My Beef With Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I am not a fan of Garrett. This goes back prior to his being hired as the head coach. I think Jerry totally screwed up the hiring process by making him the Assistant Head Coach under Phillips. But then I think Phillips was the wrong guy to begin with and said so when he was being considered.

    My gripe about Garrett is two-fold. I think he never showed enough as a coordinator to warrant the head coaching job, and his on the job training is not what this team needs.

    Now Garrett is a nice guy, I'm sure. But the latter is one of the big points about why this guy should not be the head coach. And I will give you a PRIME example of how this comes into play.

    The first half Dallas was using a two tight end formation and was moving the ball. They were having success to the point that Collinsworth made a remark about it. Then the second half came around and Washington made an adjustment. They started blitzing from Romo's blind side and put the pressure on him. Dallas was finding it increasingly difficult to pass the ball because Haslet made the adjustment at halftime

    Now in my mind the play would have been to set up as planned with the two tight end set, then move one or both of the tight ends to the opposite side late in the play clock and force the Redskins to face more blockers, or send the blitz from the side where Romo could see it.

    Did Garrett use the opportunity to call his team together and make an adjustment? Rob Ryan calls the defensive plays. So Garrett missing a few plays at that point to get his team focused would have been the right thing to do.

    Which brings me to my complaint.

    1. He made no adjustment whatsoever to the blitz.

    2. With Ryan calling the defense, with little to no input from Garrett, how is this team being run differently than it was under Wade/Garrett.

    You have two different squads and two different bosses. The only difference is Garrett has a press conference later after the game.

    Right kind of guy - I'm fine with that.

    Changing the culture of the team - well, we'll see about that because the culture is based on what Jerry Jones does - but I'll give Garrett credit for this.

    But leadership means defining the lines and taking charge.

    He exhibited no leadership in changing the offense to adjust to the blitz.

    He has shown no leadership in bringing in a play caller, because he needs to lead the team and not just half of it.

    His on the job training has brought this team 8-8 twice and nothing he has shown in two years as head coach indicates he learns from his mistakes.

    One last point. Garrett, in his press conference, made the point that all teams have injuries and that doesn't count. Then in the same breath he starts listing off the injuries and using that as an excuse.

    That is not leadership.
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    Great post, hard to argue with anything you said.

    JG also stated in his presser that they had done a good job this season handling pressure prior to the Washington game. I just cant help but wonder if he really believes this to be the case.
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    I really can't think of another team that came at them like the Skins defense this year. That was pressure.
  6. TwoDeep3

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    Seattle, Chicago, and even Tampa Bay.

    They used their front seven more, but the pressure was just as relentless.
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    Jason did the exact same thing last year. He spent all season preaching a no excuse philosophy and then in the final PC the Monday following the Giants game, he spent considerable time talking about injuries and how we were hindered by them. This is the politician side of Jason that bothers me.
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    You have the below 5 jobs being performed by 3 people in the

    General Manager
    Head Coach
    Offensive Coordinator
    Defensive Coordinator

    In many organizations, this is 5 people. You have Jones and Garrett assuming more responsibility than they probably have the competentcy and capacity for.

    There's no checks and balances in the organization. Nobody to tell the offensive coordinator there might be a flaw with the gameplan. Nobody to flag the GM regarding a personnel issue. Nobody to calm down the defensive coordinator.
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    Yeah your right. I guess I try not to have those memories lol.
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    Good thread and post. He hasn't really done a good job when it comes to adjusting since 2007. The fact that he didn't in this game did not surprise me one bit. He hasn't shown us he can adjust consistently to combat the other teams adjustments. This is what bothers me with Garrett being the OC.
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    it's depressing isn't it?
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    I can't remember the last time the Cowboys were swept by the skins in a season. What ever Garrett is doing in NOT working...
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    Cleveland too. We were mauled whenever we played active, physical fronts.
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    I still can't figure it out.

    Why does this team get off to such ugly starts? Is it Garrett? Romo? Both.

    I think both will find more success when they get divorced.

    Unfortunately, the marriage is still alive for a least another season.

    And I will still be here wishing for hope to float.
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