My 2-RD Mock w/Trades & Commentary

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    Here's the final version of my mock with trades and commentary.

    Round 1

    1. San Francisco selects QB Alex Smith.

    The 49ers need a Franchise QB and this guy can very well be that man. If Kevan Barlow and Rashaun Woods establish a breakout season this year, an offensive powerhouse can be in development if Smith has an equally productive season.

    2. Miami selects QB Aaron Rodgers.

    Between Miami's biggest needs at quarterback and runningback, Miami addresses the QB position first. Rodgers will come in and be the starting quarterback from day one. Rumor also has it that Nick Saban has stated that Rodgers is the best available.

    3. Tampa Bay via Cleveland selects WR Mike Williams. (TB receives 1,2,5)

    Coach Gruden recognizes talent when he sees it and Mike Williams is perhaps the most physical prospect in this draft. Williams presents massive size and skill and an amazing complement to Michael Clayton. These two receivers will make an impressive duo.

    4. Chicago selects LB Derrick Johnson.

    Derrick Johnson is a surprise pick here due to Chicago already being a defensively sound club. Derrick Johnson adds some quickness in the blitz and more coverage that Urlacher cannot provide on his own. Johnson can provide a spark for this team and be quite an underestimated unit.

    5. Cleveland via Tampa Bay selects DB Antrel Rolle.

    Cleveland needs help in the secondary loosing Anthony Henry to the Cowboys. Antrel Rolle is an impressive defensive back capable of covering, tackling, and making the interception. His size also offers some hesitation on the part of the wide receiver.

    6. Tennessee selects DB Adam Jones.

    Tennessee needs some secondary help as much as most of the teams that pick early do. Samari Rolle and Andre Dyson were that corps of defenders that they valued but since they have departed, they select Jones to help fill the gaps and provide some coverage if Woolfork can't stay healthy.

    7. Minnesota selects LB/DE Shawne Merriman.

    Merriman presents a difficult dillema for the Vikings. Will he play defensive end? Will he play linebacker? He can play both. Mike Tice can value these players because of defensive playability and Merriman has intensity on top of intelligence. He will be a force.

    8. Arizona selects OT Alex Barron.

    Rumors out of Arizona suggest that Travis Henry will be a Cardinal. Having said that, L.J. Shelton would be on his way out and Alex Barron can fill the gap he leaves. It stands to reason that Alex Barron will earn a place in the starting lineup even if Shelton doesn't leave.

    9. Houston via Washington selects RB Ronnie Brown. (Washington receives 1,F2)

    Washington's biggest need cannot be addressed now because of the drop off in DB talent. So, they trade with Houston and gain their 1st and a future 2nd. Houston will nab Ronnie Brown because nobody else has and provide a dynamic element to their offense.

    10. Detroit selects DB Carlos Rogers.

    Matt Millen realizes Dan Snyder's foolish trade and nabs the DB he should have gotten. Carlos Rogers gives Dre' Bly a new buddy in the defense and should really aid their pass defense. Carlos Rogers is an outstanding defender and should increase their defensive potential 5-fold.

    11. Kansas City via Dallas selects DE Marcus Spears. (Dallas receives 1,F2)
    Kansas City props a trade with Dallas and nabs the best defensive end in the draft. Marcus Spears provides a solid defensive anchor in a shallow Kansas City sea. He is the first step to rebuilding their broken down defense and establishing some dominance.

    12. San Diego selects WR Braylon Edwards.

    It is a pure mystery as to why Braylon Edwards has slipped this far but rest assured he won't go any farther. Edwards gives the Chargers another offensive weapon alongside Keenan McCardell and LaDanian Tomlinson. Edwards is a receiver that will electrify the Chargers' fans for years to come.

    13. Washington via Houston selects S/LB Thomas Davis.

    Sean Taylor's contract dispute may force Snyder into another dumb move and select Thomas Davis. Despite his lacking cover skills, he can still play free safety rather well and give Taylor some help. Their glaring need is still a cornerback but there is none available here.

    14. Carolina selects OT Jamaal Brown.

    Carolina's needs a paired tackle to go with Jordan Gross and Brown is that man. A solid offensive line is the key to success in the running and passing games. With Steve Smith coming back and Stephen Davis/Deshaun Foster coming back as well, he should give them an impressive offense.

    15. Dallas via Kansas City selects WR Troy Williamson.

    Despite defensive needs, Dallas selects Troy Williamson. He is a speedy receiver that can stretch the field and make Julius Jones better by giving Bledsoe another read in the WR corps. He is that deep ball threat that they didn't have last season despite Terry Glenn being healthy for six games.

