is far from a strength boss.
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    the statement was made that NO TEAM can win games with THAT KIND of run production. Get it? NO TEAM. Not no team that plays Detroit. Not no team that plays Buffalo. NO TEAM wins with that run production was the comment.
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