My Assessment of Why OT Was Addressed So Late in the Draft.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TroyEmmittAndMichael, May 2, 2006.

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    For what it's worth, my assessemnt of why JJ and Parcells made nary a move for OT. I am aware that this is all conjecture, and that the team had more needs to fill than just OT. I just wished we would have addressed it in rounds 2 or 3. Which is where I think the draft worked against JJ and Parcells more than they want to let on.

    So, after re-assessing all the OT's taken in the draft, it appears that the Cowboys were right in the thick of the big OT run that occurred in the 2nd round. 5 tackles were taken - more than in any other round.

    From what I've been reading and judging from the results of the draft, it seems like the Cowboys were ready to select Colledge, but then Green Bay picked him, at the time, 2 picks before us. GB pick 47, Dallas pick 49.

    Since Colledge was off the board, Dallas traded down from 49 to pick 53 with the Jets. In doing so, the Cowboys might have traded down too far because Marcus McNeill was selected at 50 by San Diego, injury-risk notwithstanding.

    This probably led them to select Anthony Fasano at 53 since at that point he was going to be the 4th TE taken off the board (Davis, Lewis, Klopfenstein - gone) versus making the 5th OT selection at that time (Ferguson, Justice, Colledge, McNeill - gone).

    Whether it was the Cowboys turning their attention away from OT after Colledge was gone and didn't think McNeill was a good value at 49 or whether they got too cute and moved down too far in the 2nd round (4 spots to pick 53) to select McNeill, the Cowboys decided to look for an OT in the later rounds of the draft. (IMO, I think they should have selected Jeremy Trueblood from Boston College at pick 53.)

    Waiting in the later rounds, though, cost the Cowboys an upgrade at OT. Right after Fasano was picked at 53, Whitworth and Trueblood went at picks 55 and 59. Spencer and Winston went at picks 65 and 66 in the 3rd round before the Cowboys picked at 80 in the round, which they traded to move down to pick 92 anyways after seeing that Spencer and Winston were gone. After that, the Cowboys must have thought none of the remaining OT's were even worth considering since they waited until the 7th round to pick one.

    List of Offensive Tackles Selected in the Draft:

    1st Round
    D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia

    2nd Round
    Winston Justice, USC
    Daryn Colledge, Green Bay
    <---------------------------Anthony Fasano was picked here.
    Marcus McNeill, Auburn
    Andrew Whitworth, LSU
    Jeremy Trueblood, Boston College

    3rd Round
    Charles Spencer, Pittsburgh
    Eric Winston, Miami
    Rashad, Butler, Miami
    <---------------------------Jason Hatcher was picked here.

    4th Round
    Jhari Evans, Bloomsburg
    Joe Toledo, Washington
    Guy Whimper, East Carolina

    5th Round
    Quinn Ojinnaka, Syracuse
    Jonathan Scott, Texas
    Brad Butler, Virginia
    Tony Moll, Nevada

    6th Round
    Kevin Boothe, Cornell
    Jeromey Clary, Kansas State
    Charlie Johnson, Oklahoma State

    7th Round
    Pat McQuistan, Weber State
    Terrance Pennington, New Mexico
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    I think you are 100% correct in your assessment.

    I think OT was on the radar, but things just didn't pan out.

    To an extent, I'm glad the team didn't panic and reach for a lower quality OT just to fill a need, but I'm not too thrilled with settling for a TE when we could have had Colledge had we moved up just two spots.

    Even with the injury risk, I think McNeil would have been a prime candidate for the #49 pick. It's not like Fasano wasn't an injury risk either.

    Oh well. What's done is done.
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    Nice read......and you got some valid points.....but, since we are not in the war room.......hard to say
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    I really do not think that if the BOYS really wanted a higher ranked OT, that they would have played the game that way. Just too cute- I think they really felt no need to get any but a late draft project.
  5. cannonball44

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    Maybe Pettiti and Columbo will pan out??
  6. Eddie

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    I'm sure they'll pan out as backups, but we need someone to take over the RT spot once Fabini hits the wall.
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    I would have to think that Columbo has a chance to contribute. If he were not progressing in his rehab, BP would find a way to get rid of him just like Rogers.