    16. New Orleans selects DE/OLB Demarcus Ware.

    Demarcus Ware is that linebacker that the Saints oh so desperately need. The defensive end position has been well stacked and it's time that they address the linebacker. He is small enough to barely fit the mold but quick enough to raise some cain in the backfield.

    17. Cincinatti selects DE David Pollack.

    David Pollack has quickly risen up through the draft stock and established himself as a mid first round talent. He brings a motor that doesn't quit to the Bengals that have a mediocre defense at best and more help to Justin Smith.

    18. Minnesota selects DE Erasmus James.

    Minnesota grabs this kid despite Kenny Mixon being a solid but non-flattering defensive end. James' talent for being a tough rusher is enough for Tice to want this guy. "Defense wins championships" and James is an integral component to help them win the big one.

    19. St. Louis selects OT Khaliff Barnes.

    Orlando Pace is getting old and Kyle Turley is injury ridden so the Rams need some insurance at the tackle position and this guy can certainly provide that. Barnes can provide either solid starting or extraordinary backup coverage if need be.

    20. Philadelphia via Dallas selects WR Mark Clayton. (Dallas receivers 1,2a)

    Philadelphia takes advantage of Dallas' willingness to trade down and nab Mark Clayton. What he lacks in stature, he makes up for in playability and will to succeed in a championship environment. He was very productive in college and can take over for Pinkston or Freddie Mitchell.

    21. Jacksonville selects RB Cedric Benson.

    How Benson falls this far is beyond the logic of the universe but Jacksonville takes advantage of it by selecting Benson. He is a playmaking runningback that can provide a solid 1-2 punch with Taylor or be a full fledged starter. Either way, he's a productive player.

    22. Baltimore selects WR Roddy White.

    Roddy White is a great young receiver with tremendous upside and Baltimore hopes that he can play beyond his potential. Having busted on other receivers in earlier drafts, White can stretch the field and make defenders rethink defensive probabilities.

    23. Seattle selects RB Cadillac Williams.

    Following the trend of Cedric Benson, Seattle nabs Williams. Alexander is being shopped around if he happens to leave, Seattle will be left without a runningback and Williams fills that contigency. Williams is an explosive runner and those types are in high demand.

    24. Tampa Bay via Green Bay selects S Brodney Pool. (GB receives F2,3,6)

    Dwight Smith taking off presents an enigma for Tampa Bay and Brodney Pool is the equally confusing answer. He can provide coverage for the Buccaneers and give quality defensive stops as well. He is a quality safety and should prove so on this team.

    25. Washington selects DB Fabian Washington.

    Finally Snyder can be applauded for his actions. He made a sweet trade with Denver earlier and now is able to nab a quality defensive back without reaching for him. Washington can give solid coverage and match up fairly well against division rivals' receivers such at Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson.

    26. Oakland selects DB Marlin Jackson.

    Oakland got back into the first round through a trade with the Jets and get Marlin Jackson. Since Buchanon left, Jackson should patch the hole he left fairly well and not have the headache and injury aggravation that Buchanon did have.

    27. Atlanta selects DT Shaun Cody.

    Defense was something Atlanta lacked and Shaun Cody can give some help here alongside Patrick Kerney and Rod Coleman. However, since Coleman is getting up there in age, Cody can provide a relacement option for him when the time comes. He is a great help even if he is a backup.

    28. San Diego selects DE/OLB Dan Cody.

    Dan Cody can give improvement to either position they put him at. Jacques Cesaire and Adrian Dingle haven't been meeting expectations and Cody can improve upon any, if not both positions they may place him. His depression may be a problem but skills are worth the rink.

    29. Indianapolis selects DB Justin Miller.

    Indianapolis has a prolific offense but a mediocre defense. Justin Miller can upgrade the defensive back corps with relative ease and give some assurance to a team that otherwise has none. He should be able to give some stability here as well.

    30. Pittsburgh selects ILB Channing Crowder.

    Kendrell Bell leaving presents some major defensive problems. Not that they don't have enough defensive problems but he can provide an interior rush. A better rush can open up the defensive backs more by killing the play at the line instead of in the open field.

    31. Dallas via Philadelphia selects OLB Darryl Blackstock.

    The loss of Dexter Coakley hurts this otherwise above average defense and Blackstock can help to return this dismal defense to glory. He gives a quick pass rush and will open up Greg Ellis, La'Roi Glover, and Jason Ferguson to gain access to opposing quarterbacks.

