Movie song! (original)

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Rustinpeace21, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Whats goin on fellow cowboy fans! Very happy the season has started once again(with a victory nonethless)So ill probably be hangning around here more often, due to the fact that i hate offseason chatter/speculation. BUT I just completed a little song i call the movie song. It jsut reminds me of something you can hear in the backround of a scene in a movie. I was talkin to my sister and she actually came up with something funny. She like imagined like a guy and girl just like thinking about eachother or something during the beginning slow part, and then during the guitar solo they realize something bad has happened. Shes also 15 mind you haha

    But yea the first 9 seconds is nothing im sorry about that. and the intro guitar is distant and low on purpose. The strings i did on my midi keyboard using eastwest gold orchestra, and the drums on beatcraft. The i love the tone on the guitar solo. Its my pod xtlive, with some distortion obviously, but i got some flanger on it which i rarely use, and i cranked the reverb. So without further a due...
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    The link is banned. Care to fill in the blanks?
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    wow alright ill add another link to a different site to make it. it was a m y s p a c e link though
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    Have you sold it to a movie? If so which?

    I like the acoustical beginning to it best. I like when music for credits is kind of a ballad feel to it.

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