Moss (and Irvin) had a hand in all this

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chief, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Jerry Jones said he started thinking about bringing Owens to Dallas back in November, but I think the wheels were set in motion a long time ago.

    Way back in 1998, Jerry passed on the chance to draft Randy Moss, and instead picked Greg Ellis. Two years later, Jerry gave up two first-round picks to land what he thought was a game-breaking receiver in Joey Galloway and he has been trying to recover ever since. It was a high price to pay to try to make up for passing on Moss.

    As a player, Moss was everything Dallas needed at the time, but Jerry was very sensitive to character issues and off-the-field stuff because of the legal mess that Michael Irvin was in.

    I think privately at least, Jerry has regretted that decision occasionally -- like every time his Cowboys have to go up against Moss. He probably thinks now that he could have handled Moss and all those spectacular touchdowns would have been scored for his team, instead of against his team.

    Talent-wise, Owens is the closest thing to Moss and Jerry probably decided that he wasn't going to pass on a talent like this again -- no matter what the public relations fallout would be.

    So, in a round-about way, Michael Irvin was probably part of the reason why Moss never became a Cowboy, and probably part of the reason why Owens is one now.

    I think there is a part of Jerry that really identifies and connects with these charismatic, vocal, talented receivers that embarrass their opponents. He had one during the 1990s, then saw what it was like to not have one during the past six or seven years.
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    Funny you post this Chief... I was thinking the exact thing while driving to work this morning...

    TO is our "Randy Moss"...
  3. TruBlueCowboy

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    I agree to an extent. Just remember that Moss takes plays off. TO has NEVER been accused of doing that. Some of the character issues that Moss had may have led teams to thinking he was just that type of player. I wonder what Moss would have been like if Irvin could have taken him under his wing. I know Chris Carter was supposed to have done that, but I can't stand Carter. He seems like a big phony. Moss needed someone who kept it real like Irvin. (Okay, throw out your Dave Chapelle joke now! :D )
  4. Danny White

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    I agree completely... I think Irvin might have even been consciously trying to "make up" for his role in us passing on Moss.
  5. Ashwynn

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    When did Irvin change his name to Mother Teresa?

    You guys act like Irvin could cure the devil. :lmao2:

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    Who would you rather have (assuming you could have either at the same price): Randy Moss or Terell Owens?

    Me, I'll take Terell Owens. Why because both can be a pain in the keaster, but at least Ownens does not take playos off. And i think Owens is better and more-dimensional, meaning he can go inside, deep, over the middle, etc...

    By the way, good thread and interesting opening-perspective! :)

  7. CrazyCowboy

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    Except, T.O will make the tough catch accross the middle!
  8. CaptainAmerica

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    I understand your point and agree with you that Jerry longed for the big-time WR and he's chased it for a few years , (Galloway being the clearest example).

    But, let me bring a different perspective on this as it relates to Moss.

    Did Jerry wish, early on, in the years following the '98 draft, that he would have taken Moss? Yes, I believe he did, especially as Moss tore up the league and wasn't that much of a distraction.

    But, as the years have progressed, I really believe Jerry is happy he didn't take Moss due to his attitude and more importantly, the questions that dog Moss even now about smoking pot, taking plays off, occasional incidents with law enforcement, etc.

    I heard a very interesting comment from Jerry Saturday that wasn't in the main PC. He was interviewed by a TV station in the locker room and he said something like this..."There are certain issues regarding players that are "TABU" for me. We, as an organization, have suffered through those things before and we aren't going to knowingly bring those kind of problems into this organization. Those type of problems were not present in this, (T.O.), situation."
  9. justbob

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    Moss would have been a thug and a punk --just like he is now
  10. Seven

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    WOW!! Very odd you posted this Chief. I was thinking that Trick was thinking what you were thinking. Who'd a thunk?(apologies Trick....I just had to) [​IMG]

    Good post. Nice spin on this subject I'd of never correlated the two.
  11. jterrell

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    This to me is really the whole ball of wax.
    TO is an egomaniac kinda like oh Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones who have all been openly critical of people they worked for and with at the highest levels.

    They all let pride screw up good deals for them.

    BUT none of them were druggies, criminals, or slackers.
    They are all ULTRA-compeitive and belive they are each the very, very best at what they do.

    They all have a right to be so conceited as well because they have worked dang hard to prove that out.

    TO is a big pain in the keester. Since when is that a mortal sin?

    BARRYRAY Well-Known Member

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    I'm going into this with my eyes open, but this guy excites me, he scares coordinators, we have the best wr core in NFC East, Witten and Glenn will be the benficiaries, I'm pumped...
  13. RCowboyFan

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    I have been thinking the same thing Chief. With the Slimy Drew Rosenhaus saying that TO and Jerry connected great on Plan, kind of re-inforced that belief I have had about Jerry.

    Remember during first year of BP, while Larry Allen wouldn't listen to BP, or so it seemed, it seemed like Jerry could connect with him? Thats where I believe the situation here in Dallas vs elsewhere with TO might be different. I.O. Jerry is an owner who knows how to handle a star player. BP does know that obviously, but Jerry is really good at it too.

    Second, most likely Drew Bledsoe will be gone by Next year IMO, if BP is gone. So probably the trouble will be in third year of TO deal if any. I.e. Romo/Henson will be the guys if one of those guys end up starting, who might take the brunt if TO goes off.
  14. Clove

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    You must be God or something. I guess you've been perfect all of your life. This is board full of Angels...
  15. JonJon

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    Very good analysis. I agree that Irvin had a roll in the Cowboys passing on Moss, the trading for Galloway (which was Jones' desperate attempt to recover from that mistake), and the eventual signing of Owens. I am glad that we now have Owens instead of Moss. Owens is the more complete player, and like others have noted, Owens is both a deep threat and can make the tough catch in traffic, and he doesn't quit on plays. Owens has one of the biggest competitive hearts in the NFL, unlike Moss, who decides to walk off the football field and give up on WR routes when things are not going his way. Owens, on the other hand, steps up his game when the game is on the line and makes the big play.

    Personally, I thought Moss was more disrespectful to the Cowboys by repeatedly torching us for not drafting him (he even told the media that his intentions was to make us pay) than Owens was for celebrating on the star.
  16. Arch Stanton

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    Further to that do you think the TO issue was part of whether Bill went through the "will I, won't I retire" situation at the end of the season?

    Could it be Bill signed off on the TO deal as he only intends to coach for one more year? If that were the case the chances are he wouldn't have to deal with any possible TO problems.

    The answer is probably no, who knows what goes on behind the walls at VR, but its fun to speculate?

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