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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I know your position on TO, so I'm not going to address the rant. But tell me this, how does one become a TO apologist? I mean there are alot of people on this board who don't care for TO nor did they want him on the team. But since he's here, many (myself included) are willing to let it play itself out. For me it's a matter of waiting til he actually does something outrageous that is a detriment to the team. I haven't seen that. And that's why I try to avoid all TO threads.

    Missing practice was a concern, but considering that other WRs around the league w/hammy issues took the same amount of rehab time I can't legitimately gripe about that.

    This whole discussion was basically about an overreaction, and it gave folks another opportunity to take their shots. In my mind, this particular TO blurb is a non-issue in the grand scheme of things. I refuse to let every TO blip on the Cowboy news wire ruin my enjoyment of the team.
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    The bigger issue is that preseason isn't about Parcells vs Owens.
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    25 Likes Received like counting right?...I'm not a TO apologist. I wasn't for the signing, but he's here and there is nothing I can do about it.

    Two...I don't think anyone here thinks TO is a saint. But he isn't satan either. For crying out loud, just wait till something actually happens first before we all condem him for screwing the Cowboys up for ever.

    Three...I'm sick and tired of hearing people like you saying the world is ending because he's a Cowboy.

    And number Four......(that's all your fingers, but not your thumb...okay?)...I'm equally sick and tired of hearing the "Randy Galloways" giddy over a Parcells, Owens, Jerry Jones melt down that hasn't happened and for the same on wishing for a blow-up just so one of these yahoo's can scream the loudest I told you so...I was right from the beginning crap.

    And finally nuber Five...(Add your thumb now)...Nothing you said was untrue...that I'll agree...He did everything you said he did. But none of it was a real all. You can say what you want about his injury, whether it was real or not, but the fact is people like you don't care if it was real or not. As long as you can point to something and make it a major issue and start your TO is a cancer and the Cowboys will be forever ruined speech to show the rest of us that you are so much more superior to us "TO apologist".
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    Come on wise up. What part of the antics have you missed over the past 6 years with this guy. Or don't you watch alot of non-Cowboy games and think T.O. really had an honest disagreement with Mariucci, Reid several asst. coaches, Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb ....and his driveway in front of 10+ reporters is his preferred spot for situps.... just because.

    The guys a classic attention-starved child who needs to create noise...because he can...and must.
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    Okay...but what does any of this have to do with why T.O. was wearing his throwback helmet the other day in practice?
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    Is TO at fault at least partially for things that happened in his past?? YES

    Is the media at fault partially?? YES

    And why do you think the media reports little insignificant things like what color helmet TO is wearing?? Because people like CajunCowboy and other TO haters will have the knee-jerk reaction that TO must be up to something.

    They will write that the helmet color was not an issue because he was breaking it in. But some people won't believe that or just don't read it. They want a controversy... and that's what the media wants too. Some of you guys buy it hook, line, & sinker... everytime. Wake up. Not every little thing TO does is worthy of a controversy.
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    As a general rule I try to avoid these threads also but I read all of the blogs and blurbs concerning anything Cowboys. Personally I too am waiting to see this thing play itself out and that is why my initial post in this thread was to point out that Owens had done nothing wrong and was only complying with the teams wishies as far as the helmet was concerned.

    As for how do you become a TO apologist; it seems that you just go about denying that there are any issues with the player cropping up in training camp. The fact is that there are issues...they are small and with any other player they would be insignificant but this is not any other player. We have seen by Owens own admission how the entire blow up in Philly started over him getting his feeling hurt over being told to shut up in the huddle. With this fool little things have a way of becoming big things so to deny his antics and to argue on and on when someone else brings up his antics is to become an apologist.

    Missing practice with a hamstring problem was not in and of itself a cause for concern. Practicing at full speed on his own (for several days) while still refusing to practice with the team WAS an issue. It was a legitimate concern for team chemistry and for issues of authority and there was no way it would be ignored by concerned fans and certainly not by the media. That is what we live with and what we should have known that we would live with when we signed him.
    Yes I agree that this was a rather pointless thread. It was all over an overreaction as I acknowledged in a couple of previous posts. However, the initial overreaction was then amplified by the corresponding overreaction of the TO apologists who’s continued arguments only served to exacerbate the contentious nature of the thread. In point of fact both sides were equally wrong and both should have just made their initial point and dropped it instead of escalating the argument with their rhetoric. But such is the polarizing nature of Terrell Owens.
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    LMAO! Appoligist? I could only be an appoligist if there was something to appoligise for

    yeah hurt players dont practice big news there

    Yup he made a joke in his free time before practice THAT *******!

    OMG he wrote a book Lets hang him!

    and? Did someone not know TO liked attention?
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    You realize the team does not all come out at once, sometimes players are early or right on time, they dont run out all at the same time. As for "dressing with the team" Where exactly did you see he was not dressing with the team?
  10. Alexander

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    This is as classic of a case of needing to purchase a clue if I have ever seen it.

    He wore the helmet because he wanted to be special!

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    Wow is that ever suprise

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  13. BigDFan5

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    Now you wise up what has he done wrong since he has been here?

    Was it wrong of him to do as he was asked and wear the throwback helmet so it could be adjusted? Should he have told them no?
  14. Alexander

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    Then he is damned too.

    He won't cooperate!
  15. BigDFan5

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  16. Cajuncowboy

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    He comes out last. Every Time. EVERY TIME. But why shouldn't he? It's not like he was practicing or anything for the big "Cheddar" he got.

    YOu know I would expect nothing less from someone who takes a continuos slam at someone by putting them in their sig. Seems like some people need to grow up, or maybe some people here sre only 13 years old anyway.

    As for where did I see this, it was in one of the stories on this board this past week.

    And for the rest of you people who have a real problem reading, I know I said it at least once in this stupid thread, that I hope TO settles down and becomes a great WR for us. I am not a TO hater. But I do hate some of the distractions he causes. And if you were a REAL Cowboys fan, you would as well.
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    Difference is we hate actual distractions, TO has not been a problem as of yet.

    Again find a link where he wasnt dressing with the team please
  18. Cajuncowboy

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    Here, I did your work for ya.

    Seems like maybe at least some of his teammates find him a distraction.

    BTW, it was just 2 days ago.
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    No it wasnt "my work" as you are the one that needs to backup what you say. You failed miserably since that article did not say he didnt dress with the team which was what YOU said.

    Also thats the article Parcells said was made up right?
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    First of all, somebody has to come out last. Ever think that maybe it takes him longer to get dressed because he has to put his tights on?? :D

    And secondly here's the way we pick out who's a TO hater... Everyone hates distractions, true. But when you're blowing a little thing like walking out of the dressing room last as being "a distraction" to the team, etc. it makes you look like you are wishing for a controversy. Do you really think that the rest of the team hates the fact that he comes out last? What a petty thing to worry about. Have you seen any indication that anyone cares... other than the media (who also wants a controversy/distraction)?

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