    Even Columbo or the rookies don't pan out, we should have a healthy Adams and Fabini is much better than Pettiti.
  8. Ashwynn

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    How sucky is that gunna be if this ferrari cant move cause of flat tires. I hope the Oline is atleast average. I cant stand another bad year cause the oline sucked and we saw so many upgrades get past by in this draft. Next year we better draft all Olinemen (or something akin to this).
  9. hendog

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    I'm excited about Columbo. He's what 2 yrs rehabbing that knee now? He's always had good talent not to mention he's freakin' huge. If he can finally get healthy and hit those weights again who knows.
  10. Tass

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    I think Whitworth, Trueblood and Winston would have all been better fits/help the team more than Fasano.

    "Fasano will start at TE with Witten! He'll catch passes and defenses will have to account for ANOTHER offensive weapon!"

    ...Not if our QB is laying on his back.
  11. Tass

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    Colombo, Fabini and Petitti are going to stay on the roster because they all have vowels at the end of their last names.
  12. AsthmaField

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    Well, with 2 TE's we'll be able to protect Bledsoe more. That's why we had problems when Flozell went down last year... we couldn't help both sides (Tucker and Petitti). Now with 2 TE's we will be able to do that if we need to. Hopefully, FLozell will be back at full strength and we won't have to.
  13. MissionCoach

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    I read somewhere that the Boys were interestested in Colledge and Joe Toledo...and that the remaining O-Line players were rated much lower on our board to merit a pick.

    I am also glad that we didn't reach to fill a need...a bad habit that we seemingly have kicked thanks to BP and Ireland :bow:
  14. Tass

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    Wait, wait...the main point of the pro-Fasano folks is that he is another offensive weapon. So which is it? Is he there to keep Drew upright? If so, a true lineman seems better suited to protect the QB...then you wouldn't need extra TE help. If he's here to catch passes that's a nonstarter because once again Drew will be getting mauled back there. Either conclusion doesn't make much sense to me.
  15. silver

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    it was either carpenter or trade down and take a linemen in the second. i'm happy with carp. sometimes your best move is to stand still.
  16. hmcorp

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    Only Dbrickshaw can start next year. ONLY HIM. None of the other OT can come in and play as well as flozell fabini petiti or kozier. NONE.

    Next year we WILL draft a higher OT but for this year we honestly were not looking for a starter.

    Jerry said they wanted some depth but I believe kyle can fill in somewhere and petiti had all last year to gain experience and this offseason to get in the right kind of shape. fabini can help him some more with technique and knowledge of what to do.

    EVERY SINGLE WRITER who says..."yah cant depend on fabini...IS A MORON.

    That guy is healthy and was proven to be a dependable tackle. We are much better off with him. I hope he is reading all of this tripe and comes out and throws strahan into the stands.

    My only question mark is kyle kosier. Still I wouldnt count out peterman there. This could be the beginning for him. But we will have to see.

    Either way we were not going to get an OT who could start next year. It wasnt happening in this draft. I mean if we did start them it would mistake and sack city all over again.
  17. NorTex

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    The Cowboys weren't interested in drafting tackles, there is no room on the 53 man roster for a tackle.

    They are interested in adding a guard. That is why they drafted two guys that play guard...yes, Pat can play a little tackle, but he is not a tackle, his brother is. And, EJ is a guard/center, and yes he has played some tackle too. Neither of these guys are expected to play tackle.
  18. cnhnyy

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    I agree completely with OP. McNeil would be a better choice than Fasono and he would have been our pick if we had stayed put. I do believe we traded down too far.
  19. hmcorp

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    Marcus Mcneil wont see the field for two years.

    And if he does...ouch.
  20. jbsg02

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    maybe they realized that they aren't the best evaluators or OL talent. ie Rogers, Peterman

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