News: Mortensen's comments on "The Player" situation

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Kittymama, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Kittymama

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    He was on both NFL Live, then on Primetime, talking about it. He said he'd talked to people at Valley Ranch & was actually surprised that there's very little "angst" at VR. They're very calm & not upset about it. In fact, they had apparently expected much of this when they signed him (the media uproar), knowing it's the baggage he comes with. They're not upset with TO, do believe he's injured, & are working on getting him healthy. Also, no rift between Jerry & Bill--the fact that Jerry came out a few weeks ago saying TO had to practice at 75% came straight from Bill & shows that Jerry is letting Bill call the shots on the field.
  2. SA_Gunslinger

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    wow....skillful reporting from mort?

    no way.
  3. Kittymama

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    I know. It's a shocker, isn't it? But at least he's actually talking to people at VR, unlike most of the other mediots blathering on.
  4. JackMagist

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  5. dmq

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    What I actually love about this situation w/ the TO media hype is that it is deflecting any attention that our stout defense and regenerated offense is getting. People don't realize yet that me may actually have a pretty good offense even if TO doesn't get on the field.
  6. JPM

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    Hold on, let me check if hell froze over.
  7. sbuscha

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    I know, all this is just a circus. On The lunch Break those guys talked about the media making a huge story nationwide, however in the world of VR it is sheltered from the storm.

    I have updates to my cell, and I got a message yesterday that said "TO acknowledged he slept in." I immediatly stopped the reports to my cell, It is garbage.....:bang2:
  8. CrazyCowboy

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    see.....just one big happy family.....outsiders don't understand...they want us to fail!
  9. iceberg

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    wow - what i've been saying all along to those whining about "media-overkill" - this is just what comes with TO. you can hate it all you want but it won't go away. sitting around bashing the media for bashing TO only adds fuel to the fire. we know the media sucks. we know they're anxious to be the 1st to say I TOLD YOU SO and they're going to take every opportunity to do this REGARDLESS of how "fair" it may or may not be.

    now i just wish the majority of the fans would realize this and quit helping it stay out of control by active participation in the whine-fests. but unfortunately this also comes with TO.

    but it's good to see at least some "in power" realize this is to be expected and at least *they* can not get caught up in all of it.
  10. peplaw06

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    Ice I've been seeing these types of posts from you for the past couple of weeks. It seems you have refined your position to be spot on now IMO. :hammer:

    The only minor quibble I have with your position, is the theory that posting TO threads on a message board and commenting on such threads has any effect on the amount of TO coverage we're seeing. IMO it's going to happen whether we "whine" about it here or not.
  11. iceberg

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    yea, i know. but since i get my news from a couple of boards, wading through every "avergae fan who must start a new thread" gets so very old. i just have total apathy for TO now - whatever. just wish people would let it go and move on with their lives.
  12. Kittymama

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    Actually I think it's a clever plot on the part of Jerry & Bill to lull everyone into a false sense of security against us! They'll think we're so disorganized that they won't play their best against us.

    Yes huh--it is SO true!

  13. AbeBeta

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    Wasn't Mort the guy who got Bill and Jerry talking back in the Campo era? I may have that wrong, but this might be a guy who Bill actually speaks to.
  14. peplaw06

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    Mort's also the guy who said BP was retiring after last season.
  15. FanofBill

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    The janitor. :D
  16. Maikeru-sama

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    True, but he was just putting 2 and 2 together.

    It was reported that Bill had called about a ESPN analyst gig or some position at ESPN and I think Mort read into things to much and came to the conclusion that he was going to retire because he logically thought, well if he is calling about another gig, then he must be leaving the Cowboys.

    But all in all he was wrong...obviously.

    - Mike G.
  17. Tuna Helper

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    You sound like the majority of posters at Extremeskins regarding their lack of success in preseason.

    Seems to me like they push this "false sense of security", when in reality, they have a "false sense of reality".

  18. jazzcat22

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    Maybe he was abducted by the NFL Alien reporter's and was probed with a microphone. Now since he's been cleansed, he can actually see the truth. :lmao:

    In other words, he had an Optorectomy.....the operation that severs the chord from his arse to his eyes to get rid of his shatty outlook on life...or in this case the Dallas Cowboys and TO.
  19. Kittymama

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    I've got a skins fan here today who assured me that their best seasons have started with a bad preseason!
  20. LaTunaNostra

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    So Mort is starting to see the writing on the wall, too.

    The tactic didn't work.

    Time to cover yer losses.

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