Morning practice notes.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 50cent, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Funny, looking at the notes, didnt it seem like Romo did the best out of everyone? Bledsoe threw some away, some incomplete,and apparently int on one play or drill. Henson hit nothing big, and Romo seemed the most consitant
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    Thinking that could have been Jermaine Brooks, Kenyon Coleman or Chris Van Hoy, because from what I understand, Canty wasn't in contact drills today.
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    I noticed a bias in how everything was "reported".

    Every pass that Romo threw was described in glowing terms or simply incomplete, Henson's were complete or described as terrible.

    You see this every camp, when fans play reporter. My guess is that this breakdown is coming from someone who does not think highly of Henson and it is showing in their report.
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    Everyone sees the negative in Henson but underthowing his receivers isn't always a bad thing. Atleast he isn't overthrowing them where those bad passes could become INTs. I think his problems right now are still more with his mechanics than anything else and those aren't always a quick, easy fix to get hammered out and perfect everytime. Just like in baseball, it takes a little time for him to get his mechanics and release point down solid.
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    3 upsides to article.

    Bledsoe is a man's man a leader. Bearauliet ( I know I spelled that wrong) Is quick and has good instinct's around ball, He's a "football player" There was a reason Mel Kiper was on his jock and 3rd Canty, This kid will be a beast. I read somewhere that he had over a 100 tackles playing end in the 3-4 that's insane. Can you imagine playing tackle and you have to figure out who to block the huge Canty or the speedy Ware. Forget about it . . .

    I hate to say this and sound like a homer but if all our accusitions pan out . . . and come into thier own say by week 6 or 7. The Cowboys will have more talent on thier defense then anyone else in the NFC except for say the Panthers. And that definently includes Philly
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    Awesome recap 50cent. Keep 'em commin'.

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