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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DLCassidy, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. DLCassidy

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    11. trade down to 14 with Carolina for their third, #79.
    14. trade down to 23 with Seattle for their 2nd, #54.
    20. (round 1) draft David Pollack, DE, Georgia
    23. trade down to 32 with NE for their 2nd, #64.
    32. (round 1) draft Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tenn
    42. (round 2) draft CJ Mosley, DT, Missouri
    54. (round 2) draft Josh Bullocks, FS, Nebraska
    64. (round 2) draft Michael Munoz, OT, Tenn
    79. (round 3) draft Courtney Roby, WR, Indiana
    109. (round 4) draft Cedric Houston, RB, Tenn
    148. (round 5) draft Tyler Jones, K, Boise State
    208. (round 6) draft Maurice Clarett, RB, OSU
    209. (round 6) draft Darrell Reid, DE, Minnesota
    224. (round 7) draft Madison Hedgecock, FB, NC
  2. DLCassidy

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  3. Future

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    There is a 10 draft pick per year rule
  4. DLCassidy

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    link? That makes no sense since teams are allowed up to 4 compensatory picks. Or are you saying the Eagles have to forfeit 4 of their 14 choices? I think not.
  5. SDogo

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    only in Madden

    but anyways, this mock is unrealistic and lost my intrest after the Munoz and Clarett picks. Last things we need is a medical question at OT in Round 2 we have one in Rogers that we picked in round 2 and RB that can't outrun our OL.
  6. Derinyar

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    Too many trades makes for a dream not a mock. Very few teams pull off more than one day one trade in a year. In fact many don't do one day one trade most years.
  7. Compacity

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    I know my drafts is off the wall but your drafts is on cloud 9....

    Man I don't want to see pollack in a Cowboy jersey unless he a linebacker....

    Diffently dont want to see a line-backer drafted unless it's Shawne Merriman with the 20th pick and Mike Williams with the 11th....
  8. morasp

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    I would project Pollack to outside linebacker in a 3-4 which is what I think they are already planning to run (ala Coakley departure). Pollack would be superb in a 3-4.
  9. DLCassidy

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    Michael Munoz is going to be a great player. Probably not a hall of famer like his dad but a possible pro bowler. Truthfully he could end up being the steal of the draft at the end of round 2. Yes, he's had some injuries but that's the only reason he's not a first round player. I'll start him at RT right now and feel very good about it. In fact I'd trade Vollers, Tucker and Rodgers for him right now.

    Clarett is a decent value as a supplemental 6th rounder. He's shown he's a pretty good football player. I think his bad time is partly because he bulked up too much and he's too heavy right now. But you should know that at that point in the draft anyone you take is going to have some major negatives.
  10. DLCassidy

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    You and I see things differently. People get too carried away by things that don't matter much. The fact is if David Pollack was an inch or so taller he'd be a consensus top 10 pick. His production in college is off the charts. His intensity and attitude is off the charts. The guy is a football player and he will do very well as a pro. My only concern with Pollack is whether he'll still be available to draft at 20. If he is the pick is a no-brainer. He can fill two needs- DE in the 4-3, OLB in the 3-4. Bring him on. I think we will continue to play a lot of 4-3 next year and if so we will need another OLB in addition to Pollack, who would play end in the 4-3. Kevin Burnett is a stud. Just adding Pollack and Burnett improves our D a lot. CJ Mosley would give us another large DT and give Bill more flexibility to run the 3-4 because he can spell Ferguson at NT. Bullocks is the best cover FS in the draft.

    I would give this draft an A+ if we ever pulled it off.
  11. DLCassidy

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    Jimmy Johnson usually did.
  12. Derinyar

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    Jimmy tended to mostly trade players, and fewer top end draft picks.

    You have basically projected 3 first round draft day trades. Its not going to happen. Theres decent odds that there won't be 3 total trades in round 1 this year, much less 3 by one team. Don't project trades when doing a mock, it makes it garbage.
  13. DLCassidy

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    Most mocks are garbage. And I'd be willing to wager we trade down at least once. Last year there were 9 1st round trades.
  14. edwardo

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    The point of this post is that the Boys should trade down with their first two picks in the first round. I agree with this. And, I think it will happen. First, there is huge value in this draft in round two. Second, this type strategy pays off BIG when you have a football man, and a strategy that are one and the same. This is TUNA. You have to have guts and football sense to pull off the J. Jones deal. This took BALLS the size of New Jersey, made of titanium steel. Point is that there are suckers or teams that need certain players; if Benson falls and he will to eleven, someone will overpay to go to eleven to grab him (or someone else) We need to be there to grab the overpayment. True, past drafts say we couldn't hit a barn with a bazooka, but those days are over. Now we have TUNA, fully engaged. Knowing what we want in the latter stages of round one, and in round two, will allow us to move down several times, maybe three, maybe more . . . and pick up something for next year and extra this year. This is why the number one we stole last year is so darn important. I agree with this post, even if I might disagree with the selections that apply to the trading down.
  15. ghettogandhi

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    I would cry if we ended up with those players- Like the idea of trading down a few slots here and there for extra 2nd and 3rds but I take exception with the players chosen

    how bout this

    20-Khalif Barnes/jamal brown
    32-matt jones
    42-daryl Blackstock/marlin jackson
    54- Chris Canty
    64- munoz- not bad there

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