    32. New England selects ILB Barrett Ruud.

    With Teddy Bruschi's career in mortal jeopardy, the Patriots select Ruud to solid up the interior part of their line. With needs at receiver as well, the Patriots always think defense to keep their impressive young dynasty in tact.

    Round 2

    33. San Francisco selects WR Matt Jones.

    Matt Jones is an intriguing prospect that has jumped up many teams' draft boards but San Francisco drafts him first. He is a very physical receiver with blazing speed and seemingly impressive hands. He should be paired well with Rashaun Woods.

    34. Cleveland selects QB Jason Campbell.

    Word has it that they are in love with this kid and will nab him with this pick. They are convinced that he is the best quarterback of the draft and he will have an opportunity to showcase his talents alongside Mike Williams.

    35. Dallas via Philadelphia selects S Josh Bullocks.

    Josh Bullocks is a fiery safety that can aid Roy Williams, Terence Newman, and Anthony Henry. He'll have big shoes to feel now that Darren Woodson has retired but those four young men should be able to carry the load in the secondary just fine.

    36. Green Bay via Tampa Bay selects QB Charlie Frye.

    Green Bay missed out on Losman last season and vowed to never let that happen again. As a result, the pull a trade with Tampa Bay and land Frye. Frye has the tools to take over for Brett Favre once he's done and has the great honor of learning from him.

    37. Tennessee selects OL Marcus Johnson.

    Marcus Johnson should provide replacements for Brad Hopkins and Fred Miller. He is an impressive young guard/tackle tweener that can lock anyone down once he has them. He could be moved to tackle due to his size but I wouldn't bet on it.

    38. Oakland selects OLB Kevin Burnett.

    The loss of Napoleon Harris really killed the defense but Burnett should breathe some new life into it. He is a good cover linebacker and has the speed and quickness to make plays away from and on the ball with relative ease and efficiency.

    39. Chicago selects WR Reggie Brown.

    Mushin Muhammad needs a buddy and Brown is that man. He is fast off the line and can really improve Grossman's QB status for this team. He can stretch the field with the best of them and take on coverage when Muhammad has it all to himself.

    40. New Orleans selects DT Travis Johnson.

    It's been the theme of this draft that first round talent slips way farther than they should and the Saints recognize that trend here. Johnathan Sullivan hasn't filled the gap that La'Roi Glover left a few years ago. He should do that very well.

    41. Detroit selects DE Matt Roth.

    Matt Roth is very instinctual and it shows when he makes plays on the ball. He may not be the best rusher available but he is similiar to David Pollack in terms of big play ability and motivation. He'll be big here with Cory Redding being more of a DT.

    42. Dallas selects DE Justin Tuck.

    The similiarities between Charles Haley and Justin Tuck are too reeling to ignore here. Tuck owns records at Notre Dame in the category of sacks and plays very hard. He can very well be the pass-rushing defensive end they have lacked ironically since Charles Haley.

    43. New York Giants select DT Mike Patterson.

    William Joseph, Norman Hand, and Keith Washington have not done their jobs properly in New York and Patterson can give some run stoppage that they lack. Look for him to be a premiere defensive lineman in three years or so for the G-Men.

    44. Arizona selects TE Heath Miller.

    Heath Miller is the best TE in the draft but all of the teams that had first round picks did not require a tight end but Arizona does and they select this man. He is a great receiver and an even better blocker with should give Kurt Warner some targets to throw at.

    45. Carolina selects WR Jerome Mathis.

    Mushin Muhammad has dearly departed and they need another target alongside Keary Colbert and Steve Smith and Mathis is the guy that they get. His stock has been on the rise and could very well be the steal of this draft and perhaps the best WR outside the major three.

    46. Kansas City selects LB Odell Thurman.

    Odell Thurman has first round skill and potential but gets selected here. He has the big player ability to play any linebacker spot that makes him a pretty valuable commodity to a team that requires both types of linebackers. He will do great things here.

    47. New York Jets select RB Ciatrick Fason.

    Curtis Martin isn't getting any younger and the Raiders have acquired Lamont Jordan from them so it's wise that they select a running back here. He's similiar to Martin in size and speed and it's conceivable that it could be his younger clone.

    48. Cincinatti selects C Chris Spencer.

    It's ironic that the best center in the draft is a second round talent. Nevertheless, Cincinatti nabs this guy. Every play starts with the center and it's best to have the best on your squad. He's young and can only get better with time.

    49. Minnesota selects K Mike Nugent.

    Minnesota has gone with archaic kickers for the last couple of years now and it's time that they learn that youth equates to success. So, under that premise they draft Nugent. He is the best kicker that this draft has to offer and the sweep him up.

