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    Every week I am going to try and do a write up on some new gadgets I have been picking up lately. Some may not know just how much of a nerd I really am. Its all about the tech, I say.

    I am a pretty active guy. I enjoy getting out and climbing and fishing and snowboarding in my area here in Alaska. What I was having problems w/ was the corded earbuds/earphones I have had for my phones/ipods over the past year.

    I got to where I just couldnt depend on them holding up for a long time of physical activity and environmental conditions. Snow is a big issue as well as my own sweat. I know ewww.. :eek:

    I started checking around and wondering if I should just spend the $ on a good set of Bluetooth headphones. I found a wide variety available, as you might expect. I read the reviews on most and finally settled on the Motorokr S9's from Motorola. These babies have been out about a year now and with its popularity in the past few months; Motorola came out with a new retail box-set that included the Ipod D650 bluetooth adapter. This little unit was PERFECT for what I needed. I use a Samsung Blackjack II for my work and personal cell phone. I also use an Ipod Touch 16GB version. These earphones would work for my cell perfectly and w/ the D650 adapter, I could use it with my Ipod. Good lord! Could it be so easy?

    I am happy to report that it really was.... that easy.

    I happy to say that Motorolo has come out with one of the most shock sensitive headsets on the market. Not only has it held up with numerous sessions at the gym, it has held up under the biking and fishing that I do around our city and state. The sweat doesn't hurt the unit at all. The rubber boot that wraps the phones are a god send to those who are used to an active lifestyle but wish to add music to his/her routines and not want to worry about replacing earphones regularly from sweat and weather being an issue for them.

    I have had these earphones about 2 months now and they have been one of the best things I have ever purchased.

    One other thing I want to touch on the distance from the unit you can be w/ them. I can set the iTouch on my porch and go mow and weed eat without dropping the signal. Simply awesome. I can tuck it nicely in my pocket while riding and never worry about losing the signal either. I am also thrilled to report that the D650 adaptor works on all iPods. I have used it on my nano and also on my sons shuffle. WoW! WTG Motorola.

    The sound quality is stereo all the way. They come w/ their own volume on on the left earbud side plus song skip and on the right earbud side you can answer your cell phone w/ a simple touch from your finger. Great idea? You bet!

    The battery life is another thing that I love about them. I can get a full charge and be out about 5-6 hours of play time w/o losing any quality in sound/volume and sound quality.

    My Ratings:

    Setup: ***

    Setup is pretty straight forward. You don't need to be a genius to pair the headphones to your cell-phone or iPod. It's actually extremely easy to pair it w/ your iPod unit. The cell phone is a bit different. The main reason is Bluetooth isn't always the easiest to marry on a cell phone. If you can turn the phone on/off along w/ Bluetooth, it's not a show stopper. Very important to remember the passkey 0000 to complete the process. Its the factory default, remember that. :D

    APPEARANCE: *****

    I love the way they look. Not only are they not something that will iriate your ears, they lay on the ear very nicely and are extremely streamlined and snug around the head. I am always being stopped asking what they are and where they can get a pair. I think they only come in Red and Black. The retail packages I saw only came in red that included the D650 iPod bluetooth adapter. They may come in black OEM. I saw some up on Ebay that were black, but again didn't include the adapter.

    Quality: ****

    Motorola has a solid following with these headphones. You can look around the internet and people just love them. As I stated earlier. They are extremely durable and hold up to all kinds of conditions. Being water and sweat resistant is HUGE.

    Sound: *****

    The sound out of these earphones are incredible. I play my music pretty loud when I am out. I have to turn these down sometimes. If you like really loud music, you will not be dissapointed.

    Price: ***

    This is not a cheap product. I picked mine up off of for about 125$ for the headphones and ipod adapter. You pay for quality. I think we all understand that.

    Overview: ****

    Great product. I can't really say enough about them. If you are looking for an all around solid set of wireless headphones, you can't go wrong with the S9. If I were to purchase another set. I would go w/ the new S9 HD phones about to launch. The HD is like you might have already guessed. HIGH DEF SOUND!!!

    What else do you need?

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    Sweat resistance is huge since I wear a Jawbone 2 and have to take it off if I get too hot.

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