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    This took me about 2 weeks of research to finish 2 rounds

    --------------------Upadated 3-13-05--------------------
    Round 1
    1. San Fransisco 49ers - Aaron Rodgers, QB, 6'2, 210, California
    Team Needs: Quarterback, Guard, Cornerback

    2. Miami Dolphins - Cedric Benson, RB, 5'10, 222, Texas
    Team Needs: Running Back, Quarterback, Guard

    3. Cleveland Browns - Alex Smith, QB, 6'4, 212, Utah
    Team Needs: Quarterback, Guard, Wide Receiver

    4. Chicago Bears - Braylon Edwards, WR, 6'3, 212, Michigan
    Team Needs: Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Tight End

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cadillac Williams, RB, 5'10, 207, Auburn
    Team Needs: Running Back, Tackle, Guard

    6. Tennessee Titans - Antrel Rolle, CB, 6'0, 200, Miami
    Team Needs: Cornerback, Offensive Tackle, Wide Reciever

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Mike Williams, WR, 6'5, 230, USC
    Team Needs: Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Safety

    8. Arizona Cardinals - Ronnie Brown, RB, 6'0, 230, Auburn
    Team Needs: Running Back, Cornerback, Quarterback

    9. Washington Redskins - Pac-Man Jones, CB, 5'11, 185, W. Virginia
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Guard, Tight End

    10. Detroit Lions - Erasmus James, DE, 6'4, 260, Wisconsin
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Linebacker, Wide Receiver

    11. Dallas Cowboys - Derrick Johnson, OLB, 6'3, 233, Texas
    Team Needs: Linebacker, Safety, Defensive End

    12. San Diego Chargers - Marcus Spears, DE, 6'4, 295, LSU
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Wide Reciever, Linebacker

    13. Houston Texans - Carlos Rogers, CB, 6'1, 194, Auburn
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Linebacker, Guard

    14. Carolina Panthers - Alex Barron, OT, 6'7, 311, FSU
    Team Needs: Offensive Tackle, Linebacker, Cornerback

    15. Kansas City Chiefs - Shawne Merriman, DE-OLB, 6'4, 245, Maryland
    Team Needs: Cornerback, Linebacker, Safety

    16. New Orleans Saints - Travis Johnson, DT, 6'4, 292, FSU
    Team Needs: Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Linebacker, Safety

    17. Cincinnati Bengals - Shaun Cody, DT, 6'4, 288, USC
    Team Needs: Defensive Tackle, Linebacker, Tight End

    18. Minnesota Vikings - David Pollack, DE, 6'3, 265, Georgia
    Team Needs: Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Safety

    19. St. Louis Rams - Jammal Brown, OT, 6'5, 313, Oklahoma
    Team Needs: Offensive Tackle, Cornerback, Linebacker

    20. Dallas Cowboys - Thomas Davis, S, 6'1, 230, Georgia
    Team Needs: Linebacker, Safety, Defensive End

    21. Jacksonville Jaguars - Channing Crowder, LB, 6'3, 245, Florida
    Team Needs: Linebacker, Defensive End, Cornerback

    22. Baltimore Ravens - David Baas, OG, Michigan
    Team Needs: Wide Receiver, Defensive End, Guard

    23. Seattle Seahawks - Marlin Jackson, CB, 6'1, 196, Michigan
    Team Needs: Cornerback, Linebacker, Guard,

    24. Green Bay Packers - Dan Cody, DE, 6'4, 265, Oklahoma
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Cornerback, Safety

    25. Denver Broncos - Brodney Pool, S, 6'3, 198, Oklahoma
    Team Needs: Safety, Tight End, Guard

    26. New York Jets - Heath Miller, TE, 6'5, 255, Virginia
    Team Needs: Tight End, Cornerback, Linebacker

    27. Atlanta Falcons - Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington
    Team Needs: Offensive Tackle, Safety, Cornerback

    28. San Diego Chargers - Troy Williamson, WR, 6'2, 200, S. Carolina
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Wide Receiver, Safety

    29. Indianapolis Colts - Antaaj Hawthorne, DT, Wisconsin
    Team Needs: Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Linebacker

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Matt Roth, DE, Iowa
    Team Needs: Defensive End, Cornerback, Center

