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    Answers to your draft questions

    07:45 PM CDT on Monday, April 26, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / Dallas Web Staff

    After taking a day to think about the Cowboys’ draft, some of you have stepped back from the ledge. Now, I’m suddenly fielding questions about my thoughts on the Buffalo Bills’ future. I hope to respond to more questions in the next few days.

    Q: Why in the world would the Cowboys reach for Bruce Thornton in the fourth when [Washington State cornerback] Jason David is sitting right there? An extra three inches and 30 pounds don’t mean much without the heart to go with it. Is Thornton a Bill Parcells or Jerry Jones pick? Where do you think the 2005 Buffalo first-rounder will be? If it is around 10 or better, is there a position you think Dallas will focus on?

    Stewart, Lockhart, Texas

    MOSLEY: Stewart, once Montana State’s Joey Thomas went to Green Bay at No. 70, I think the Cowboys turned to Bruce Thornton. I know that Jason David is a good player, but the Cowboys scouts thought Thornton has the biggest upside.

    The Bills are in a division with the Dolphins and the Patriots, so I don’t think they have any chance at the playoffs. Because Drew Bledsoe seems to be in his twilight years, and they’ll probably start an unproven running back, I could see Buffalo going 4-12. That could give the Cowboys a top-five pick.

    Look for the Cowboys to go after a receiver with that first pick in 2005. Antonio Bryant’s act is growing old, Terry Glenn is getting old and Keyshawn Johnson doesn’t stretch the field.


    Q: The Cowboys were taking a lot of heat on draft day for not selecting Oregon State running back Steven Jackson. Who is taking responsibility for trading down, and how does Julius Jones compare to Jackson, Troy Hambrick and Aveion Cason?

    Joe, Hudson, Mass.

    MOSLEY: Joe, I think Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones were on the same page with this deal. They were hesitant at first, but the thought of having two first-round picks in 2005 was too much for them to pass up. And I’m not sure they were all that high on Steven Jackson.

    Julius Jones is much faster than Hambrick, and he’s more durable than Cason. This will not be a running back-by-committee situation unless Julius Jones has a hard time picking up the offense.


    Q: With all the negativity surrounding the first two rounds of the Cowboys' draft this year, Parcells got exactly what he wanted. He seems to prefer the bigger effort from a less talented guy than a superstar getting by with decent effort. The media reports the Julius Jones pick is a surprise, but he was one of the players brought to the Valley Ranch before the draft. That would indicate to me that Big Bill saw the kind of talent and smarts that he liked before the draft. Not to mention that both offensive linemen taken are referred to as “dirt dogs” and “students of the game.” I think that Parcells got exactly the draft he wanted. Why all the negativity based on the lack of a draft star?

    Brian, Fort Worth

    MOSLEY: Brian, I think the negativity has to do with the Cowboys passing on the two best running backs in the draft. The rest of the NFL seems to have a win-now approach, and that’s what fans would like to see from the Cowboys. I think Bill Parcells got the guys he wanted. He’s talked about not wanting superstars, and he sure didn’t appear to draft any.


    Q: The Cowboys drafted a wide receiver (Patrick Crayton) who has experience at quarterback. Do you think they will throw in a trick play or two?

    Phillip Blair, Ennis, Texas

    MOSLEY: If Patrick Crayton makes this team, he’ll focus on being a return man. But it wouldn’t shock me to see the Cowboys throw him the ball behind the line of scrimmage and let him chunk it deep. He threw for 19 touchdowns last season with NAIA Northwestern Oklahoma.


    Q: The Cowboys can make up for this dreadful off-season with one move: sign Kerry Collins. He can keep the Cowboys pushing toward the playoffs and tutor Drew Henson so he's not thrown into the fire like Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson were. You can cut Carter and reunite Collins with quarterbacks coach Sean Payton.


    MOSLEY: First of all, there is no way the Cowboys will cut Quincy Carter. If anything, they’d have to release Chad Hutchinson and Tony Romo. And I think Hutchinson is the only guy they’ve already given up on. Sean Payton and Kerry Collins do have a great relationship, but Henson is the quarterback of the future. The Cowboys could bring in Vinny Testaverde to be a caretaker. Collins would want a lot of money.


    Q: It looks like you and just about everyone else is wrong about the Cowboys' intentions to draft Kevin Jones or Steven Jackson. The move to have two first-round picks next year says they have no intention of making a strong move toward getting back to the Super Bowl this year. Please tell me I'm wrong.

    Joseph Grubbs

    MOSLEY: Joseph, I can’t say you’re completely wrong. I think every team has intentions of making the Super Bowl. Some just have stronger intentions than others. The Cowboys saw an opportunity to stack up players for the future. They may have done that at the expense of the 2004 season.


    Q: Considering the way Bill Parcells likes to have options, and knowing the Cowboys have a pathetic crew of running backs, why did they only draft one running back? The one they drafted isn't even a stud.

    MOSLEY: Julius Jones showed signs of being a stud running behind a poor offensive line at Notre Dame last season. He put up three 200-yard games. The Cowboys still have a reliable back in Richie Anderson, and Aveion Cason is a good change-of-pace player. Troy Hambrick will have to become a special teams player. Bet we won’t hear quite as much from him next season.

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    My favorite quote

    Julius Jones is much faster than Hambrick, and he’s more durable than Cason.
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    Yeh, but your grandmother probably is too. ;)

    I liked this line on Tham: "Bet we won’t hear quite as much from him next season."
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    Tommy likey.

    I think WR is where one of the 2 1sts will be spent next yr.
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    And the hits just keep on comin'.

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