My boys are coming to Dallas **MERGE**

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by risco, Jul 4, 2012.

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  2. risco

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    C'mon to Cowboys Stadium then, boys. Get a taste.

    Are you sure Josh and Isaiah haven't already declared for the supplemental draft, risco? LOL. They both look like they're in their element playing football. Any chance we'll see one, or both, as a running back in the NFL one day? Those that have gone before started somewhere. Why not one or both of your boys?

    For real: great highlight videos of your boys... the Mays boys. You must be understandably proud. Congrats!
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    It's late, I'm still up because I can't sleep, so how about a scouting break down for you? This is probably all stuff you already know, as you get to watch them everyday, but I'll offer it up anyway.

    Isiah's game is pure speed. He's faster than just about anybody who steps on the field with him. He's not particularly powerful but you aren't gonna get him down with an arm tackle either. His vision is about average for his age group. Looks like a guy who will excel until the speed catches up with him. Unless he's Chris Johnson, there will come a point where he's not just that much faster than everyone else and then he'll need to have developed other skills to continue being a star. **Note** That doesn't mean he's a bad player. He could likely parlay that speed into a very nice role at virtually any level. Just that he'll need other parts to his game to continue being a "star".

    Josh is the better runner of the two. He's not as fast, but he's both more elusive and more powerful. He also has excellent vision for someone in his age group. He's the kind of kid that if properly developed, could hit the big time some day. When he starts playing in more pass-centric offensive schemes, you make damn sure he doesn't ignore the pass protection side of being a RB. Being an excellent pass protector will exponentially accelerate how quickly he gets on the field each time he makes a jump in competition level.

    Both of the little guys have got a ton of "want to", which is more than half the battle at their age. Both seem like little football playing dudes! And both appear to have well above average football IQs for their age group, I'm sure that can be attributed to their influence. It looks like you've raised a couple exciting to watch football players, you should be proud. Let us know how they do at the Youth Bowl.
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    That is awesome! My son is 7 and will be playing in his second season of tackle football. What an awesome experience for them. I remember catching footballs on the Texas Stadium tour. I remember saying to my wife, this is where little boys dreams come true! Have fun!

    It will be interesting to see them in high school. They both could own the backfield. Both look great at RB's! Nice!
  6. casmith07

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    Your 13 year old is a big kid, dang. He's bigger than the linemen!
  7. risco

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    Thanks, the awsome thing about it is that Isaiah is a Cowboys fanatic- like me. Josh, on the other hand wants to be different.
  8. risco

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    Not really- there is one shot of a kid that's not my son. Isaiah is only about a 150lb.
  9. Hostile

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    Josh loves that end around from the TE position. He also seems to run left a lot. I loved the stick at the 2:30 mark. Really loved the crossover step at the 3:10 mark. I enjoyed the little DeMarcus Ware flair at the 4:20 mark.

    I am in love with the way Isaiah runs man. If he develops his speed I don't think there is any way he doesn't get a full ride. He is the epitome of a natural RB with the way he squares his shoulders and shrugs through tackles. His vision of holes is as good as I have ever seen in a kid that age. Very, very impressed.

    Both boys look very good and I love that they use stiff arms.

    You found a fan in me. I hope you will keep me apprised as they grow.
  10. Avenging Hayseed

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    THATS awesome! Im hoping to get up to speed on my youtube skills before the season starts to do something similar for my son Josh. Ive got a big one myself. We hail from the great state of Wisconsin where lineman are grown by the semi load!...LOL

    My boy doesnt turn 12 for another 3 weeks but he is already just a shade under 5-10 and weighs in at 170 pounds. Wears a size 13 shoe! Pretty solid too. He's been in weight training 4 days a week for the last year under the direction of his football coach who is also a certified strength trainer. Plays left tackle on O and defensive tackle on D. He's BADGER bound I tell ya!...LOL

    Anyway........your boys look GREAT! Congrats. You might know about this already,....but if not you should look into what is called the TEN YEAR RULE when it comes to young athletes and strength training. VERY important. If a kid starts lifting at say 11 years old,....." youth strength training".....what happens 10 years later when they are say 21 or 22? The NFL draft!

    Hey,....nuthin wrong with aiming high!
  11. Dallas4ever

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    Good stuff bro. I know your excited and proud. Good luck!
  12. Flinger

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    Outstanding... you should be proud. Keep them grounded and humble..

    FYI - very nice production. It showcases them very well. My nephew plays for the Minnesota Gophers as a WR. He's entering his junior year and expects to start. When he was in HS in Texas, he attended all of the requisit camps leading up to graduation - Texas, OU, TCU, TT, Kentucky, Arkansas, etc. Good size - 6'4", 220 lbs, great hands, great blocker, humble, hungry and outstanding character. But, he basically wasn't fast enough and his HS coach didn't promote him.

    His father put a production together much like yours and called every AD and head coach he could. Minnesota took him. Full ride, full scholarship. He got the scholarship when another player opted out for Minnesota. It may not be the best Division I program in the nation - but, I/we are very proud of him.

    He is and will be an outstanding young man well beyond his football years because of his experiences.

    Direct your boy's path well...
  13. GimmeTheBall!

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    Good luck! We need more adults lack you to work with youths as they navigate those difficult pre-teen and teen-age years.
  14. ologan

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    Great looking young men. Lot's of potential.
    Where will they play HS ball? I take it it's in Georgia, but where?
    Are they Bulldog fans?
  15. tyke1doe

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    Nice use of the stiff arm too.

    My son is 13, plays corner in middle school. He's already got the title as a "shutdown" corner. And his coach told me he hasn't seen a corner with his speed and hips in his 18 years of coach.

    They didn't throw to my son's side too much because he's an interception machine. Of course, they don't throw all that much in middle school anyway.

    Maybe my son and risco's sons will end up playing for the Cowboys someday. :)
  16. Lonestar94

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  17. risco

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    Thank you for the thorough eval. I appreciate the kind words. I will be sure to keep you apprised as they grow.
  18. Hoofbite

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    Pretty cool.

    Love how the jersey look like Boise State.
  19. risco

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    Thanks- yes, it's in Georgia- Eagles Landing Christian Academy is the HS they will attend. They like Georgia and cheer for them but they also support other teams.
  20. Hostile

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    You just made my day.

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