My CZFFL II team opinions please.

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    Well looks like the Zone II league will stay so here is my team. One thing to note is that I did not draft this team. The draft time was changed on draft day to a earlier time frame so I missed the draft. That said I did not do any player rankings and I could have come off a lot worse then I did. Looking at the team and taking into account that Yahoo made thse picks "blind" for me I would say it is not a bad team all things considered. So here is my team with a few notes on the picks. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys as well.


    C. Palmer

    What a nice 1-2 punch to have a QB. Green is Mr. Automatic for fantasy QB's and I think Palmer will have a great year.


    E.Shelton (Waiver wire pick up.)
    M.Anderson(Waiver wire pick up.)

    Not to crazy about Tiki plus I never like to have NFC East players on my teams. How could you not love Alexander though who should be running with a boulder on his shoulder for this year. Larry Johnson could be the pick that takes me to a title though. Worst case if Holmes does not go down is that I have a solid R/B that will score some points. Best case if Holmes goes down this guy is a top 5 FF back. Overall though my R/B's have me a little worried. Alexander is the only true money guy I have the rest are just big gambles.



    Joe Horn is much like Trent Green. he will always put up the numbers so I'm pretty good with him there. Othere then that though there is some question marks. D.Driver and I.Bruce are on the downside of their carears and one has to wonder how much they will produce this year. P.Burress paired with a green QB could be waiver wire material along with Williamson and Lewis. Put with lewis someone has to catch those MCNabb throws? Again though I'm on the wrong side of the amount of NFC East players on my squad.


    D.Jolley (Waiver wire pick up.)

    I was surprised to see that Jolley did not get drafted. Could be the best waiver wire move that I have made thus far. I dont expact much out of Johnson but will hold on to him just to make sure.



    Another NFC East team taking a roster spot. Not a bad D but bot crazy about starting when they play the



    Damn I have a lot of Eagle and Giant players! Other then that can't complain one of the better FF kickers.

    So there is my team I'm open to comments are your predictions on what you see coming from these guys.

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