News: Morris Claiborne on talking trash with Dez Bryant and thoughts on rookies

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    Published: 15 June 2013 12:11 AM
    Updated: 15 June 2013 02:51 PM

    Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne joined Fitzsimmons & Durrett on KESN-FM 103.3. Here are some highlights.

    On Dez Bryant
    Claiborne: Dez is one of the top receivers in this league. The things he can do on the field is just amazing. For me to go out each day and compete with him on that high level is making both of us better. He seems like he gets better each and every day. It gets real heated out there. We having a lot of talk going on, a lot of battles. At the end of the day, it's all love. Once he gets started, there's no stopping him. Whatever he's talking about, he's going to prove his point right then and there. If he's running a route, he's gonna talk until he gets back to the huddle and he's going to continue to talk when he comes back out. Dez brings it out of you. You can be one of the quietest corners in the league. He's gonna light a fire up under you.

    On Terrance Williams and J.J. Wilcox
    Claiborne: (Williams) is pretty good. He's got nice size and nice speed. You could tell from the first day he got here how much better he has gotten so far ... running the routes, running at the right depth. Wilcox's ballhawking ability. Everyday this guy is around the ball. Everyday he's showing up on film, making big plays. We feel like he could be a big part of this defense and help us win.

    Read more: http://www.**************/sports/da...h-with-dez-bryant-and-thoughts-on-rookies.ece
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    I stand by Williams being by far our best draft pick.
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    I'll be glad for the day we finally replace Woody.
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    IF Wilcox can show he's ready for the big lights then we may have something here boys and girls... It's cool making plays in practice which I applaud but we need it to translate to the games.

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