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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dat Dude, Mar 19, 2006.

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    This is just a thought if we were to sign Lavar or Julian...
    (Magic Eightball says Highly unlikely but we will just assume)

    I think that if we were to sign one of this guys to complement Demarcus on the other side, that our draft position will become more interesting. I think that BP and Jerry will do as follows.

    18th pick

    If Michael Huff or Jimmy Williams falls to this spot it has to be certain that our FS this year wont get away. I dont like the idea of 3 first round picks in the secondary but you cant deny that this could be a potential fix to Keith Davis. Not saying these guys have proved anything on a proffesional level, but you can not deny there talent..

    My sleeper pick would be Antonio Cromratie from FSU at this pick. Guy is a physical specimen (minus ACL tear in July 2005) and ran in low 4.4's at Pro day. I think this might be a little early for him BUT he is going to be a stud at either FS/CB. Not sure if he has great hiups but speed and size 6'2" 3/4 and 215. He is Jimmy Williams but a little faster (although less experienced)

    IF Jerry and Bill pull the trigger on this I would flip. But if they want to be risky and trade down for more picks with the intent on getting Cromratie I would be okay too. IF of course all are gone at 18 ( which they might be) then for sure trade down and try to get Manny Lawson, Carpenter, Maybe Eric Winston, or Sinorce Moss. I also like Max Gilles from UGA. He will be a Mauler. Lutui would be a solid pick as well..

    Only issue with getting one of those DBS is that im SURE they will all want PRIME starting corner money. I dont like paying three corners top dollar with T-News contract coming up. But then again, Henry is 28 and wont be around forever....

    Just some food for thought
  2. Reed

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    I dont see us taking a db in the first round, i actually see us taking santonio holmes if hes there at 18 (jerry and bill still need an insurance plan incase glenn gets hurt), if not well probably take a linebacker in the first, and then If stovall falls to us in second round i dont think theres any way that jerry and bill pass on him.
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    I predict our First round pick at #18 will be either a pass rushing LB OR WR...

    IF not...

    We trade down for more picks.
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    This is 109.45% correct.
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    First of all, I doubt that either one of them, Huff or Williams, will drop to the 18th pick.

    Secondly, Cromartie is not worth the 18th pick (especially after an ACL tear).

    Yeah, if Dallas signs Arrington or Peterson, I doubt that the Cowboys would pick Lawson or Carpenter with the 18th pick (like I have been pimping for months now).

    Don't be surprised if Dallas trades down later in the first round and then picks up a Max Jean-Gilles or a Deuce Latui. I doubt Larry Allen will remain in Dallas this season.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Didn't read past that because it won't happen. Sorry.

    Franklin Gothic???

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