My 2005 Cowboys Mock Draft

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    This is how I'd like to see our 2005 draft play out as of now.

    1a. Rodrique Wright DT Texas- Perfect addition to the middle of our D-line that has struggled to create a sustained pass rush. Wright can easily take up blockers and stuff the run but he is also very explosive and good at getting into the backfield as well.

    1b. Corey Webster CB LSU- He's struggled this year which has knocked him down a little bit but he's still a very solid player. He's got experience and has done well in man coverage which is most likely what he'll be thrown in to in Dallas anyway. If Marlin Jackson was available here I'd take him over Webster but at this point I still think we'll be a little too low to grab him.

    2. Terrance Murphy WR Texas A&M- He's got excellent size but he's also got that same game-breaking type ability that Terry Glenn has and that we're missing right now.

    3. Traded to Houston for Drew Henson

    4. Bill Swancutt DE Oregon St- Pure pass rusher. Excellent speed rush moves but has secondary moves that can get him past as well. He would likely go much higher but he's had injury problems and has had a tendency to wear down in the second half becoming almost non-existent in some games. He can sit behind whoever is a RE for a year while he bulks up and learns a little bit before he takes over.

    5. Robert Rodriquez ILB UTEP- Rodriquez is one of the best LBs in the country but is a little smaller than ideal and plays at a smaller school. Don't let this fool you though, he is a flat out play maker. Our LBers are starting to get older and its time to start bringing in some youth.

    6. Traded to Oakland for Kenyon Coleman

    7. Darnell Stephens RB Air Force- Excellent pass blocking back that runs very hard. Goes all out on every play.

    I leaned heavily towards defense in this because our front 7 is aging and it is starting to show this year. Offense has quite a bit of youth there so I added Murphy and Stephens but otherwise Henson, Jones, and the rest of those young guys need to show me what they've got before we go out and start completely rebuilding the offense.
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