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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Good read.
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    Ouch on the Buffalo/Von Miller comment.

    He does lose some credibility when he says Smith would start at LT right away. Ever heard of Doug Free?
  4. aggiecurt05

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    If Fairley is available at 9, this scout's discussion of Levi Brown/Adrian Peterson is the reason I would be really frustrated if the Cowboys don't sit and take him. I know he's in the box, but this is the classic "what changed between now and the season" question. Seriously, this guy dominated like Suh. He was sick good. If this class gets a re-draft in 5 years, I would be floored if he isn't picked #1 overall.
  5. unionjack8

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    where do you think he'd fit in our scheme, most have him as a 4-3 dt only and i agree
  6. InmanRoshi

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    So who fits the discription of the high production college guy who is going to get overlooked by the scouts and maybe go really late or undrafted in this year's draft? Ahmad Black?
  7. Randy White

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    a bunch of stuff he says that I completely disagree with, but I like alot of it too. In particular the idea that a person or persons with scouting background, more so than with " accountant " or " law " background, should be making the decisions on the draft picks. They're not always going to be right, nobody always is, but they're going to be right more often than the persons who are not familiar with the players that are being scouted.

    There's an argument for both, because I also believe in listening to more than just one opinion or two, but his opinion in that regard is logical.
  8. aggiecurt05

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    You know, I'm not an expert on schemes, but I understand Rob Ryan runs a bit of a hybrid in that he shifts players around and likes to disguise his scheme. As such, I can't help but think that between Fairley and Ratliff, there would be some quite interesting combinations that would wreak havoc on o-lines. It would seem that the Cowboys disagree with me.
  9. dwmyers

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    Given that this author is a typo machine (i.e. Priest Holmes in college in 2006!?), he probably meant RT.


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