News: Mosley: Expect Parcells to face Allen issue on draft day

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    Matt Mosley: Expect Parcells to face Allen issue on draft day
    06:31 PM CDT on Thursday, April 22, 2004

    Editor's note: Matt Mosley is a ************** staff writer.

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has made good on his promise to stay out of sight throughout the off-season. But he is scheduled to address the media Saturday following the first three rounds of the NFL draft.

    Parcells will probably stick to the topic at hand, but he's guaranteed to get a question about left guard Larry Allen, who has been mentioned in recent trade talks.

    Parcells and Allen clashed during last season's training camp, and there's no evidence that they are even on speaking terms. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones recently said that Allen had permission to miss Parcells' "voluntary" workout program and that he wouldn't be surprised to see him back in a Cowboys uniform this season.

    Rumors have circulated suggesting that Parcells and Jones may not be on the same page regarding the Allen situation. But Jones said Tuesday that he and Parcells have a very solid working relationship and never "walk on eggshells" around each other.

    Appearing on the Texas Cable News Network on Tuesday, Jones said that Parcells recently reminded a roomful of scouts that he wasn't going to retire anytime soon.

    Jones jokingly scrawled out a five-year extension and passed it to Parcells.

    "He started to sign it right there," Jones said. "But I don't think it had enough zeroes out there."

    Cowboys punting unit lean and green

    The Cowboys are still in search of a starting running back, cornerback and several offensive linemen. But another glaring hole is at punter.

    Toby Gowin, who was inconsistent last season with a 39 yard-per-punt average and a 34.9 net, is now with the Jets. The Cowboys currently have three punters on the roster.

    Josh Boies (6-4) and rookie Ryan Flinn (6-5) fit the league's trend toward big, strong punters. At 5-8, Gowin had only his leg to rely upon. And when he suffered ankle problems, he lost all his power.

    The other punter is an Australian named Mat McBriar, who has a year in the CFL under his belt. McBriar, who played at Hawaii, is the most intriguing punter in camp. He was on the Denver roster before being traded to Seattle before last season's training camp. At 6-1, he's not as big as the other kickers, but he appears to have a bigger leg.

    Both Boies and McBriar have participated in NFL training camps, but neither has punted in a regular-season NFL game.

    In the past, the Cowboys have taken no more than two punters to training camp. But with the situation up in the air, it wouldn't be surprising for them to open camp with all three players. Parcells places a lot of emphasis on field position, which makes it hard to understand why the Cowboys haven't been more aggressive in finding a punter. Former San Diego punter Darren Bennett was available through free agency, but the Cowboys remained on the sideline.

    The Cowboys have always relied on kicking coach Steve Hoffman to find relatively unknown (cheap) players. Parcells kept giving Gowin chances throughout the season because he was a veteran. He won't be as patient this season.

    Randal Williams may get chance to prove himself

    The Cowboys have signed several restricted free agents the past two weeks, but the most noteworthy was receiver Randal Williams. So far, he’s the only unrestricted free agent to be offered a two-year deal.

    Williams has won Parcells’ respect because of his special teams play. But as long as the Cowboys don’t draft a receiver, Williams will probably get a chance to prove himself as a receiver. He’s long been considered a guy with rare speed and suspect hands. Now, Williams is beginning to show a lot of improvement catching the ball.


    The Cowboys also signed restricted free-agent tight end James Whalen , who was hampered by hamstring injuries in 2003. Whalen has excellent hands, but he’s too small to play every down at tight end. If he makes the team this season, it will be because of his special teams play…Offensive tackle Javiar Collins will get one more chance this season. He started four games in 2002, but he never played a down of offense in 2003. He’s had a difficult time making the transition after playing defensive tackle in college.
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    46 Likes Received these guys are being coy. There's no need to tell anybody anything before the draft or befor a specific pick. Trades can be made at that time.
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    saw the whole 5-year extension joke on t.v. It was hilarious.... good ole jerry. :eek:
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    cool~~~ i thought we didnt have any punters... lol

    hope they are really good!
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    With all the holes we have, I wouldn't mind seeing more than just Larry finding a new home on Saturday.

    Personally, if A. Bryant, Hutch, and even Dexter found new homes for draft picks, I would be just fine with it all.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    BP's spin on LA will be most enlightening...
  7. Nors

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    It would be great to get an 3rd for him
  8. Tio

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    I hope one of these punters workout out....
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    Quincy punts real well. :D
  10. TruBlueCowboy

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    It will be nice to hear from Parcells again. I miss those weekly press conferences. He's a great coach to listen to. He can't help but coach the media and fans when he speaks.
  11. LaTunaNostra

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    For sure! It's been a long l :eek: ng Tuna drought.

    Lucky Dale!
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    I am looking forward to hearing the latest nicknames he comes up with for the players. :eek:
  13. Portland Fanatic

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    I really hope if BP deals LA it's for 3rd or higher...the only exception would be to land Stacey Andrews...will be a monster tackle in the NFL

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