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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by dallasblue05, Nov 17, 2005.

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    To preface the body of this post, I'd like to say that when I first got to the board and saw the 500th post thread I was a little aggitated that I didnt have time to come in earlier to post this, so this is not a copy cat idea!!

    Having been here since February, I've seen a lot of new members come in, and gotten to know some of the "board royalty." I would like to let you all know how much I enjoy coming to the board and how happy I am to be a Cowboys fan that can share my love for a football team with the largest fan base of a sports team in America. I've learned so much about football, and the Cowboys in the several months that I've been here, and I credit you guys for that.

    Now, I'll finish my post by giving my take on this season and our potential. I think the boys are in very good position to take the division, but we control where we go from here. Many of you have heard me preaching consistency all year, and I think we saw on Monday that it is a crucial area for us to improve upon. If this team could play the kind of ball we saw against New York on a consistent basis, I think we have a shot to reach the NFC Championship game. I dont necessarily think we are SB caliber this year, still too shaky in some areas when a team like Carolina is firing on all 8. But I do think that we are a season away from shocking America into realizing THE BOYS ARE BACK. I think many football fans are in denial that we're back because they remember the 90s and how everyone wanted to play for us.....those days are not far ahead.

    Thank you to all of you regulars that post intelligent, productive threads that keep this board thriving. And you will probably get another sappy thread from me when I get to 2,000, but this should hold you over for a while!!

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    1000 is a lot of participation! Keep it up!
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    I FINALLY GOT A RESPONSE, LOL, hey you 2 man!!
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    Well well well...congrats.

    Ya know, it's great to have active members; even better when they are a class act.

    You fall into that category.

    Make the next 1000 come sooner.

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    Congrats......keep the post coming

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