News: Mosley: Speedy corner Reeves hopes to get off beaten path

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    Speedy corner Reeves hopes to get off beaten path
    07:26 PM CDT on Tuesday, June 29, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / ************** looks at the Cowboys' draft picks through the eyes of their high school or college coaches.

    Jacques Reeves

    The Cowboys drafted former Lancaster High School and Purdue cornerback Jacques Reeves in the seventh round because he is fast. The team drafted the 2002 Big Ten 200-meter outdoor champion (10.41) despite the fact that he got beat deep fairly regularly.

    According to former Purdue defensive backs coach Phil Elmassian (now at Nebraska), Reeves was almost always in the right position. He just had a hard time finishing plays. Reeves started 28 games at Purdue and finished his career with seven interceptions.

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells will take a long look at Reeves as a return specialist, even though that's not something he did in college.

    The other thing Reeves has going for him besides his speed is the fact that he's 6-0, 195.

    The diminutive cornerback era in the NFL has ended, and coaches now place a premium on size. That's one of the reasons Pete Hunter (6-2, 212) will probably start this season.

    Reeves' best game last season came against Penn State. He intercepted a pass and deflected three more. Elmassian said that Reeves has the balance and quickness to become an excellent corner.

    "I know that he'll get their attention," Elmassian said. "He is not a track guy in a football uniform."

    Even though Reeves had become an elite national sprinter his junior season, he refused to take time off from football. Purdue coach Joe Tiller offered to reduce his workload, but Reeves managed to work at both sports in the spring before his senior season.

    Elmassian said a lot of fast players are known simply as straight-line runners. He said that Reeves has the ability to change directions quickly.

    "He has good practice habits," Elmassian said. "He's highly intelligent and eager to please."

    Reeves had four interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns, during his senior season at Lancaster. He also had five fumble recoveries.

    In the Cowboys' minicamp earlier this month, Reeves knocked away a couple of short passes, but just as his coach talked about, he had trouble making plays downfield.

    Reeves may have to become a special teams contributor to have any chance of making the team.


    Name: Jacques Reeves

    Position: Cornerback

    College: Purdue

    Ht., Wt.: 6-0, 195

    Hometown: Lancaster, Texas

    Quote: "He's definitely not afraid of contact. He's not afraid of anything." - former Purdue defensive backs coach Phil Elmassian, who now coaches at Nebraska

    6/22: What will happen at fullback?
    11:52 AM CDT on Tuesday, June 22, 2004

    Matt Mosley

    Q: Just read the article you did about Erik Bickerstaff being "devastated" by his Achilles' tendon injury. If Bill Parcells is planning on using Richie Anderson more as a halfback, who will play fullback? Does Parcells have confidence enough to use Jamar Martin in those situations? I can't see how Parcells would play Lousaka Polite over J-Mar.

    Andres Parker

    Mosley: I think Parcells is looking for a fullback who can do more than just block. Martin has the blocking ability to open holes when the Cowboys run out of the I-formation, but he's almost a non-factor in the passing game. The Cowboys will take a look at Polite and former Tampa Bay fullback Darian Barnes because they each have better hands and more speed than Martin.

    Polite was considered a solid fullback at the University of Pittsburgh, but he got the "bad attitude" label.

    Even if he does have a better grasp of the playbook, I think Martin's days are numbered here. The Cowboys can't afford to spend a roster spot on a good blocker with decent special teams skills. I think Polite is the guy who will end up making the team.

    Matt Mosley answers your questions about the Cowboys each week. E-mail him here: mattmailcall@**************.

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    I like what I read of Reeves, and he may have less competition than what this article states.

    Reeves is nearly as tall as Pete Hunter, so this is a good thing. Most of our other mediocre corners are about 5'9" tall and made for playing nickel.
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    The CB from Rutgers...................
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    I think Martin is a very talented FB...

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