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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Dec 5, 2005.

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    I like Troy as an announcer. Think he is pretty good. I saw that someone on another post said they liked Phil Simms better. I can't stand Simms. I don't buy into that he is critical of the Cowboys. He seems to be pretty fair to all teams. I do think he was a little unfair to Julius Jones yesterday. The last play of the game, Julius caught the ball and went up field. I don't think he was in good position to get out of bounds. I don't even think it mattered, but Troy made it seem like Julius lost the game for Dallas. I just found it strange.
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    the very last play, the screen pass, jones should've stepped out of bounds. but it wasn't his fault. it was bledsoe's for being laid back and not instructing him he needed to get out of bounds to have a shot at one last play.

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    Well you have to admit it even though our 0-line sucks that JJ just isn't the same back, don't know if the bulk up has slowed him or what but even on that one longer run he got, he runs slow man he's not a game breaker, maybe its BP making him carry the ball two handed I don't know, but for whatever eason its not there. also think that Bledsoe is getting gun shy in the pocket, can't blame him but you can tell he gets rattled, understandably so
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    Too many people complain about too many things...yet turn around and complain if Joe Theezeman is a homer towards the skins.

    Aikman is now a broadcaster and does not need to play super homer when calling a cowboys game.
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    Maybe it was the field? Tiki looked kind of slow, too. The only fast guys seemed to be the defensive line of the Giants. Even Newman looked slow on his punt return. Although he looked very smooth on that nice return.
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    I really like Troy and think he is one of the best in the biz. He really does his homework and isn't afraid of being critical of players. A lot of players new to the media tend to try to be buddy buddy rather than giving thier honest opinion. I respect that with Troy. Unlike Theisman who said last night that Norv Turner is starting to get his people in place in Oakland and things look better for the future. Oh really. Last week he mentioned Jim Haslett has done a fabulous job in NO and should be coach of the year this year. Please....come on.

    Troy is no longer a Cowboy player anymore and I am proud that he can call a game without showing any Cowboy bias. I am sure he will always be a Cowboy at heart but I much rather have him praise my team when they deserve it....not because he played for the star for all those years.
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    Joe Buck rubs me wrong more than Troy.
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    Why is it Drew's fault? Geez! Jones is a pro and needs to know what to do! Maybe Drew needs to tell him when to go number 2!

    Maybe that was sarcasm?
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