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    yep thats what she said too...till I took her to KoRn and slipknot a in OKC at the Zoo...but I caught A7X in Albuquerque about 3 months ago so its all good
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    I grabbed Death Magnetic over the weekend. So far I've listen to the first two songs. They sound like there trying to mimic Slayer from the late 80s to early 90s. (pre Lombardo's initial departure) What I mean by that is lots of riffs with fast single notes rather than cords. Though, I'm not sure how James' voice fits it. I know there was one part I didn't like, but it reminded me of a lot of Slayer's newer stuff that I don't care so much for. (fast monotone yelling) :rolleyes:

    Anyhow, I will listen to the whole thing and give it time to sink in. Justice took a few listenings before I really started to like it. It was such a big change from their previous stuff (Lightning, Puppets, etc)
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    I didn't care for the slow songs but the rest of the cd was good.
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    Death Magnetic suxx

    Metallica should stay retired/fighting those Napster guys
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    Two words...
    IRON MAIDEN!!!!!

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