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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Jan 3, 2007.

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    The offseason hasn't even really begun yet, but with the draft order pretty much set and the weakness clearly evident I don't think it's too early to do this. The only thing I won't address is the coaching staff, since the end of the playoffs will likely change the available candidates quite a bit.

    Heading into this offseason the biggest needs IMO (not necessarily in order) OL, DT/NT, WR, backup QB, K, and a veteran DB.

    On the OL, the most practical targets this offseason to me would be either Kris Dielman or Derrick Dockery. Both fit Parcells' power running style while still offering decent pass protection and coming at a price that won't break the bank. To backup Romo, I'd like to see us take a look at Damon Huard and Tim Rattay. DB is something that will most likely be expensive, so I expect us to wait until later this spring and wait for a veteran to be cut before we make any moves. The rest I see being addressed through the draft.

    1. Sidney Rice WR South Carolina- He's got everything you look for in a WR; size, speed, good hands, and body control. He has some character concerns so he will fall a little bit, but if he enters the draft I don't see how we can pass him up with our aging WR corp.

    2. Kyle Young OC Fresno St.- Young has the size to match up against today's bigger NT's, but he's got the intelligence to recognize the blitz and calls the plays up front. His addition will allow Gurode to move back to G where I feel he's better suited anyway. This will also move Kozier into a backup role where I feel he is a better fit, similiar to what Lehr was able to do for us.

    3. Justin Harrell DT Tennessee- Showed flashes of talent and was considered a top prospect before an early-season injury. He's got good size and strength, he holds up well at the point of attack against the run and adds a decent yet inconsistent pass rush. He will be a good fit whether we go with the 3-4 or 4-3.

    4. Mason Crosby K Colorado- Our kicking game has been inconsistent for years. Crosby offers a very strong, accurate leg and the consistency we've been missing.

    5. Sabby Piscitelli DB Oregon St.- Good size and has a knack for being around the ball. Good in coverage, but run support could use some work. Speed is also questionable.

    6. (from NYJ) Chase Johnson OT Wyoming- A mountain of a man with surprising athleticism as well. Had started 35 consecutive games at LT entering this season.

    7. Jared Zabransky QB Boise State- Good arm and mobility, but he has less than ideal size and is very inconsistent. Might be a PS candidate but he's got some upside.
    7. (from NYJ) Tyler Ecker TE Michigan- Because it wouldn't be a BP draft if we didn't get atleast 1 TE.
    7. (from NO) Martin Jackson LB/DE Alcorn St.- Started off at LB but transitioned to DE. He's got excellent size and speed, and he's been tearing up small-school competition.
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    Nice thinking. But here are my comments:

    Where we are drafting is too high for Rice in round 1. There are too many other WRs who are ahead of him on the draft boards: C. Johnson, D. Jarrett, the Shark, Ted Ginn, Jr. and (possibly) Dwayne Bowe. Rice will be 5th or 6th WR taken, and he might still be there when we draft in the 2nd. I'd be surprised if anyone beyond the top 4 is taken in the first round.

    If you want to go OL/WR in the first two rounds, then I'd go with Blalock in the 1st and maybe get Rice in the 2nd. Even if Rice isn't there (though I think he will be) there are other options at WR.

    Mason Crosby will be long gone by the 4th round. I think he goes anywhere from late 2nd to mid 3rd.

    It's too hard to tell about the other picks at this point in time. We won't know who to look at in the later rounds until at earliest the combine. After that, we'll have an idea of who is going where and be able to look at people for 2nd day picks.

    But good job and thanks for the input. I'll keep my eyes on the guys you listed. :)
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    Not too shabby....but I would like to stay away from Tennessee defenders...perhaps instead go for DT Paul Soliai Utah.

    Martin Jackson....thanks for the heads up on this guy.....I am going to have to keep my eye on him....this is the first i have heard of him...

    I am behind this year on my small school prospects....ill pick up the pace come the end of January.

    My Mock was something like

    1 - C Kyle Young
    2 - RB Michael Bush
    3 - CB Josh Wilson
    4 - WR Chansi Stuckey
    5 - DT Paul Soliai
    6 - LB Zak DeOssie
    7 - OT John Greco

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