Multiple scouts & GMs say Patrick Peterson will likely end up at safety "in 3 to 4 yr

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    Multiple scouts and GMs tell CBS Sports' Clark Judge that Patrick Peterson will likely end up at safety "in three to four years."We've noticed in Peterson's games that he struggles in space, particularly when playing "off" receivers. He's far from a true shutdown corner when giving any kind of cushion. At 219 pounds, Peterson will immediately be the heaviest corner in the league. This isn't to say Peterson will be an ineffective player; he could be plenty dominant at free safety after the switch. Apr 27, 4:31 PMSource: CBS Sports
    per rotoworld
    "I don't see it," he said "I believe I will stay (at cornerback) because now I'm a professional. And the things I did in college was to keep my body fit, make sure my hips were still fluid and make sure I can make those open movements. Now that im in the NFL, I have all the time in the world to work on things like that. i don't see myself moving to safety. If i move to safety it's something I have to deal with, but I want to be a cornerback for life."

    There has been no cornerback taken higher than third in the draft, but Peterson could break that run. He hopes so, anyway.

    "That would be wonderful for me to break that (streak)," he said. "I'm a unique guy. I played punt return and cornerback. I'm 220 pounds. I'm fast. it would be my honor to come in and start something new ... When I get in the NFL I want to become a cornerback first, then I want to pursue the special-teams role after I get the defensive assignment down."
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    I agree. Maybe he actually is a once in a lifetime athlete, but I believe he's another big corner that will only get bigger
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    man 220lbs :eek: a bisquit away from a linebacker:laugh2:
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    I don't understand... I thought he was the best corner in at least 20 years....

    But a top corner shouldn't need to dedicate hours each week to keeping his hips loose.
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    I could see it, but I don't think by any stretch that it's set in stone he has to go to safety.

    Folks try to knock the kid on his hips, but he had the 4th best 3-cone time (6.58) of the 56 DBs tested at the combine. That is a test where agility, flexibity and acceleration are being tested.

    Not to mention, there are a lot of receivers in the league that are 215-220+ lbs. I don't see why folks are balking so much at a heavier corner. You look at his measurables and he's got the numbers of a 5'10"ish 190 lb cornerback. Check it yourself:

    Also, think of this, if he does make the transition to safety, would you be upset with a guy that could man the position as effectively as Darren Woodson did, covering the slot and split-out TE's?

    Does anyone remember Woodson's listed height and weight? 6'1" 219 lbs.
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    Dude, don't get bent out of shape, but what the world do you know what it takes to be a top cornerback?

    A ton of football players (and athletes in general) do things like pilates and yoga to retain and increase flexibility.

    I'm glad to hear he's taking steps to stay limber, a lot of guys wouldn't be so diligent and just try to go on their natural ability alone.
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    the kid may turn out to be a fantastic player but already at 220 by the time he is 27 how heavy will he be?
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Edit, on reading a second time, I see you mean the part about stretching out his hips for hours each week. Yes, I stand by the fact that a great corner doesn't have to do that. That's hardly some outrageous statement. I seriously doubt Deion or Mike Haynes, who this guy is supposed to be, had to worry about stretching their hips for hours each week just to stay flexible enough to stay at corner.
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    I don't see 220 being an issue. The kid has shown great ability as a shut down CB so well in fact that he will likely go in the top 5 of the draft and considered by some as the best prospect in the draft.
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    Great so we draft him and he plays like Champ Bailey for 3-4 years and then converts to Ed Reed. Fine by me :D
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    Or he can contain his weight like many have. Darren Woodson played at a consistent 218, Adrian Peterson who is about the same size is a consistent 217. He can probably even lose some weight, Dez did.
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    Yep, I pretty much see him as Antrelle Rolle with better ball skills. That's not horrible, Giants paid a lot for Antrelle Rolle in free agency as a FS (although he turned out to be a very overrated and overpaid signing), but I don't see him being a 7-8 year shut down cornerback.

    On the other hand, I also think FS is a very underrated position in the NFL, and I would take one with a Top 10 pick without blinking if I thought he was an elite player at the position. The problem with Peterson is we don't know if he'll be an elite FS, because there's no extensive game tape of him playing the position. The article above says he struggled in space ... playing in space is all a free safety does. By all accounts Peterson is a willing tackler as a cornerback, but the standard for tackling between cornerback and free safety (often the last line of defense) are completely different.

    I'm with CL ... I don't hate Peterson by any means, just not really sold on him. I just want the Cowboys and Jerry to avoid being lured by "all sizzle, no steak" players.
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    Well, that's exactly my point. I couldn't tell you what it takes to be top corner or top athlete for that matter.

    But I can tell you that training, including working on flexibility does not disqualify you from being a good, great, the awesomest cornerback.

    I'm sure you were just saying it tongue'n'cheek, but to couple the two notions: "I thought he was supposed to be the best CB in 20 years" with "...why does he have to work on his hips" just doesn't comport.

    Again, I wasn't trying to be harsh, it just seems out of sorts. It's like saying "I thought Andrew Luck is supposed to be the best QB coming out since Peyton Manning. Why are we hearing reports that he's working on his arm-strength?"
  15. InmanRoshi

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    Or he could look like an all world player in his early 20s and then steadily grow himself out of usefulness like Roy Williams once he hits about 26.
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    Realtick, I'd already edited that because at first I didn't catch that you were talking about the stretching, but I guess I was too late...

    Yes, all these guys stretch and do drills, but the best corners are tremendous, tremendous athletes, and hip flexibility is one of the absolute most important attributes they must have. It's one thing for, say, a bulky corner like a Quentin Jammer to be borderline and have to work on that, but this guy we're talking about is supposed to be one of the top talents of the last few decades. And none of those Sanders/Haynes guys had to have their evaluations hedged by saying they could play safety if they were too tight to hack it at corner.

    And one thing I snipped our that I had before was that I've been very up front in saying that I haven't seen the greatness everyone else sees in this guy, but I also admit that I haven't seen him play that much. I don't see an all-time great type, but I could well be wrong.
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    I've been saying this for months. Absolutely wont be surprised if he's a FS before the end of his first contract.

    That doesnt definitely make him a worse prospect, in fact that flexibility is one thing I do like about him or the Akumara kid, if they dont turn into bigtime CB's, you have somewhere to go with them.

    That said, I havent changed my stance. I would not trade up to get him and hope the Cowbosy agree.
  18. CATCH17

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    I said this the other day caught a tad bit of heat for it but like I said in that thread him being a Safety for us wouldn't be a bad thing and im not sure I wouldn't prefer it.
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    How far would you be willing to trade up for him if it where your call to make? For me if he is still on the board at 5 I'm on the phone making calls to Arz.
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    Like Kobe or MJ didn't have to spend hours in the gym shooting?

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