My Attorney Died in Escape from Alcatraz Race

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    For the first time in its 33-year history, a participant in the world renowned "Escape from Alcatraz" died during the event.

    The death of Ross Ehlinger, 46, on Sunday during the swim portion of the event — held in the frigid San Francisco Bay amid 6-foot swells and a powerful outgoing tide — raised questions about what effect the tough conditions had. This year's event was held Sunday rather than in June to accommodate the America's Cup sailing race.

    The answer appears to be that the father of three from Austin, Texas, may have had an underlying health problem exposed in an especially grueling triathlon.

    The San Francisco medical examiner is still investigating the cause of death.

    But race organizers and a heart surgeon that participated in the race speculated that the attorney succumbed to an underlying health problem rather than being a victim exclusively of the rough conditions or drowning. Ehlinger was wearing a wetsuit.

    "I bet the man had a health problem," said Dr. Lawrence Creswell, a University of Mississippi researcher who has participated in several "Escape" triathlons. "I would bet that there's a heart problem and not a drowning problem."

    Creswell said he doesn't know whether the conditions played any role in the death.


    He was handling the wrongful death suit for my daughter.

    Man, this guy was so nice and understanding. I have to find a new lawyer, but first get over the shock of this. He was a great guy.

    Rest in peace, Ross.
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    Anyone know of a top-tier injury lawyer in Austin?
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    That handles death by misadventure cases?
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    I made it a point early in my life to never try to swim across the bay unless absolutely necessary. That water is cold. Why would anyone do that for fun?
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    I'm sorry to hear this. I needed an attorney once and I lost him a few years ago. We got to be great friends. He was a retired Lt Gen and was one of the greatest men I've ever known. I still miss him. Condolences
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    It is really sad to hear these but when he was having health problem, so how he was given permission to swim.
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    I don't think he knew he had a health problem other than he said he was allergic to Mondays. He ran all the time from what he told me.

    BTW, sort of a friend of mine is taking over. I have the upmost regard for his ability as well. If I can't have Ross working on it, I'd take this guy any day.

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