News: Mosley: Backfield committee? That better not see daylight

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gooch, May 26, 2004.

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    12:33 AM CDT on Wednesday, May 26, 2004

    Bill Parcells made a rare public appearance when the PGA Tour swung through Irving recently. In a conversation with CBS’ Jim Nantz, the master of melodrama, Parcells said he was leaning toward a running back-by-committee approach. It’s one of Parcells’ favorite terms, especially because he had success with the approach while coaching the New York Giants. Cowboys fans aren’t used to that concept, thanks to the lengthy and successful careers of Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith. But if the Cowboys have to actually rely on this approach, turn out the lights on another playoff run.

    At this point, Parcells is only providing shelter to Julius Jones, who could feel more pressure than any second-round pick in the history of the game. After all, Parcells saw something in Jones that made him pass on the top-rated running backs in the draft. And for a few days, Cowboys fans were quick with their criticism.

    Judging by your recent e-mails, though, Parcells has returned to “genius” status, and that extra first-round pick in 2005 doesn’t sound too bad.

    Here’s how Parcells’ so-called committee will work: Julius Jones on first down, Julius Jones on second down and sneak ol’ Richie Anderson in there to help out Julius on third.

    That leaves one burning question. With Troy Hambrick moving to browner pastures in Oakland, who will be Jones’ backup at halfback? Until further notice from Parcells, the candidates include practice squad veteran ReShard Lee, former college fullback Erik Bickerstaff and change-of-pace back (read: fragile) Aveion Cason.

    Cason has added 15 pounds to his 5-10, 204-pound frame, but he’s recovering from knee surgery. Parcells wouldn’t dream of using him for more than four or five carries per game. Bickerstaff, who had one carry during his stay at Wisconsin, rushed for 56 yards on 19 carries in limited playing time late last season.

    Lee (5-10, 232), who played at Middle Tennessee State, showed promise during last year’s training camp. But a knee injury eventually led to his early departure. He joined the Cowboys’ practice squad late last season.

    The Cowboys could be in serious trouble if something happens to Jones. Fans would suddenly appreciate Hambrick’s south-and-south running style.

    For the last few weeks, everyone has wondered if the Cowboys will eventually try to bring in a starting cornerback. But the team might end up focusing on a veteran running back instead.

    Anyone seen Adrian Murrell?
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    One thing this artical left out was the fact Parcells said they would use running back by committee to start the season and depending on how Jones does will dictate how much of a load he will carry as the season goes on.
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    "Hambrick" type backs are a dime a dozen...
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    If the young guys behind Jones don't show enough in training camp, Dallas will simply go out and sign a guy like A. Smith from New England (he's still available, right?) to back up Jones. Who knows - an Eddie George or other big name vet may still be released. Finding a backup RB is not difficult. There are plenty of bodies around. Minnesota has a half-dozen or so backs. They drafted the kid Bennett from Wisconsin 2 years ago in the first round, they had O. Smith looking good last year, and they drafted Moore from Tulane this year. Might that make Moe Williams expendable?

    If a guy like Murrell can step in and play on short notice, any of the other potential candidates on other teams could learn enough of the offense in a few weeks.
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    Everybody that doesn't like running back by committee because "I don't like running back by committee".

    Mariucci does it. Parcells does it. Belichick does it. Minnesota has done it. Denver has done it.

    Don't bother arguing with me. I'm not going to bite. I'm just going to wish somebody would shoot you.
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    No one wants to see RB by committee for the same reason they dont want to see it at any other position: Because it means you have mediocre talent.

    Belicheck did it but then he traded for Corey Dillon.
    Mooch did it but then they drafted Kevin Jones.
    Denver actually doesn't do it. They ride their horse when they have one. They drafted Tatum Bell to be that horse.

    Dallas spent a 2nd round pick and bypassed SJ/KJ because they think Julius Jones can be an every down back.

    Richie Anderson will get the 3rd down/specialist role so that means ther eis little reason to have carries split further other than to occasionally take shots at another team with fresh legs as Dallas used to do with Emmitt as the lead, Tham and Wiley getting a few touches just to chance breaking one on a defense.
  7. Doomsday101

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    I agree with you on this issue, having said that it is also not uncommon to see rookie RB sharing the load in their 1st year. I think until Parcells feels comfortable with Jones and feels he can carry the load that we will see some RB by committe early on in the upcoming season.
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    Dillon is a stopgap. They had little else at the position. If you think he's the only RB on that team who will get carries, you're wrong. He's 32.

    Denver does do it, and will do it this upcoming season.

    Mariucci drafted Jones, who will split carries with Pinner and Bryson.
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    then technically speaking, every team is a RBBC, no RB in the NFL recieves ALL his teams carries.

    Denver didn't do it with portis, gary, anderson or TD. odds are, they won't do it again this year, once they find their guy.

    Pinner and Bryson may get a few carries, but KJ will recieves the lions share. har har har.
  10. ghettogandhi

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    How can One person be so wrong?

    And then to repeat it as fact again when disproven is amazing to me?

    Teams that use running back by committee generally are doing it because they dont have a number 1 rb- ie Pats of lst year, Minnesota when their feature back got hurt and Denver? ***.

    No one wants RB by committee nor do they want QB by committee.
  11. jterrell

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    Baj you are allowed to have your opinion but not to your own facts.

    NE split carries between A.Smith and Kevin Faulk because they didnt feel Faulk was truly an every down back and didnt like Smith much any more. He had worn on them with lacksadasical attitude. Dillon is a stop gap but an every down stop gap. The Pats didnt give up a 2nd for a guy to part of a rotation. Dillon wants to be the feature back and he will.

    Will guys get touches? Sure. That doesnt mean its RB by committee.

    Denver last year had Portis get 290 carries. There was no committee he was the feature back by far. Griffin came in at 94 but that was only because he had to replace Portis who got injured.

    Detroit was RB by committee: 2 guy ove 100 carries and within 80 carries of each other. They drfated a guy to end that type of mix. Now it will be KJ ina feature role getting 250 plus carries they hope.

    Minny was a true Rb by committee due to injuries and the emergence of Onterrio Smith. 3 guys over 90 carries but their plan was Bennett all the time til he got hurt.

    Dallas had THam get ove 270 carries. They didnt like him and sent him packing but they are bringing in JJones to get those 275 carries. Richie Anderson is the 2nd RB essentially and BP wants his touches limited. 1 other back may be kept on the active game day roster to get a few touches and play special teams but that will be it.

    BP is going to plan to go by committee publicly becaus it makes sense not to hand Julius anything. He had TNew "battle" for the starting gig too but it was pretty much a battle he won the day he signed. Same case here.

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