News: Morris Claiborne says he’s much improved from rookie season; ‘My confidence level is very high"

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    By Jon Machota
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    Morris Claiborne is confident that his second NFL season will be much better than his first. The Dallas Cowboys cornerback started 15 games during his rookie year, breaking up eight passes and intercepting one.

    But those numbers weren’t good enough for the former sixth overall pick. When asked in May to put a letter grade on his first season in Dallas, Claiborne said: C-minus.

    During his youth football camp in South Dallas on Saturday, Claiborne explained why he’s “anxious” to get back on the field.

    “My expectations are very high, not only for myself but for the team as well,” Claiborne said. “I feel like we’ll have a breakout year this year if we continue to work the way we’ve been working and doing the things we’ve been doing.”

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...confidence-level-is-very-high-right-now.html/
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    I just want to see more turnovers from the defense, point blank.

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