MOSLEY: Parcells' slur causes stir

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    add to trickblues earlier post

    Parcells' slur causes stir
    05:55 PM CDT on Monday, June 7, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / **************

    IRVING – Cowboys coach Bill Parcells used a racial slur during a news conference at the team's practice facility Monday. While discussing two of his assistant coaches, quarterbacks coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Parcells said, "Sean's going to have a few ... no disrespect to the Orientals, but what we call Jap plays, OK, surprise things."

    When an audience of reporters began to murmur about the comment, Parcells added, "No disrespect to anyone."

    Parcells was referencing Payton's penchant for installing trick plays. Regarding Payton and Zimmer, Parcells said, "You've got to keep an eye on those two because they're going to try and get the upper hand."

    Parcells' comments came after he was asked about his comfort level with his coaching staff.

    "Bill Parcells is a brilliant coach," said John Tateishi of the Japanese-American Citizen's League, a national civil rights group. "Unfortunately, he is ignorant about racial slurs. I take great offense by what he said. Parcells ought to know better. He sorely needs more education on what is offensive and non-offensive to Japanese-Americans. I am shocked that he would say this. "

    The Cowboys issued this statement Monday afternoon:

    "He (Parcells) stated that he intended no disrespect. The organization apologizes to anyone who may have been offended."

    Japanese journalist Akira Kuboshima, visiting Valley Ranch for the Cowboys' minicamp, said Parcells apologized to him for the comments during the afternoon practice.

    "It's more shocking that everyone in there noticed," said Kuboshima, editor of American Football Magazine Japan. "I don't want anyone to hear or read that. I wish everyone would just forget it. I admire Coach Parcells."

    Last week, Dolphins linebacker Junior Seau apologized for using a derogatory term for gays while describing his relationship with his teammates.
  2. MichaelWinicki

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    I'm so sick of BS like this becoming a news story I could scream.

    What an absolute load of crap.
  3. junk

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    Maybe I am an idiot, but how can a term based on someone's country of origin be deregatory or racist?
  4. Bizwah

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    The "wussifying" of America continues.
  5. TruBlueCowboy

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    I can't believe people are making a big deal out of this affair.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    That out of the way for Michael.

    I think he knew it may be taken that way and it is why he said what he did before and after making the statement....he then apologized for it later.

    Hey we are starved for any news....and just like any other area of news...they always use the controversial or bad news...before they do the good news.

    I am actually shocked it just now came out as the PC was earlier in the day.
  7. Sarge

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    Bores me to tears. Agreed.
  8. Duane

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    We have a road back in Beaumont called "Jap Road". It was named after the Japanese folks that lived there way back. Now apparently none of the local Japanese residence take offense to the name. However, a group in Houston does. They were making a big stink about it at one time.
  9. thor_01

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    in this case it goes to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which even though the little bast.... did it they don't want to be reminded about it i guess........

    either way a politically correct President i can see, a politically correct head coach is just being to damn particular................
  10. junk

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    Well, according to

    n. Offensive Slang
    Used as a disparaging term for a person of Japanese birth or descent.
  11. MichaelWinicki

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    Hey love the avatar Brain!

    "Oddball" is one of my favorite characters.

    Great movie too!
  12. dillinger319

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    This is absolutely ridiculous......SP......I cant belive that that guy said " i take offense to that" The shaq thing was worse than this but he explained himself days after it happened....Coach Parcells said no disrespect right away.... This is like some white guy saying he was going to eat some chinese food and it bothering someone of Chinese ethnicity....This is stupid....What a world that we live in......
  13. novadog

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    Jap was a term used in a predominatly derogatory fashion it's a racial slur in today's PC. Personally I think it's funny that he refers to trick plays that try to catch the other team off guard as "jap" plays. LOL

    Either way he knew he shouldn't have said it when he did and that's usually a sign :p

    oh well

  14. jay cee

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    When I read it on one of the guys update, I thought it was an acronym or something. I disagree with most of the posters so far on this thread. I think he was wrong and It's good he apologized.

    Call it PC or whatever, but it is not good to use slurs.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    I agree.....and I think he does as well as he apologized.

    I do not think he meant it in a bad way but still it is not to be condoned IMO.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    15,532 Likes Received the movie as well....I still have to get the DVD along with the Dirty Dozen, The Devils Brigade and Where Eagles Dare.
  17. Maikeru-sama

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    See I knew there was gonna be TROUBLE when I heard him say that while listening to the PC at work. I think he used POOR judgement by using this word. If you have to APOLOGIZE or say NO OFFENSE before you use a word, then you probably should not say it.

    - Mike G.
  18. cowboy4322

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    Personally I think this is such crap because right away Parcells said "no disrespect intended", its not like he said it and didn't say anything after that, I really think this is getting blown way out of proportion that it's ridiculous. I think that the person who said that he was offended needs to freakin chill out, he knows well and good that Parcells didn't mean it.

    This Political Correctness crap makes me wanna puke sometimes.

  19. jay cee

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    Hopefully, Parcells won't be fired like poor Jimmy the Greek. ;)
  20. Eric_Boyer

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    The problem is that the PC crowd focus is so strongly on the word they lose sight of the message.

    In this case, Jap was actually a complement. As best I can tell he was using it to describe innovation and trickery in the play-calling.

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