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    So I am an active member at cowboys-forum and love that board but I thought that I would share some of the videos I have been working on with some other cowboys fans.

    Let me know if you like them. I am constantly updating the thread with clips.

    PLEASE DONT RIP ME OFF, My brad sham clips take alot of work and are unique! PLEASE DONT RIP ME OFF

    anyway enjoy
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    Thanks for the clips Theebs!

    You are definitely one of the most loyal fans I know!

    Great work!
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    Thanks man! I am about to get started on the clips for sb 30 in a few minutes!!!!
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    Almost done doing the clips for superbowl 28. Here are the direct links. Agains PLEASE DONT PASS THESE OFF AS YOUR OWN. Especially the brad sham videos,they take me alot of time...give me credit if you post them somewhere.

    I dont know whats up I posted the links and they are not working on this forum?

    here is a sample
    Flea flicker vs. Kc with brad shams call
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    Trying to post the links again!

    Ok I think these are working!!

    Fujita sack and fumble with brads call

    Flea flicker vs. Kc with brad shams call

    Flea Flicker vs. Washington with brad sham

    Jason Witten td catch vs chiefs w/brad shams call

    Julius Jones 45 yd td run vs carolina with brad shams call

    Terry glenn's 2nd TD vs. philly in Dallas with brad shams call

    Jason Witten Td catch vs nyg with brad sham

    Roy williams int at philly with brad shams call

    Terry Glenn's td at philly with brad shams call

    Patrick Crayton TD catch at the raiders with brad shams call

    Marion Barber's TD run vs Arizona with brad shams call

    Keyshawn TD catch vs arizona w brad shams call

    Marion Barbers 2nd td vs arizona with brad shams call

    Keith Davis hit on Josh Mcown with brad shams call****onMcownwithBradShamsCall.html

    Anthony Henry's Int vs arizona with brad shams call

    Terrance newmans interception vs Washington with brad shams call

    Terrance Newmans interception vs Seattle with brad shams call

    Keyshawn Johnsons TD vs Denver with brad shams call

    Terrance Newmans interception vs Denver with brad shams call


    1995 NFC Championship Green Bay @ Dallas

    Opening lead in to game with Pat Summerall;4752324;;/fileinfo.html

    Pass interference on Michael Irvin 1st quarter

    Deion Sanders first down Catch out of the slot

    Aikman to Irvin TD 1st qtr;4752351;;/fileinfo.html

    Leon Lett's int of a screen pass 1st qtr

    Robert Brooks Burning Larry Brown

    Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin 2nd td of 1st qtr

    Darren Woodsons big hit on Robert Brooks(wr coach ed haskell gets injured and carted off)

    Emmit Smith Churning and pushing on a 1st down run

    Michael Irvin 1st down catch then giving his patented 1st down call!

    Emmit Smith toucdown 2nd quarter

    Emmits big run from the Dallas 1 yard line started a 98 yard drive!

    Leon lett stuffing the run in the 3rd quarter

    Michael Irvin's Juggling sideline 1st down catch in the 4th quarter

    Draw to Daryl Johnston and then Emmit Smith's 2nd TD in the 4th quarter

    Larry Brown's Interception of Brett Favre in the 4th quarter

    Jay Novacek's first down catch and dishing out punishment after the catch!!!

