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    I was ok with this draft until I got to no. 28 and then lost my mind.

    March 12: The closer the draft gets, the more Bill Parcells likes it. He has a chance to make a signature pick in his first year as the Dolphins’ man in charge. Many will expect him to take a quarterback and Parcells may send out signals that he has fallen in love with Matt Ryan. The Boston College quarterback is the draft's best passer, but he is not a classic top pick. As a result, Parcells will cast his line in the direction of Chris Long. The son of Hall of Famer Howie Long appears to be a can’t miss prospect.


    1. Dolphins Chris Long DE 6-4 275 Virginia
    If the Dolphins hold on to their pick, they can use it on Long and get a first-rate pass rusher who is also tough against the run. Long's smart and the has long arms and quickness needed to be effective from the start. Bill Parcells is hoping and praying that Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan has a sensational workout at his pro day (March 18) so teams like Atlanta (very likely) and Baltimore (less likely) make the Dolphins a significant trade offer.


    2. Rams Jake Long OT 6-7 318 Michigan
    The Rams need an offensive lineman with a great work ethic and a nasty personality. Long fills that bill. He's bigger and stronger than any other lineman and has a chance to dominate at the next level because he plays with a mean streak. Nearly as important as his onfield play is his personality. Once Long establishes himself, he will have the ability to influence a locker room that has been divided for a number of seasons.


    3. Falcons Matt Ryan QB 6-5 227 Boston College
    If Ryan has a top-of-the-line workout, look for Miami’s Parcells to show quite a bit of interest. Parcells is an outstanding salesman and if he can get the desperate Falcons to believe he’ll take Ryan, they might be forced to trade up to get Ryan. If Ryan stumbles at all on his workout, that scenario won’t be viable.


    4. Raiders Darren McFadden RB 6-2 208 Arkansas
    While our previous mock draft had McFadden going first overall, cooler heads have said the Dolphins will build with defense if they hang on to the pick. As a result, the Raiders will get a chance to give JaMarcus Russell a high-caliber NFL running game. He is a breakaway back with the instincts to cut away from tacklers at the perfect moment.


    5. Chiefs Ryan Clady OT 6-6 319 Boise State
    The more the Chiefs look at Clady the more they will realize he is ideal for their system. Big, strong and instinctive, Clady could jumpstart the running game and open up huge holes for Larry Johnson. This pick could get criticized because Clady isn't supposed to go this high, but he is a great fit for Kansas City.


    6. Jets Vernon Gholston DE 6-4 260 Ohio State
    The Jets have a dilemma. They could also select LSU’s Glenn Dorsey, who could turn out to be a dominating all-around player. But Gholston gets the edge because of his speed. He is a maximum-effort type who has a track record of consistent improvement and production at Ohio State. Great defense starts with the pass rush and Golston’s the best defensive lineman after Dorsey and Long.


    7. Patriots (from 49ers) Glenn Dorsey DT 6-2 318 LSU
    It’s just like the Patriots to bring in a potential All-Pro for their defensive line. It’s no coincidence that Bill Belichick has always demanded greatness on the defensive line with players like Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork and he’ll get more with Dorsey, who's country strong and can destroy the interior run. He has the kind of power that will allow him to overpower most NFL interior lineman.


    8. Ravens Keith Rivers LB 6-2 235 USC
    The desperation has left this organization. John Harbaugh’s steady hand and calm demeanor is in stark contrast to the departed Brian Billick. As a result, the Ravens will not reach for a decent quarterback like Brian Brohm. Instead, they will take this dynamic athlete who can tackle and is effective on the blitz.


    9. Bengals Jeff Otah OT 6-6 342 Pittsburgh
    The Bengals are always concerned about the defense -- and well they should be -- but a lineman like Otah could become standout. He has great size and a huge reach. His technique needs work, but that should not be a problem because Otah has a fine work ethic.


    10. Saints Sedrick Ellis DT 6-1 308 USC
    Ellis has slipped a bit in recent weeks for no discernible reason. If the Saints get the chance to take him, they will be thrilled. He has speed and quickness at the snap, plays with leverage and has great instincts for the position. The Saints need a player with his grit and intensity.


    11. Bills Derrick Harvey OLB 6-5 252 Florida
    The Bills desperately need an impact receiver so they may feel compelled to take Cal’s DeSean Jackson, but Harvey also fits their needs as a pass rusher who can play the run extremely well. He's a good fighter who can shed blockers until he finds the ball carrier.


