Mort just confirmed JJ is trying to push John Garrett out...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by newlander, Jan 12, 2013.

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    The NFL is really one big club or fraternity. They all know each other, and I'm sure there are plenty within the league who think a lot more highly of the Garrett's than many of the fans do.
  2. Zordon

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    deep down he must really believe in jason for the long-term b/c i agree this is the most changes i've seen on a coaching staff without touching the head coach.
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    Really. Maybe he just doesn't want to pay him?

    I absolutely doubt it happens, but if Jerry were trying to get him to quit, it could explain why this whole process has been happening in slow motion. Maybe there's a little tug of war going on behind the scenes.

    Though again, I think it's 90% Red is on the sidelines next year.
  4. NickZepp

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    Exactly. Jerry doesn't have to try and push someone out.
  5. Idgit

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    It's 99% in my book. I also think Jason's got a fighting chance to get another year even with a moderately successful 2013.
  6. TheFinisher

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    He should just fire Jason at this point, you can't expect him to have command over the locker room after the public neutering he's received this week.
  7. Zordon

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    I honestly doubt it too. Jason and Jerry are too close for this. People also have to remember Jason's father has been a part of this organization since Jerry bought the team so if Jason is going to get canned, it would happen in the most respectful manner possible.
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    I could live with that, Sparano was very good while here working with the OL and Romo. Callahan is proven but switching to his WCO might not be in the cards right now so it's a hybrid and switches things up a bit .
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    It would be stupid to fire Garrett now. He just hired a DC, but it would be par for the course for Jones. He hired an OC before he hired Phillips.

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    According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, owner Jerry Jones is pushing coach Jason Garrett to relinquish play-calling duties. Per Mort, Jones also may be trying to get Garrett to fire his brother, tight ends coach John Garrett.
    Mort says John Garrett is calling around the league regarding other available jobs. Which could indeed means that John Garrett fears his brother will fire him.

    Mort is just guessing based on the fact the John Garrett has been checking on other available jobs. He didn't say what the other available jobs were. He could be looking for a opportunity to run his own offense. Noone knows and Mort is not confirming anything, he's guessing what's going to happen like everyone else is.
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    This "suspicion" sounds like sports journalism with a tabloid soap opera twist. It sounds like something a soap opera villainess would perform, not that I watch soap operas. Well, at least, since I was off from high school during the summer and had nothing better to do.
  12. craig71

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    It wasn't all that long ago that John Garrett interviewed for a coordinators job in Miami. Maybe he is trying to get another shot at moving up the ladder in another town?

  13. Holdenteller67

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    Never mind missed where it said John. Really this should be Garrett's call not Jones. It is all on Jones. If you don't know how to run an NFL team and you don't learn from your mistakes you have what we've had in Dallas the last 17 years or so.
  14. Holdenteller67

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    The problem is this is something Jones would do and not out of his nature.
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    Potato, potatoe.

    Quayle, Quaile.

    Irony? ;)
  16. noshame

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    No matter what, it's bizarre.
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    who knows what is going on, but it sure seems that JG has lost some of his power, but I guess we will find out soon enough
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    I'm a little confused with this. Is Jerry pulling rank on Jason of is he testing him Etc. very odd situation
  19. dogberry

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    What does Witten think about his current position coach being fired?

    If Jerry Jones saw fit to fire Jason Garrett, he could do as Al Davis did and not pay the remainder of the contract.
  20. Woods

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    It's a valid point you make by the way.

    "may" = speculation

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