News: Morris Claiborne questionable with concussion

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    Dec 14
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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas – Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said cornerback Morris Claiborne “got a little dizzy” in Thursday’s practice and was not sure the first-round pick will be able to play Sunday against Pittsburgh.

    Claiborne said he is preparing to play, but he has to pass one more test before getting cleared. He was limited in Friday’s practice and is listed as questionable.

    “I’m feeling good right now,” Claiborne said. “I’m just going to work closely with the training staff and whatever those guys want me to do, that’s what I’m doing to do.”

    “I know he’s doing everything he can and he’s got to pass these tests,” Ryan said. “That’s the one thing, they’ve got this protocol and no one can rush it no matter who you are so I think it’s great for the player’s safety that we make sure when they do come back they come back with no trouble coming back. When Mo comes back he’ll be ready to go and until then we’ll just move forward.”

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  2. jobberone

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    A big Chinese Waaaahh!
  3. Risen Star

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    He's not playing. You can play him Sunday when he's getting dizzy on Thursday. You have to err on the side of caution with these head injuries.
  4. newnationcb

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    Exactly! And as much as people hate to admit it, at this point in their careers, Jenkins is an upgrade.

    The real drop off is whoever plays the slot now. But that's been a drop off since Scandrick got hurt.
  5. Nirvana

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    He'll play.
  6. ajk23az

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    If he gets cleared, he will play. No doubt in my mind.
  7. newlander

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    or not so friendly: the play he got jacked UP was when McBride came over and hit him helmet to helmet. Woudln't piss me off if McBride didn't suck so bad:bang2:
  8. Nav22

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  9. burmafrd

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    McCray is apparently the one that injured Ware. Supposedly he is responsible for a couple of stupid collisions.
  10. cannonball44

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    McTrash is literally hurting this team more than helping. he has got to go TODAY.
  11. erod

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    McCray is the best special teamer we have. He's not supposed to be playing safety.

    That was supposed to be Church or Johnson.

    McCray started two games in college at safety. Don't blame him.
  12. WPBCowboysFan

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    Well, Jerruh fills the roster with guys that are versatile . . . . . . :lmao2:
  13. silver

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    Is Charlie Peprah playing?
  14. davidyee

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    ...that McCray is not suppose to be the starting safety, but that guy was out of position so many times in the game and put his head in the dogpile late hurting two of our players.

    It wasn't a coincidence and it was stupid on both accounts. Cowboys players already had the angle on the players and if you look at McCray on Claiborne's injury he had more than enought time to stand up and ensure the player was run out of bounds.

    I hate those players who arrive late and slam the dogpile. They create situations that can potentially lead to situations like Mo's.

    More football intelligence and the ability to understand the situation. Definitely a disease I have seen repeatedly from the Cowboys this season.
  15. newlander

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    .....dislike the guy so much I dropped his name!:D
  16. newlander

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    ......I dropped his sorry name but the fact remains that was a reckless, assinine play on his part: to put his head down and attempt to spear the bengals player only to hit his teammate instead and \give him a concussion is ridiculous. He sucks and this is just one more reason why...
  17. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Good question... He's an upgrade over McCray that's for sure.

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