    12. Broncos DeSean Jackson WR 6-0 176 California
    Jackson has all the tools needed to be the draft's top receiver, and the Broncos really don’t have anyone outside of Brandon Marshall who is truly a threat. Jackson has fine hands, eye-catching acceleration and runs routes like an experienced player.


    13. Panthers Leodis McKelvin CB 5-11 192 Troy
    McKelvin's size will let him excel because he can mirror smaller receivers and leap with the bigger ones. Has the closing speed to make plays on the ball when the quarterback thinks the receiver is open. Big-time return specialist who had 7 TDs for returns during his college career. Shows fine support against the run.


    14. Bears Sam Baker OT 6-5 311 USC
    The son of the Arena Football League commissioner is a big-time NFL prospect who understands the nuances of his position and knows how maintain good position while he steers defenders away from the quarterback or ball carrier. The Bears badly need his infusion of youth and strength.


    15. Lions Brian Brohm QB 6-3 225 Louisville
    Lions fans have been praying and waiting for a competent quarterback for generations. Brohm's that guy. He has a quick release and the kind of confidence that will allow him to light up the scoreboard. He also moves extremely well and that’s a necessity for any quarterback who wants to stay off the injury report.


    16. Cardinals Jonathan Stewart RB 5-11 232 Oregon
    Give this pick to coach Ken Whisenhunt. The Cardinals have several key needs on the defensive side, but Whisenhunt wants is an offensive innovator who wants a young running back who can make explosive plays and also catch the ball. Stewart is an excellent fit.


    17. Vikings Malcolm Kelly WR 6-4 219 Oklahoma
    The Vikings will be thrilled if the explosive Kelly lasts this long. Brad Childress has other offensive needs -- including a legitimate quarterback -- but Kelly could be a great fit with newcomer Bernard Berrian.


    18. Texans Rashard Mendenhall RB 5-11 211 Illinois
    The Texans have the ability to throw the ball with Matt Schaub under center and Andre Johnson split wide, but the running game has never been up to par. Mendenhall had a fine career at Illinois and he should be even better in the NFL because his combination of speed and power makes him a formidable asset.


    19. Eagles Mike Jenkins CB 6-0 201 South Florida
    The Eagles would love to have a versatile defensive back like Jenkins, who has the speed to cover quicker wideout and the toughness to hang with bigger ones. Jenkins' athleticism and demeanor may make him a top-level defensive back for a team that has a great history in the secondary.


    20. Bucs Mario Manningham WR 6-0 183 Michigan
    Manningham is agile, fast and has dependable hands. He has a history of producing big plays in the clutch and he will get plenty of opportunities in Jon Gruden’s offense, who has a strong need for wideouts who can up and get it when the game is on the line.


    21. Redskins Limas Sweed WR 6-5 222 Texas
    The Redskins have fallen in love with Mario Manningham, but he'll likely be gone by now. The Redskins may end up with the better player, though. Sweed is a big receiver who can go over the top of defensive backs to make big plays. This is an area of major need for Washington.


    22. Cowboys (from Browns) Aqib Talib CB 6-2 203 Kansas
    Talib was a standout performer for the Jayhawks as he was always around the ball and is a very solid tackler. Talib excels in coverage and is a natural leader who will demonstrate that can back up his talk. Jerry Jones may still want to put together a package so he can move up, but don’t expect it to be for Darren McFadden. He also likes Sedrick Ellis and Derrick Harvey.


    23. Steelers Gosder Cherilus OT 6-6 312 Boston College
    Very athletic blocker who moves well and does a good job in pass protection. If Cherilus gets his hands on a pass rusher, he is generally not going to get past him. He had some difficulty when facing better pass rushers such as Virginia Tech’s Chris Ellis. There are some questions about his confidence as a result.


    24. Titans Early Doucet WR 6-0 210 LSU
    Doucet is as strong a pick for his intangibles as he is for his talent. He may not be in the class of wideouts like Malcolm Kelly or DeSean Jackson, but he is a very physical player who is at his best when his team needs him most. Doucet punishes tacklers much like Hines Ward.


    25. Seahawks Chris Williams OT 6-6 318 Vanderbilt
    The acquisition of Julius Jones is a significant sign that the Seahawks will try to upgrade their offensive line. That unit slipped in 2006 and 2007, so Mike Holmgren knows he needs some new blood in that area. Williams is big, aggressive and smart and has the drive to improve quite a bit.


