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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jimz31, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Actually, I really only have one, maybe two, and was interested in what concerns everybody else had.

    1. Can the play of the offensive line play at a high level from here on out. They haven't been allowing Bledsoe to take an inordinate amount of sacks, so, relatively speaking they have done pretty well.

    2. Play-calling. Did the success of this past week wake the coaches up to some extent? Will they begin trusting the players more? Or, will they revert back to conservative "playing not to lose" football that we have seen prior to this week?
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    I think this game was a test for our team, can we up the playcalling, and excute it correctly, play for play. Can our D stop teams consently with a mix of blitzes and covereges. And i think if we are as succesful against te Giants, you will see this same playcalling every game.
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    I hope you are right.
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    Great post. I was listening to Jim Rome today and he was complimenting Parcells. He said Parcells was a genius because he was intentionally being conservative in regards to playcalling earlier this season so that he could suprise our tougher opponents later during the season. Jim was joking of course but I have always favored a more open offense/riskier offense as opposed to a conservative/safer one. I think our defense is good enough to the point in which we can take more risks and throw downfield more etc. I think Parcells is going to ride this new trend until someone stops him.
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    If we can play at this level forward the future is the sky!

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