Motivational Posters for the hapless E-Girls

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Now THAT is funny!
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    This thread must not die!!!!
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    Oh, you said "motivational posters".
    Well ladee freakin da!
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    EagleAye, I think most of these board stalwarths are just amped up, due to the rivalry, this momentous game and particularly because of the horror stories circulating about what happens to Cowboy fans coming to Philly to support our team.

    It appears that there is a larger faction of Philly fans more prone to negatively react against our team and fans than anywhere else. That stated overall there are more balanced Philly fans than lunatics, present company included. Like anywhere else, Philly has its share of low class hooligans that vent and act out under the guise of being football fans.

    I believe it is wrong to typecast all Eagles fan and the city itself as one big hellhole. I myself got carried away yesterday with the anti-Dallas fan fervor calling your stadium a sewage treatment plant, etc.. One poignant point I would like to make on behalf of the Eagles. It certainly wasn't an Eagles player that ripped off Gurode's helmet and kicked and stomped his head. It was a Titan. In fact I don't recall one Eagle player ever acting out this nasty against a Cowboy opponent.

    In summary, I appreciate how you tempered your tone on this board despite the verbal attacks, and you are correct sir, it is all about playing a highly anticipated competitive game. Games like these are more exciting and meaningful when there is intense rivalry and high passion among the fans.
    Go Cowboys.
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    I'm a football fan first, then an Eagles fan. I just love good, clean, injury free football. The NFL-E rivalry produces some of the best football regardless of standings. Thanks for your kind and civilized words. You sound like a fan!:)
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    Going into the season, only an idiot would believe that the Eagles would not be back, all you had to do was look at the injury situation from last year. That, not TO, was the reason the Eagles sucked last year.

    Many columnists and fans realized this. So don't go acting like you are underdogs.

    Everybody wants to be underestimated.
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    Nuff Said :bang2:

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