Morning practice notes.

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    These note are from bigdin2003 from another board. Thx Bigd! Thought some may want to see them, hope bigd doesn't get mad!

    Hey, guys, I have just returned from Oxnard with some pictures and 3 pages of notes from the morning practice. I'm going to give a little out here and start rifling through the notes to write down some of the play-by-play I got. I was stationed in the southeast corner of the field, so I didn't see the early offensive drills, but caught most of the defensive drills.

    First impressions:

    -I was impressed with what I saw of Tyson Thompson, he seemed to have sure hands out of the backfield and it very fast.

    -I thought Romo did well, especially in the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. He clearly outperformed Henson, who I found disappointing as they ran drills closer to the southside of the practice field.

    -Rivera was out, jogging, stretching, and practicing. That was encouraging.

    -Of course, it's old news now, but I was fairly surprised to see Larry Allen out of the uniform. He was running with a trainer and doing various drills alone.

    -Canty is huge, I have a picture of him standing next to Ellis that I'll post and he looks much bigger than him. It's actually a little frightening. He's lean and long, but has a very thick lower body. Practiced and looked good to me.

    Practice Details:

    -Early on, I caught some special teams drills. Lined up in a punt formation with Clinton Greathouse (Tx Tech) as the punter. Practiced a direct snap from Jeff Robinson to Dat Nguyen a few times, then Dat ran up the middle. It was only for a few minutes through.

    -After that punt fake drill, they ran some punt returning drills with a variety of guys taking the "punt." They pretty much took the ball, waiting for a wall of defenders and then were instructed to find the hole in the defenders and hit it. Returners were Zuriel Smith, Woody Dantzler, Lance Fraizer, Terence Newman, Nathan Jones, and Bruce Thornton.

    -The ST drills broke, shortly after that, and right in front of me and my brother (I have pictures of this) there was a D-line drill. They lined up with a three man front and practiced rush moves.

    -In the above mentioned drill: At LE they rotated Greg Ellis, Chris Canty, Thomas Johnson (Mid Tenn), and Jermaine Brooks. At DT, they rotated La'Roi Glover, Leonardo Carson, and Jason Ferguson. At RE they rotated Chris Van Hoy, Kenyon Coleman, and Jay Ratliff. I'm not sure it if the way they lined up had any bearing on the actual 3-4 front, however.

    -There was a pass defense drill to the right of the D-line drill I mentioned above. Some of the highlights were Kevin Burnett practicing, he's a fairly big guy and moved well in space from what I saw. Anthony Henry had a really nice INT, Kalen Thornton also picked off a pass. Justin Beriault had a few plays where he moved really well to the ball. Reggie Love was out there, very tall and very lean, but he seems to have some ability. Keep in mind that a coach was the one tossing the ball.

    -They practiced some 3-4 formations, Roy Williams looked quicker to me. He seemed to be in very good shape, Canty continued to look like a giant next to some of his fellow D-lineman.

    -They stretched for a few minutes after that, we were fairly close to Marion Barber and I could see Marco Rivera stretching a few players down from Barber. He looked good as he stretched, not like he was in any visible pain anyhow.

    -There was some drills where the DBs, LBs, and D-line were separated. In these drills, the first thing I noticed is that Eric Ogbogu was probably the least quick out of all the linebackers. I also noticed Woody Dantzler drop an INT during the DB drills, but on the other side, Justin Beriault seemed very quick, caught everything that came his way and appeared quite athletic around the ball.

    -There were some more coverage drills with the LBs right in front of me. On the first rep I caught, I noticed that Al Singleton was really out of position on a particular "tackle." Kevin Burnett was right on his mark when the pass was tossed to Ogbogu. Roger Cooper (Montana St.) actually had a really sharp move to get to Singleton on the next rep and wrapped him up quickly.

    -Although he appeared less quick than the others in the previous drill, Ogbogu was right on the ball in the coverage drill, just as well as the others anyhow. The most noticable thing is that Reggie Love seemed to be doing just fine in all the drills. He's very lean and he is definately a project, but he seemed capable of learning.

    -On the southwest corner of the field, the DBs were doing one-on-one drills together. On the first play I caught, Jacques Reeves beat Newman to the ball pretty well. After that, I watched Lenny Willians (Southern) cover Nathan Jones well and they changed drills shortly after.

    -As the defense was moving around, I caught some offensive passing drills from my end. They were far, but the first thing I noticed was Quincy Morgan drop a pass. I watched some outs and while Romo and Bledsoe were getting the ball into the recievers hands, Henson continually threw the ball near their feet.

    -I came back to my side of the field to see some one-on-one blocking drills, there were only a few reps that I could see because of the way the players were lined up. On the first one I saw, Witten got thrown around by Roger Cooper pretty good. Cooper did manage to hold some attention, he's pretty strong and did well against everyone he grappled with. I did notice, farther down the line, that Chris Canty stood up Flozell and drove him back a few steps. His long arms made it difficult for Flozell to get inside on him.

    First Round 11-on-11s

    -Julius Jones is tremendously quick to hole, slashing inside a number of times for gains.

    -Anthony Thomas laid a terrific lick on a defender, the pop ringing clear through the area, but I didn't manage to see who he ran over.

    -Marion Barber juked two guys in the backfield right out of their shoes and hit the line for a gain.

    -Tyson Thompson made one cut and explodes for a huge gain. Then on the following play, weaves through traffic making a minimal gain but showing some impressive speed.

    -Julius caught a short dump pass from Bledsoe.

    -Terry Glenn beats Terence Newman over the middle on a pass from Bledsoe.

    -Dat Nguyen lays a terrific tackle on Anthony Thomas as he came up the middle.

    -Henson throws an incomplete pass to a running back (couldn't see the number)

    -Henson throws away under pressure.