    Emmit's 3rd TD in the 4th quarter;4752591;;/fileinfo.html

    Last snap of the game, Aikman Takes a Knee


    1992 Philly @Dallas divisional playoff

    Opening lead into 92 philly at dallas game;4753464;;/fileinfo.html

    Charles Haley running down randall cunngham 1st qtr.;4753562;;/fileinfo.html

    K-mart's big kick return 1st qtr;4753507;;/fileinfo.html

    Aikman to Derrick Tennel TD in 1st qtr.;4753479;;/fileinfo.html

    Cowboys gameplan to attack Mike Golic;4753546;;/fileinfo.html

    Vai sikahemma kickoff fumble in 2nd qtr.;4753910;;/fileinfo.html

    Troy Aikman Juking Seth joyner;4753930;;/fileinfo.html

    Eric Allen P.I. on Alvin Harper in 2nd qtr.;4753946;;/fileinfo.html

    Troy Akman to Jay Novacek TD in 2nd qtr.;4753981;;/fileinfo.html

    Troy Aikman to Alvin Harper big play 2nd qtr.;4754000;;/fileinfo.html

    Russell Maryland sacks cunningham 2nd qtr.;4754019;;/fileinfo.html

    Kenny gant lays the big hit then does the shark in the 2nd qtr.;4754032;;/fileinfo.html

    Aikman to Irvin in the 3rd qtr.;4754048;;/fileinfo.html

    Emmit smith TD run in the 3rd qtr.;4754079;;/fileinfo.html

    #1 D hard at work in the 3rd qtr.;4754091;;/fileinfo.html

    Charles Haley and Tony tolbert sack cunningham in the 3rd qtr.;4754106;;/fileinfo.html

    Ken Norton strips Herschel walker in the third qtr.;4754129;;/fileinfo.html

    Jim Jeffcoat sacks cunningham in the 4th qtr.;4754140;;/fileinfo.html

    Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin big catch in the 4th qtr.;4754158;;/fileinfo.html

    Derrick Gainer TD run in the 4th qtr to make it a blowout..! payback for the bounty bowl!;4754177;;/fileinfo.html


    Superbowl XXVIII video clips

    Opening lead into the superbowl 28;4757259;;/fileinfo.html

    Cowboys introductions (poor Audio) sb 28;4757220;;/fileinfo.html

    Opening kickoff of Superbowl 28;4757153;;/fileinfo.html

    First Play of sb 28 1st qtr.;4757275;;/fileinfo.html

    Aikman to irvin 1st down 2nd qtr sb28;4757799;;/fileinfo.html

    Emmit Smith 1st down run in 2nd qtr of sb 28;4757788;;/fileinfo.html

    James Washington's fumble return for a td in the third quarter sb 28;4763388;;/fileinfo.html

    The Emmitt Drive in the third quarter, emmitt runs 7 of 8 plays on the ground last for a td, sb28;4763361;;/fileinfo.html

    Tony Cassillas bottling up Kenneth davis in the third quarter sb 28;4763404;;/fileinfo.html

    Jim Jeffcoat sacks jim kelly in the third quarter sb28;4763411;;/fileinfo.html

    Darren Woodson buries Kenneth Davis in the third quarter sb28;4763425;;/fileinfo.html

    Troy Aikman to Alvin Harper big play in the 4th quarter sb28;4763450;;/fileinfo.html

    Emmitt smith's second touchdown, 4th quarter sb28;4763473;;/fileinfo.html

    Jimmy Jones sacks jim Kelly in the 4th quarter sb28;4763493;;/fileinfo.html

    Aikman to harper beating the blitz, 4th quarter sb28;4763508;;/fileinfo.html

    James washington's int in the 4th qtr. sb28;4763564;;/fileinfo.html

    Jimmy's gatorade bath 4th qtr. sb28;4763582;;/fileinfo.html

    Here are the other video clips I have done so far if anyone wants them

    Dale hansen's 2/12/06 interview of jerry jones

    Keyshawn johnson 1 handed catch out of bounds vs Denver!

    Patrick Craytons game winning catch against the redskins.

    Craytons catch on 4th and 10 to keep the game alive

    Roy williams sack vs washington this year

    the ball boy punching the goal post in disgust after we win in Philly

    Bill bates Interception to beat the bears in the 91 wild card game

    Troy Aikmans Hall of fame speech and nomination (click the link and wait 30 seconds for download)

    Jason witten dragging tacklers for the first down against Oakland
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    Wowza...amazingly cool...thank you VERY much.

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