My Confidence in Garrett Went Up a Point

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. noshame

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    I like Garrett, but as I've said before, games 2 and 3 will tell me if he's turned the corner or not.
  2. morasp

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    Good or bad I think he should definitely get the credit for Frederick overruling almost everyone in the war room. So far it looks very good.
  3. EPL0c0

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    Benching Murray was something I didn't expect. It is unfortunate that some/most positions don't have the depth to do this the way Dallas has at RB. Maybe at WR and TE, but that's about it.
  4. Doomsday101

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    Right now LB is looking pretty deep.
  5. links18

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    They mean something when positives occur, but are meaningless in regards to negatives.
  6. cowboys2233

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    Well, they might speak to a team's depth a little. But let's face it, we're all up in arms talking about whether guys like Selvie or Beasley will make the team when in reality, they likely won't be on the field for more than 10% of playing time. Those guys mean virtually nothing to the success or failure of the team, it's all about the starters playing full games and you simply don't see that in the preseason.
  7. kiheikiwi

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    I like Garrett, but lets face it - none of us know what goes on day to day behind the scenes. I do think his RKG is starting to show through, and I like a lot of people was happy to see the benching of Murry to pound the point home of ball retention. I think we are a better team, hopefully this year a better disaplined team (Penelties). I do not expect us to be a Super Bowl team this year, but I do expect to see improvement. I think we are one more draft away from really competing. Hopefully, Romo has enough time left in him for 3-4 dominant years.
    It would be heart breaking if we do not improve this year and Jerry ****-cans him and we start this all over again. SO - i'm behind him, go get em Jason !
  8. The Quest for Six

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    Jerry has pretty much neutered Jason as a head coach in the off season and undermines him in almost every interview, yet you have more confidence in him...OK!!
  9. Hostile

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    It cracks me up that people actually believe that.
  10. erod

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    I enjoy listing the guys he's brought in, kept, and gotten rid of:

    IN: Murray, Carter, Church, Carr, Claiborne, Dunbar, Hanna, Frederick, Smith, Leary, Allen, T Williams, Wilcox, Randle, Harris, Bailey, Lissimore, Beasley, Escobar, Rosario

    KEPT: Romo, Ware, Witten, Austin, Free, Lee, Spencer, Scandrick, Ratliff, Hatcher

    OUT: Brooking, Spears, James, Newman, Ball, Davis, Gurode, Columbo, Kosier, Barber, Roy Williams, Ogletree, Olshansky, Sensabaugh, Beuhler,

    That some good personnel moves right there.
  11. erod

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    Absolute BS.
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    Took away his playcalling... Fired his brother... Hired a new defensive staff...

    Maybe neutered isn't the right word, but it's not that far off.
  13. Doomsday101

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    Yet it was Garrett at the Senior Bowl holed up in a hotel going over the DC candidates not Jerry. Of course Jerry hired him the man who pays me is the man who hired me be it Dallas or any where else. As for firing his bother Garrett seems to have a different take “Johnny had some opportunities to leave here in the last couple of years, and we kept him here,” Jason Garrett said. “We made it worth his while to stay here. And as we’ve restructured this thing, I would never put him in a situation where he would call plays on our staff. He and I had that discussion; we had that discussion in our organization. We felt like the best way for him to grow was not to be here. He’s got a great situation down in Tampa with guys that he knows and respects and he’ll do a great job for them.”

    But then Jason is just the HC not a message board poster. lol
  14. AmberBeer

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    Yes he should. But Garrett's Ivy league toungue influenced him some.
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    If you want to believe Garrett was the one behind the moves this offseason, suit yourself.

    I guess you can also believe in the Tooth Fairy if you so choose.
  16. Hostile

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    No one fired John Garrett. He wanted to leave. He wants to go back to the college ranks as a Head Coach. He will get that chance I am sure.

    Jason hired the Defensive Staff. He's the one who had ties to them from his days in Tampa. Jerry was at the X Games as coaches were being interviewed in Indianapolis. No coach hired has mentioned interviews with Jerry, just gratitude for the chance as they would from any owner.

    The play calling is something Garrett has repeatedly said he was going to give up at some point. In fact was saying it long before this off season.

    It's flat out far fetched, forget far off.
  17. Chocolate Lab

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    LOL. Kiffin was being scouted by Lacewell and Co. last football season, months before the combine. He has ties to Kiffin going back decades.

    I know you're never going to let go of the dream that Garrett is running everything, and that's fine. I'm just glad Jerry made the moves, because they needed to be made.
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  18. KJJ

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    According to Garrett he was on board with all the moves including his brother being fired.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Frankly I don't know exactly how it went down fact is neither do you. Come on a message board poster who has nothing to do with the organization is going to claim he knows. LOL You guys think why too much about your own opinions.

    As far as Garrett running everything? Never said he did but I do think he has a lot of say in what they do. Jerry has never been shy about firing a coach I don't care if Garrett has a contract or not and as far as Garrett future I have said ample times he has to win and win now if he expect to keep this job. As a Cowboys fan I hope he does get the job done, I would much rather have stability at the HC spot than to once again change course and start over but it does not change the fact I expect him to win or be gone.
  20. khiladi

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    So the fact that Jerry over-ruled him on Floyd for Frederik, based upon Marinelli and Kiffin, makes you think the draft was Garrett?

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