    26. Jaguars Devin Thomas WR 6-1 219 Michigan State
    The Jaguars’ biggest area of needs is once again receiver. Thomas would give quarterback David Garrard the downfield speed to open things up underneath. While he is raw and still learning, he can beat one-on-one coverage and should also get things done as a return specialist.


    27. Chargers Kenny Phillips S 6-2 206 Miami
    Phillips should make a strong San Diego secondary even more effective. Phillips has the sideline-to-sideline range and the instincts that the Chargers need to help complete the defense. The Chargers could also go after a wide receiver.


    28. Cowboys Antoine Cason CB 6-0 188 Arizona
    Cason is a solid athlete and an excellent competitor. He is physical and can deliver a solid blow at the line of scrimmage to knock receivers off stride. He has excellent coverage technique, but ultraquick wideouts give him problems.


    29. 49ers (from Colts) Kenny Iwebema DE 6-4 268 Iowa
    The 49ers like USC’s Lawrence Jackson, but he is something of a tweener, while Iwebema is a classic defensive end. He uses his long arms to toss aside blockers and also gets a great lean when he comes around the corner. Very coachable and will always try to improve.


    30. Packers Fred Davis TE 6-3 252 USC
    The Packers need to open up the middle for Aaron Rodgers, who has replaced some guy named Brett Favre at quarterback. Davis may not be as big as some scouts like, but he strong and can outleap taller men for the ball. He is smart and the kind of competitor who is never satisfied.


    31. Patriots
    New England forfeits this pick as part of the penalty handed down for illegally taping Jets coaches from the sideline in Week 1.


    32. Giants Felix Jones RB 6-0 202 Arkansas
    With Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw the Giants don’t need a running back, but Jones is a great athlete with explosive speed. Jones has the ability to squeeze through small cracks and knows how to make himself appear small to tacklers. Tom Coughlin does not care about bruised feelings. He will find a way to make sure Jones and the other backs get their carries.

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    I would be anything I own in the world that the Panthers don't take a CB in RD one, and I don't see Manningham going anywhere close to that high. As for our picks I just don't see 2 CB's in the 1st round.
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    WoW, we need a CB but if we take 2 CBs in the first I will throw my remote!!!

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    I disagree, I would be very happy if we did this in the first round! I know we need a RB and a WR, but two corners (especially these two corners) would be sweet.
    Not only would we upgrade the nickle and dime packages, but we're set at both corners for the future.
    As far as running back, I think we can get one in the second, third or fourth rounds (like Barber) because if we're going to pay Barber as a #1, he'll get the majority of the carries.
    At WR, we can get one in the second round.
    But that's just my 2 cents.
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    Give me Mike Jenkins and Leodis Mckelvin in the first round and I will officially label the Cowboys the winner in the draft no matter who anyone else picks. :)
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    Good luck with that one....they will be gone.
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    I agree with both posts 100%. Look at the money that is being thrown around for FA CBs To be able to draft two of the best this draft has to offer locks down an expensive problem for years to come.

    This team doesn't really have holes other than CB and RB. Don't get me wrong I know we need to groom a WR for the future, but none of the WRs in this draft have me excited about anything. Hell, take a WR with our 2nd. The depth in this draft at RB gives us the luxury of taking a guy later on that could be very serviceable. We took Barber in the 4th round for cryin' out loud.
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    Two top CBs to shore up our weakest position (one of the biggest reason we lost to Pat and Gmen) and one of the most expensive in the FA. That is smart....maybe too smart for JJ.
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    I think this mock is the closest I have seen so far. Seems like most players fit each team well.
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    Is Cason a better CB than Brandon Flowers?...
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    Love it need 2 CB's out of this draft

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    I'd rather wait for Dwane Goodwrich to come frre from prison than stockpile on CBs again, in this draft. That would be a bad doble-take, escpacially with Campo back again in Dalals! :eek:
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    I don't think Carolina will go CB in round 1 either. IMO, Carolina is a team we need to watch if we want Ray Rice in round 2. The Panthers might go RB in round 1... but I think they might be targeting Rice with their second round pick.
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    Credibility very questionable with assessments like these.

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    Did I somehow overlook DRC in their mock?
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    If they turned out to be good corners, like the eagles got a few years back...I would be happy.

    You would get immediate depth and you would not have to worry as much about what has become a yearly injury with Henry.
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    i'll throw your remote too.
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    Where is Cromartie?

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