    31. Philadelphia Eagles - Demarcus Ware, DE-OLB, Troy
    Team Needs: Guard, Linebacker, Tight End

    32. New England Patriots - Brandon Browner, CB, Oregon St.
    Team Needs: Cornerback, Guard, Tackle

    Round 2
    33. San Fransisco 49ers - Corey Webster, CB, LSU
    34. Cleveland Browns - Mike Patterson, DT, USC
    35. Philadelphia Eagles - Elton Brown, OG, 6'6, 338, Virginia
    36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Marcus Johnson, OG, Ole Miss
    37. Tennessee Titans - Adam Terry, OT, 6'9, 324, Syracuse
    38. Oakland Raiders - Odell Thurman, ILB, Georgia
    39. Chicago Bears - Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee
    40. New Orleans Saints - Justin Miller, CB, 5'11, 200, Clemson
    41. Detroit Lions - Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska
    42. Dallas Cowboys - Mark Clayton, WR, 5'10, 188, Oklahoma
    43. New York Giants - Ernest Shazor, S, Michigan
    44. Arizona Cardinals - Bryant McFadden, CB, 5'11, 185, FSU
    45. Carolina Panthers - Alex Smith, TE, Standford
    46. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech
    47. Houston Texans - Roddy White, WR, U.A.B
    48. Cincinnati Bengals - Alfred Fincher, OLB, UCONN
    49. Minnesota Vikings - Darryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia
    50. St. Louis Rams - Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska
    51. Green Bay Packers - Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
    52. Jacksonville Jaguars - Ciatrick Fason, RB, 6'1, 207, Florida
    53. Baltimore Ravens - Justin Tuck, DE, 6'5, 261, Notre Dame
    54. Seattle Seahawks - Fred Gibson, WR, Georgia
    55. Buffalo Bills - C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri
    56. Denver Broncos - Chris Colmer, OT, North Carolina St.
    57. New York Jets - Mike Nugent, K, Ohio St.
    58. Green Bay Packers - Garrett Cross, TE, California
    59. Atlanta Falcons - Reggie Brown, WR, 6'1, 196, Georgia
    60. Indianapolis Colts - Rian Wallace, OLB, Temple
    61. San Diego Chargers - Adam Snyder, OT, Oregon
    62. Pittsburgh Steelers - Josh Bullocks, S, Nebraska
    63. Philladelphia Eagles - Chris Kemoeatu, OG, 6'3, 344, Utah
    64. New England Patriots - Logan Mankins, OG, Fresno St.
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    Washington would end up taking Derrick Johnson in my mind because they lost Antonio Pierce in free agency.
  3. jem88

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    Not sure how realistic it is having Clayton drop to us in the 2nd round but I pray to God that you're right.
  4. k19

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    Dallas wont consider Thomas Davis. He's heavier and slower than most people expect and should probably end up as a LB
  5. Compacity

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    Clayton a second rounder
    Jones a Cowboy in the first Round
  6. ghst187

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    I think we take Dj or MW if he's there at 11, if down
    I think we take Williamson and maybe Clayton at 20 if they're there but I think our first thought will be to trade down...this all presuming the Howard deal goes through, if we don't get Howard, then one of our first 3 picks will be a DE, probably Tuck, Pollack, or Ware at 20.
  7. Concrete Roy

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    We would have to move up to take DJ, and I love that 20th pick T.Davis is a flat out playmaker, alot of people talk about his speed but they forget that Woody didn't have blazing speed either. Now, with the 42nd pick I don't know why but I would rather take Roscoe Parrish over Clayton but hey that's just me.
  8. Woods

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    IF we don't get a DE in FA, that has to be the biggest hole on the team, IMO.

    We don't have any competent starter opposite Ellis.

    I think we will take Spears at 11 assuming no DE in FA.

    We can always pick up a LB or "tweener" later in the 1st round to play OLB. Guys like Ware, Blackstock, etc. I would trade down, if possible, with this pick and try to pick up an extra 2nd or early 3rd rounder.

    In the 2nd we can look at a FS. Bullocks?

    With the trade down with one of our 1st rounders for a late 2nd or 3rd round pick, we can look at a development WR prospect - i.e., T. Murphy?

    And finally, with our 4th round pick, maybe a back-up RB.

    Of course, it would make things much easier if we could try to get 1-2 more players in FA before the Draft to take the pressure off and simply target the best player available.
  9. btcutter

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    What? Woody was one of the fastest SS in the league. He ran 4.4's. Don't know much about T. Davis. But I want a ballhawk in FS. Don't want project or great athletes but someone that demonstated a propensity to come up with INTs in college.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    If your talking about Darren Woodson, he was not a 4.4 guy. 4.5, maybe. As for me, I love Davis.
  11. sybarite

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    Clayton will probably not last past #22. Pool may be a little high.
  12. Shotgun Dave

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    Just me, but @ 20 I prolly take Dan Cody. We NEED a DE more than a FS, just by a hair, and I think there is better value @ FS with our 42 pick.
  13. Gaede

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    That's a fantastic draft for Dallas. Davis moves to LB, Singleton cut
  14. speedkilz88

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    Actually, the Cowboys always said that Woodson ran a 4.40 at the combine and a 4.38 at the Cowboys facilities after the draft. I believe Ourlad's listed him at 4.45 in their draft guide. No doubt, that Woodson and Carnell Lake were the two fastest strong safeties for years. That's why he played the slot.
  15. RoysAHitta

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    that draft plus howard would give us an amazing D.

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