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    Steve Lansdale, in an article dated June 5th, says Jeff Mroz looks like a younger version of Bledsoe “– tall (6-foot-5, 230), technically sound and able to make all the throws.” He quotes Mroz as saying he is “a pretty conventional drop-back passer,” and “not a Michael Vick-type quarterback.”

    According to Lansdale, Mroz credits Bledsoe, Romo, and Henson with being helpful when he asks them questions, and says Bledsoe took him golfing. Mroz, according to Lansdale, says he did not sign with the Cowboys to serve as camp fodder and then quietly go home. Although he recognizes that the others are talented and experienced, he is reported as saying, “ I know I’m the fourth guy, but I wouldn’t be here if I thought I had no chance at all.”
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    Might Henson be battling Mroz?
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    I do not like our backup situation at all, and as far as I am concerned - the backup qb position is up for grabs.
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    Totally agree!!!!!!!
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    Why? I think the back-up situation is great. Three young QBs fighting it out in training camp. Whoever wins it will most likely deserve it. And the 'Boys will be better off knowing who that is.
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    But what if none of them is worthy which is what I fear.
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    Does anyone by any chance know Henson's cap hit if by some small chance he's released? I thought he had a pretty big deal.
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    If none of them would make a decent backup one would think that the coaching staff would have recognized it somewhere in the last three years. I am satisfied that these guys have been proving themselves in practice and are capable of stepping in should the need arise. And I am confident that Romo and Henson at least (we'll see about Mroz but he is only a rookie) are better than any washed up old vet that we might get as a backup.
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    He had $3.5 mil guaranteed over the first 4 years of his 8 year total deal as I recall. He has played out 2 of those first 4 so he should have about $1.75 mil in guaranteed money still due him. I assume that it would all be due and would be the cap hit should we release him. It would not kill us cap wise to release him but I really do not expect it to happen. I think he will be in a strong competition with Romo for the #2 job. I guess we will see come training camp time.
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    Perhaps Mroz has already made a strong enough impression with Parcells and the front office that Henson is now expendable and truly 'on the bubble' as reported earlier on the NFL network....

    ~The Answer
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    it's mini-camp, I highly doubt that was sufficient time, or the means, to make a good enough impression, after all it's been 3 years, and BP is now just starting to get a feel of Romo
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    Scroll down towards the bottom of this article.....Looks like Parcells plans on playing the Italian Stallion quite a bit this summer in preseason:


    Kosier not concerned about 'big shoes to fill'


    Star-Telegram Staff Writer

    IRVING - Of all the new players the Cowboys acquired in the off-season, Kyle Kosier is in the least enviable spot.

    A free agent signed away from the Lions, Kosier was ostensibly signed to replace left guard Larry Allen, a future Hall of Famer who was released.

    "They are big shoes to fill, but I have confidence I will get it done," Kosier said. "I'll play anywhere they tell me."

    The Cowboys signed Kosier because of his versatility; he says he's comfortable playing anywhere along the offensive line. But it appears the left guard spot is his to lose.

    Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said some young players could push for the spot.

    "I am not saying it's wide open because Kosier has more experience than the other guys," Parcells said.

    "If someone showed up big, you would have to [consider] that."

    After spending the first three years of his NFL career with the 49ers and the last with the Lions, Kosier sounds thrilled to be in a place where expectations are high.

    "There is a [higher] standard here," he said. "They expect more of me here. I like it that way."

    Witten wanted

    Tight end Jason Witten can be a free agent at season's end, but the Cowboys have said they would like to prevent that from happening.

    Witten said the two sides have had preliminary discussions about an extension. Witten said if they are going to do a contract extension, he would like to have it completed before the start of the season. If not, then he'd like to wait until the season is over.

    Go Mavs?

    Receiver Terrell Owens is torn regarding the NBA Finals. He's a friend of Mavs guard Jason Terry, as well as Heat center Shaquille O' Neal.

    So when asked to pick a Mavs-Heat winner, Owens put on his dancing shoes.

    "I'm going to be neutral," said Owens, who plans to attend the games. "I may have a Heat jersey with a Mavs hat on. I just like the great ones....The Mavs are a great team. [It's] great for the city."

    Romo sighting

    Those clamoring to see what backup quarterback Tony Romo can do might finally get their wish.

    Bill Parcells said he hopes Romo "shows enough to be confident to play him."

    Parcells did not say, however, the quarterback position was open.

    Romo has yet to throw a regular-season pass in three NFL seasons.

    "I think had he been thrown to the wolves, so to speak, he probably would be looked upon a little differently than he is now," Parcells said. "So we'll see; I'm hoping to play him quite a bit in preseason."

    Why do you think ?

    Terrell Owens offered up a theory about why Bill Parcells isn't fielding any questions about Owens until training camp.

    "I'm pretty sure he's probably sick of hearing T.O.," the wide receiver said.

    Another reason why there has been so little talk about Owens from Parcells or Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones:

    The two have a little bet on who can say the least about the receiver.
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    looks like Romo, along with Henson, needs to show Parcells something

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