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    based on needs, some realism as far as draft scenario goes, and value for pick:

    1st round:
    1st choice: WR Chad Jackson, potential to become a #1 WR in the league with a year or two under his belt and at least a solid #2. Great hands, good size, great speed. Player. Great value at 18 if he's here.
    2nd choice: WR Santonio Holmes. Potentially the second coming of Terry Glenn that can also return kicks. More polished than Jackson but will always be a #2 WR. Good value at 18 if he's here.
    3rd choice: LB Bobby Carpenter, PERFECT fit at ILB for us. Gives us some attitude in the LB corps. He probably won't be as good as Ray Lewis, but I think he has that type of presence. He'll be a defensive leader right away and a spectacular player. Incredible combo size, speed, and most importantly, smarts. Decent value at 18 but better value with a trade down several spots. Probably won't last til the 2nd though.
    4th Choice: LB/DE Manny Lawson. Freakish athlete and sexy, exciting pick. Haven't seen so much potential and upside in one player in a while. I will say that if we don't get him, I sure hope none of our rivals do either. I think he could be an bigtime impact player with a little NFL experience. 18 is too high for him but its a calculated gamble.
    5th Choice: TE Leonard Pope, big dude that balances our offense and keeps defenses guessing as to which TE is going to catch the ball. Two TE sets with Pope and Witten would be deadly.
    If we can trade down in the first and still get ANY of these 4 guys, we've scored bigtime. Furthermore, there are a ton of good players that will come out of the 2nd and 3rd rounds this year so if we can turn one first day pick into two....bonus. I'd consider our draft a coup if we could somehow trade down in the first, grab Lawson, and trade up in the second and get Carpenter. What an incredible pass-rushing, playmaking LB corp we'd have...and deep.

    Second Round:
    1st Choice: Max Jean-Gilles, monster G that will be a starter for a long time to come. Great value for our pick here.
    2nd choice: C Nick Mangold, only C in the draft that I'd consider. A legit 2nd round talent that someone may take in the first. Upgrade over AJ if we don't sign someone in FA. Great value at our pick in the second.
    3rd choice: DB Jason Allen, easily would've been one of the top rated DBs coming out if not for the hip injury. Will be a VERY good S. Great coverage skills, will get INTs. Don't let anyone fool you, he's a decent CB but his position is FS for the pros. Good value in the second.
    4th Choice: DE/OLB Darryl Tapp, guy can just get to the QB. Its his ability to play LB that will be questioned but great athlete. Good pick in the late second, esp if we didn't get a LB in the first.
    5th Choice: OG Lutui
    6th choice: WR Maurice Stovall, unrealized potential. Tremendous size, good hands, needs more quickness. Good player though.
    7th choice: WR Sinorice Moss, like trying to catch a silverfish waterbug. Not all that polished at WR but pretty good hands and shakes like a wet-dog.
    Others to Consider in the second: DE Kamerion Wimbley, OT Ryan O'Callahan, DT Gabe Watson, S Darnell Bing, S Dwayne Slay

    3rd Round:
    First Choice: FB Lawrence Vickers, versatile FB that would be an upgrade
    Second: G Davin Joseph, better than Peterman, more athletic, more versatile (played T Sr Season), most consider him a better player than Jamal Brown who went round 1 last season.
    Third: LB Anthony Schlegel, going to be a solid, just not spectacular NFL player IMO.
    Fourth: DB Pat Watkins
    Fifth: Charlie Whitehurst, not crazy about drafting a QB this year but this would be a great value pick. If there is a sleeper QB in this draft, I think Whitehurst is it.

    Day Two guys I'd be watching (in no particular order)
    1) LB Kai Parham, same as Schlegel, solid and consistent, nothing spectacular.
    2) WR Jeff Samardizja, second coming of Joe Jerivicious, and name is equally difficult to spell
    3) WR/KR Skyler Green, exciting special teams returner. Not a polished WR but Santana Moss quick and fast with the ball in his hands
    4) WR Travis Wilson, still learning the WR position but serious athlete with serious size, 6'3, and great hands, will be a sleeper pick for someone that pans out well
    5) WR Jonathon Orr, size, size, size does matter, pretty good player too
    6) TE Jason Fasano, may go on day one but great pick anywhere on day two

    that's what my draft board would look like if I was drawing it up for us.
    Of course I'd have some more guys on it that I didn't list like Brick Ferguson, Hawk, Mario Williams, and Huff but I don't realistically expect them to still be on the board when we pick. Then some players like Jimmy Williams, T Winston, and Vince Young I would still leave off because they are either punks, overrated, or just don't fit us or what we're trying to do. At this time I'll take your questions and/or comments.
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    Jeff Samardzija will be playing for Notre Dame this fall.
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    I like alot of that except for:
    1st round:
    2nd choice: WR Santonio Holmes

    3rd Round:
    First Choice: FB Lawrence Vickers
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    6) TE Jason Fasano, may go on day one but great pick anywhere on day two

    It's Anthony Fasano, and he is an oustanding all around tight end

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