News: Mosley:Parcells on Allen: 'Things are going to have to change'

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    Parcells on Allen: 'Things are going to have to change'
    06:01 PM CDT on Friday, April 30, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************

    IRVING - Bill Parcells issued a stern warning to embattled left guard Larry Allen following Friday's rookie mini-camp practice.

    "Things are going to have to change," Parcells said. "He knows that."

    Parcells said he gave Allen permission to skip his off-season conditioning program because he had "things that needed to be addressed."

    Parcells, who said he hasn't spoken to Allen during the off-season, refused to elaborate on what things Allen needed to address.

    "Hopefully this off-season has given him time to do that," Parcells said.

    Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he expects Allen to return next season. And he's no longer giving him permission to speak with other teams. The Cowboys tried to work out a trade with Detroit on the first day of the draft, but Allen killed the talks.

    Parcells also talked about Cowboys quarterback Drew Henson, who is taking part in this weekend's rookie camp. He said he expected Henson to pick up the offense quickly and when asked if Henson could play this season, Parcells responded, "I certainly wouldn't dismiss that."

    Parcells and Jones reiterated that Quincy Carter was the starting quarterback and that he was working hard in the off-season to increase his leg strength and try to cut down on interceptions.

    Parcells said he wouldn't rule out bringing in a veteran quarterback this off-season, but he doesn't think it will be ex-Giants quarterback Kerry Collins.

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    The best thing for this team would be if he was motivated and performed up to his ability.

    I hope BP can drag that out of him.
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    it looks like bp is trying to send la a message - let's hope he gets it
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    Of all the things to focus on in that long press conference, they have to headline Allen; I'm sorry I told that Jints fan the DMN is NOT a tabloid.

    I just watched the press conf over there. Tuna's facial expression, body language looked studiedly non-committal when discussing LA.
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    Larry Allen needs time to address things. What things?

    This is getting old already. I think BP feels the same way.

    I'm still not convinced Larry Allen won't retire this offseason.

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