Move Carpenter outside where he can play

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Nov 14, 2006.


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    I'm getting tired of Parcells being tough on other players but making excuses for Carpenter, just because he's experimented with moving him to inside backer and is desperate to make it work. Ellis is out which means it's high time for Carpenter to take off the training wheels and start playing some productive outside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Since the coaches moved him inside, all we hear is how he's thinking more than reacting, and then we're told that that is okay by Parcells. Well with Ellis out it's time to move Caerp back outside where he can play with more instinct and have a chance to live up to his draft status. It was frustrating to hear Parcells say otday that he wishes Carp was taller because he likes his outside backer ot be taller. Jeeesh! Put heels on the kid - I don't care! Just play him on the outside and let's get this kid going!

  2. NorTex

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    Spoken like a typical fan...;)
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    Maybe you should have listened to his press conference. Carp will get a shot at the job.
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    Carpenter better be ready. As far as I remember, we drafted him because we never expected Ellis to be so lights out at OLB. Hopefully he or Burnett will get a chance to play.

    Based on waht BP was saying about Burnett, which was how much he likes his perfomance on special teams and in the nickel, it seems like we will be counting on Carpenter to be the guy who steps in.

    Someone mentioned Aydole was a DE at Purdue, all he did was rush the QB. Seems liek whoever said that also had a valid point about our situation, as in, move Carpenter to Jack, and Aydole outside.
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    Pardon me for saying but, unless this team was moved to the NFC West division, having a nutless LB would be a detriment to winning. :cool:
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    I think the desire to perform at the next level of nutlessness requires him to wear a dress when he is on the field. Of course it will have to be NFL regulation, logos, team medallion and Carpenter emblazoned on the back.

    Maybe this is the thread author's secret fantasy, after all Carpenter has long flowing golden locks. Do you think he dyes his hair? Is he natural everywhere? Oh whatever, girrlll...
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    Or perhaps he needs to play to become sane as he might be a "nut"

    and therefore needs to play off the madness :eek:
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    I also would like to see Carp help this team....

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