Mort just confirmed JJ is trying to push John Garrett out...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by newlander, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Sportsbabe

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    Thank you. This organization is embarrassing as long as Jerry keeps doing this like this.
  2. Disturbed

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    Jerry should just stop all the charades and name himself head coach. He hires all the staff and does countless interviews like most HC do anyways. He will never let anyone else be the GM or a real HC until he gets this out of his system. So do it already and get it over with....

    Jerry Jones the new head coach (not behind the scene pulling strings but actually on the sidelines).
  3. Yakuza Rich

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    Of course Mort could be wrong. He was wrong in the Al Davis vs. Lane Kiffin fiasco.


    He admitted that he refused to try and get Raiders side of the story.

    Journalism 101, right there.

    The then-ESPN ombudsman skewered him for it. Of course, the ombudsman is really just for show at ESPN.

    But, he was right.

    Mort has the same type of vendettas that so many of the other goofs at ESPN have. He could be right, but it's difficult to trust him motives.

  4. Ratmatt

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    I hope now that with Jones wanting Garrett to get rid of his brother,that everyone will see that Garrett has no control over anything.I'm sure the next move will be to take his play calling duties away.Strip him down to the bare minimum.If your going to do all that,then just fire him.
  5. Redball Express

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    ..Garrett has been given an opportunity he would never get anywhere else. The guy has no track record to fall back on to have leverage to stepup and be a Man like you seem to want.

    He's not getting it done, injuries, QB choking two years in a row when the team MUST have his best performance, players injured..assitant DC making predictions his unit can't live up to publically..

    Garrett can stay another year if that's the plan..but he's gone after that. Unless this team suddenhy grows some balls and starts playing slobber-knocker ball.

    Which I doubt they will. Haven't in 16 years. It's too easy to take the money in Dallas and underperform becuase Jerry Jones is an easy target. Not so fast when Kiflin and a ccouple of others arrive like Sparano.

    You will play and play well or you will be gone. And that's what Garrett needs. Assitants that can coach and take responsibility going forward. Didn't have that with Ryan and not sure about Callahan. We certainly had that with Johnson.

    But I do know, Sparano is a better OC if that is where it is going as he knows Romo and will call the right plays. He did that very well last time.

    Time for Back To the Future if you ask me.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPress:starspin
  6. Galian Beast

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    That and because he is looking at head coaching jobs.
  7. LittleD

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    when you go 8x8 for two years in a row and things aren't working, you have to expect change from management or the crowds dwindle. RHG will have to accept he didn't get it done or move on down the road.:bang2:
  8. Joe Rod

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    To be fair, Jerry bought into this 100%. He aint free of blame.
  9. CowboysFaninDC

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    wouldn't be surprised. Jerry is trying to make himself look good int he process. he couldn't just fire garrett. the play calling thing and john garrett is become a face off between the two of them. giving jerry the excuse to get rid of garrett. he hired kiffin, who worked with gruden. and there were rumors that gruden was putting a coaching staff together. and perhaps the kiffin hire was what gruden wanted.

    jerry meddling again. he would be criticized to fire garrett, by 1/2 the fans, but the other half would love it. griuden wants to coach again, yet hasn't interviewed with anyone.

    it wouldn't surprise me at all.
  10. Trajan

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    This is a lot of work just to fire your coach. If Jerry really wanted him gone he would just let the new coach come in and clean the house of the Garrett clan.
  11. AsthmaField

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    As usual, the Emperor is wise beyond measure.

    More wine!
  12. CATCH17

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    Timmy Mac said on the radio that a lot of people would be happy at Valley Ranch if John Garrett was gone.
  13. erod

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    If anyone sees Garrett's nuts laying around, I'm sure he'd like to know where they are.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Sounds like there is a lot of behind the scenes issues. If getting rid of him helps move the organization forward I'm all for it.
  15. Plankton

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    As long as this is a move originated and executed by Jason Garrett, I agree.

    If this was ordered by Jones, I couldn't disagree more.
  16. Woods

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    I guess the "Country Club" atmosphere is gone. :D
  17. fairviewfarmer

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    Well Said! and +1!
  18. SilverStarCowboy

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    Yeah...:laugh2:...castration at it's worst....the next Bull in line is getting nervous and acting a fool....but he'll feel better after it's over.

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