MSN: The 30 Richest Drummers in the World

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    By Tom Breihan

    Ringo Starr (©Retna Ltd.)

    Q: What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer!

    If you've spent enough time hanging out with people in bands, you've heard a million jokes like this. But as it turns out, banging on things is potentially way more lucrative than anyone could've realized. Celebrity Net Worth recently published a list of the 30 richest drummers in the world. And maybe it's not surprising that Ringo Starr could buy and sell all of us several times over, or that many of the richest drummers are people who figured out ways to stop being drummers (Dave Grohl, Phil Collins). But how in the hell is Aerosmith's Joey Kramer worth $100 million? Check out the full head-spinning list below.

    1. Ringo Starr (The Beatles, $300 million)
    2. Phil Collins (Solo/Genesis, $250 million)
    3. Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters, $225 million)
    4. Don Henley (The Eagles, $200 million)
    5. Lars Ulrich (Metallica, $175 million)
    6. Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones, $160 million)
    7. Larry Mullen Jr. (U2, $150 million)
    8. Roger Taylor (Queen, $105 million)
    9. Joey Kramer (Aerosmith, $100 million)
    10. Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers, $90 million)

    Source (incl. #11-30 on the list):
  2. lane

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    no phil rudd or simon kirke?

    very surprising..

    two of my favorite timekeepers..
  3. Sam I Am

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    Odd list numbering. I can see Ringo at the top, but Grohl at #3 especially with Watts at #6 and even Henley at #4.

    I don't think Lars gets enough credit. He takes a lot of **** from people, but he is a lot better than people give him credit, but quality drummer isn't the basis that I'm questioning this list with. I'm questioning it with how many albums I think where sold per artist.

    You've got to be good to be any of these guys. Just because you're good doesn't mean you will sell albums. Just because you're not great doesn't mean you won't sell tons of albums.

    I guess Grohl had Nirvana and Foo Fighters, but the Foo Fighters are overrated IMO. That doesn't mean I think they suck, it's just I think they get a lot more hype than I think they are good. That isn't uncommon these days. There is absolute **** out there making millions. What is hell is wrong with people these days. I can't even go into most topics that I feel most people on this planet are morons about...
  4. Meat-O-Rama

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    Grohl is also a singer/songwriter which makes you a lot more dough than just playing drums. Similar to Phil Collins. Phil sure isn't up there because he's crazy good on the skins.
  5. Sam I Am

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    Most people know me here as a Metal guy, but Phil Collins has several songs that are very high up in my favorites list. The guys is extremely talented.
  6. wittenacious

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    Yeah, I was surprised enough by the rankings that I figured there'd be many here who would be too.

    As you say, it's not all about talent. If it was a list of who was the most talented — a discussion that could well go on forever, lol — I'd have drummers like Neil Pert (Rush, $22 million @ 26 on this list) and Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band, $55 million @ 18 on the list) well placed in my Top-10, for sure... as per my musical tastes.
  7. Meat-O-Rama

    Meat-O-Rama Vegetarians are so stupid.

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    He's hugely talented as a singer/songwriter. His drum playing is not what made him all that dough.
  8. wittenacious

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    True enough.

    I think the phenomenal success of Phil's acting career must have added
    substantially to the $$$ pot...


    j/k :D
  9. Lodeus

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    Grohl and Collins aren't really full time drummers anymore. Odd that they're on the list. Both are better as drummers anyways.

    I surprised Lars is that low.
  10. arglebargle

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    Glad to see Questlove made the list, although not surprised, he always came across as extremely sharp. He probably needs it though, probably has to have an extra house just for his record collection.

    Both Grateful Dead drummers made it on there. Hmn.
  11. Sean50Lee

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    You would think Neil Peart would be up there he's a great drummer.
  12. Meat-O-Rama

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    Drumming skills does not directly correlate to riches.
  13. Cowboy Brian

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    Grohls were I expected. Less money in music nowadays and he is about the biggest star of modern rock next to Tim McIlrath.
  14. StarMan

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    Talent in general does not directly correlate to riches. Just look at all the no-talent bums who've made millions.
  15. pjtoadie

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    This ^
  16. theogt

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    Lars is not a very talented drummer. His beats are simplistic and he shows very little ability to ad lib. He doesn't really solo because he's not impressive at it. He is undoubtedly the most overrated drummer in all of history. I think people just assume he's supposed to be a good drummer because most metal bands have great drummers. Anyone that is actually a drummer can tell you that Lars is not anywhere near the upper echelon of drummers.
  17. Arch Stanton

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    No Ginger Baker. Oh well, he's probably drunk his way through all his money.

    Sadly Keith has passed on, but then if he'd lived he'd have no money left after wrecking so many hotel rooms. :)
  18. cowboy_ron

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    I'm in the wrong profession
  19. Boys122

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    A drummers thread. Love it.
  20. MetalHead

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    I concur.
    He's no Vinnie Paul.
    And Nicko did not make the list?

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