    50. St. Louis selects WR Mark Bradley.

    Isaac Bruce isn't getting any younger and Kevin Curtis, Shaun McDonald, and Kevin Kasper are mediocre receivers at best and this kid has the potential to be something special to this team. Martz is ecstatic to have him and will use him properly.

    51. Green Bay selects OG/C David Bass.

    Since Rivera and Wahle's departure leaves the offensive line depleted, Bass is the logical option here. He's very versatile and should provide a new and youthful center to a corps of linemen that will protect Favre and Frye for years to come.

    52. Jacksonville selects WR Vincent Jackson.

    Jimmy Smith isn't getting younger and Vincent Jackson is his eventual replacement alongside Reggie Williams. Jackson is big and surprisingly fast for a guy his size and should riddle smaller defensive backs useless in a timely and gruesome fashion.

    53. Baltimore selects ILB Alfred Fincher.

    Fincher is a positional necessity due to Ed Hartwell departing the elite Ravens defensive squad. He's nothing more than a role player that can excel if given the proper opportunity. The Ravens will look to educate him early on in the season.

    54. Seattle selects OT Adam Terry.

    Chris Terry left an amazingly big hole to fill and Adam Terry is a necessity for the Seahawks. He isn't for depth or insurance. They need him to fill that hole C. Terry left. He should adequately due to the steller passing offense they already possess.

    55. Buffalo selects DT Johnathan Babineaux.

    Ted Washington took off and their desperate lack of playmakers prompts them to select this man. Size is always relevant when looking at a defensive tackle but what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in disruptiveness and that could set him apart.

    56. Denver selects WR Terrence Murphy.

    Denver's receiver corps is both young and old and with Rod Smith getting no younger, they look to Murphy to help solidify that squad with proven talent and youth. He can make big plays and open the field with motion plays. Look for him to see significant snaps.

    57. New York Jets select DB Bryant McFadden.

    Are you kidding me? The Jets are old and run down in the defensive secondary so they draft McFadden to cure the ails of Donnie Abraham. He should see some time if he can establish his dominance early in training camp and maintain that intensity in the season.

    58. Green Bay selects OG Evan Mathis.

    How they got three picks in the second round should be illegal in the NFL but since it's not, they snatch another OG in Evan Mathis. Mathis will solidify some holes left by Rivera and Wahle and could potentially become extremely dominant.

    59. Atlanta selects WR Roscoe Parrish.

    This is an incredible reach but with some unanswered questions at wide receiver, it is a logical choice. Parrish has third round material written all over him but he could very well step up and establish his second round buy in training camp.

    60. Indianapolis selects RB J.J. Arrington.

    Edgerrin James could be on his way out and that would leave their offense without a presence at runningback; therefore, they draft J.J. Arrington. He is very elusive and could thrive in the proper environment. One such as Indianapolis alongside Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison.

    61. San Diego selects OT Michael Roos.

    Roman Oben was adequate at the tackle position but you can always get better and the Chargers think that he can do the job. Roos can dominate if he is allowed to and that's what's fearful to any team. The Chargers gladly swoop him up and teach him the "fear me" mentality.

    62. Pittsburgh selects DB Eric Green.

    Secondary sucks. Enough said. Green helps them fill gaping holes that they have and could make an impressive young tandem with Polamalu and Colclough.

    63. Philadelphia selects RB Ryan Moats.

    Moats is a third round talent but necessity yanks him up late in the second round. Correll Buckhalter can't remain healthy and he is a quality backup that should make him expendable.

    64. New England selects OG Logan Mankins.

    Joe Andruzzi has left a dynasty team and his replacement has to be found. Mankins is the guy and can be extremely productive in New England. The atmosphere is motivating enough for a draft selection to succeed.
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    Damn 20000 character limit... haha...

    Anyway, feel free to nitpick at it and make commentary on it. I'll guarantee that there will be some surprises that correlate with this draft. ;)
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    Williamson in the first sucks, other than that I could live with it I suppose IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Tuck turned out okay. I don't think we got enough out of the trade downs...
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    Benson and Williams in the 20's, Edwards falls out of the top ten. Houston trades up to take a RB? San Fran takes Matt Jones with as many holes as they have?

    If you nail these things you are truly enlightened because it seems pretty unrealistic to me. I know you didn't copy anyone though.
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    Given the trends of the last couple years... I threw out some whack ideas but I'll be surprised myself if this happens.
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    RB tend to fall in the draft, I'd swap MW with Edwards and that would seem pretty realistic even if some board members might be offended, Houston and SF Sounds quircky to ne too, but that is why they do the draft :p:

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