    -Henson throws towards Zuriel Smith, but it hits the ground before it gets there.

    -Tyson Thompson runs up the middle for a gain.

    -Tony Romo completes to Bickerstaff who then gets hit hard by Ryan Fowler.

    -Keylon Kincade carries for a gain up the middle.

    -Tony Romo completes a play action pass over the middle to Reggie Harrell (TCU).


    -Bledsoe completes a short pass to Julius on the left side.

    -Bledsoe completes a pass in the flat to Barnes.

    -Bledsoe throws it away after coverage holds.

    -Bledsoe towards Ahmad Merritt who, although tightly covered by Newman, manages to get the ball on the fade somehow.

    -Henson completes to Kincade in the flat.

    -Henson throws towards the left side, intended for Quincy Morgan, pass defended by Fraizer.

    -Henson completes a short pass to Jason Witten.

    -Henson completes a short pass to Marion Barber.

    -Romo completes to Thompson in the flat.

    -Romo completes a left out to Jamaica Rector on a very crisp pass, beating Lenny Williams.

    -Romo completes to Glenn on another out, beating Lenny Williams again.

    -Romo passes to A-Train, who then drops the short pass.

    Second Round 11-on-11s

    -Bledsoe dumps the ball to Julius, who is tackled by K.Thornton.

    -Keyshawn comes in motion from left to right, Bledsoe hands off to A-Train, who carries it up the middle and drives the pile for short gain.

    -Bledsoe throws a play action pass intended for Julius, who is hit as the ball gets there by Bradie James, breaking up the pass.

    -Bledsoe attempts a fade to Patrick Crayton on the right side of the field, it is overthrown. Jason Witten lined up in the slot on this play.

    -Henson hands off to Marion Barber, who carries on the right side for a gain.

    -Henson throws an incomplete pass intended for Zuriel Smith, it was an overthrown fade route.

    -Henson hands off to Tyson Thompson who carries up the left side for a gain.

    -Henson completes a short pass over the middle to Zuriel Smith.

    -Romo hands off to Kincade who carries up the middle and is tackled by Jacques Reeves.

    -Romo dumps the ball off to Tyson Thompson.

    -Romo dumps the ball off to A-Train who runs across the field and back again for a gain.

    -Romo completes a play action pass to Jamaica Rector over the middle for a big gain, tackle made by Woody Dantzler.

    Goal-Line Drills

    -Bledsoe hands off to Julius who carries on the left side for a short gain.

    -Bledsoe hands off to Julius who carries up the left side, a good block by Darian Barnes, tackle made by Nguyen.

    -Bledsoe hands off to Julius who carries on the right side for a short gain.

    -Henson hands off to A-Train on a left side sweep, tackle made in the backfield by Ratliff.

    -Henson throws an play action out to Lousaka Polite on the right side for a "touchdown."

    -Henson hands off to A-Train who trips at the line of scrimmage, no gain.

    -Romo hands off to Barber who carries up the left side, tackled at the LOS by Fraizer.

    -Romo hands off to Barber up the right side tackled at the LOS.

    -Romo hands off to Barber up the right side, who fumbles at the LOS, recovered by Justin Beriault.

    Final Notes

    -There was some punt returning drills going on at the end of practice in the distance. I saw Aaron Glenn, Nathan Jones, and Tyson Thompson each take a punt and return it before I left the field.

    -As I was leaving, Roy Williams snuck over the fan area about ten feet down from me and signed a few autographs for pleading fans.

    Well, hope that was useful, I'll get to work on those pictures now.
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    Thanks thats a lot good work
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    50cent thank you, keep 'em coming!!

    But was Canty out there? I thought he hadn't been cleared yet, and has yet to sign his contact because he is in North Carolina, and has a doctor's appt on Monday, after which he will fly out and sign.
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    Thanks........excellent work
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    thanks alot very good recap :bow:
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    I love this stuff the best. Why more writers don't do this sort of thing, I don't know. I realize this isn't a sports writer and is only a fan... but JJT and some others should just watch the practice and give us details and opinions. I just want to know what happens throughout practice in the 11 on 11 and 7 on 7 drills particularly.

    I second LTN's question: I thought Canty couldn't practice yet... only non-contact drills?
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    much appreciated
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    According to Talkin Cowboys Canty signed his contract yesterday, Canty will fly out tonight after practice for his Doctoras appointment Sunday. Where he should be cleared to resume full activitie on the 8th. Today he was in limited drills
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    Gracias, his situation has been a bit confusing.
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    Its not my work, but if I get a hold of em, I'll post it. Canty is there and in pad under a limited basis. He signed yesterday. He will visit his doctor for the last time in regards to his eye Sunday, and will hopefully be all out on Aug. 8th! Dude says Canty looks like a monster and has pictures. I can't wait to see em.
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    No problem, from all the love I have heard heaped on him by people at the camp, and Mickey we may have gotten a big steal in Canty
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    That is great news....and I hope there were some nice incentives in his 4th round contract.
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    Yeah, his knee is at full strength. Its his eye that has to be examined to see if can hold up to full contact!
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    I asked the very same thing on that board and was given this response:

    Like he said hes got pictures so well see.

    I asked him if he was in team drill or just individual just now so ill see what he says.
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    I am sure there are. I hope his injuries hold up and he can be a major contributor this season
  17. BigDFan5

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    very much appreciated....thank you.
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    BigDin says Canty participate in Team drills and line up at RDE in the 3-4 he also had this to say

    "He moved, did every single drill, ran with the team, stretched, went one-on-one with Flozell and won, he was great. "
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    great notes, very intresting things about Henson throwing balls at WR feet, hmm are those henson supporters still sure they wanna see henson start?

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