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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dffl11, Mar 26, 2007.

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    Now that Hamlin has been signed i do not want Dallas to go after a FS in the first or second round of the draft.

    With all our picks, i have 6 players that i would love to see in Dallas after the draft *plus one i hope falls a couple of rounds to land late in the draft

    My Dallas Cowboys wish list for the 2007 NFL Draft:

    1st Jarrett WR
    2nd Spencer DE
    3rd Beekman OG
    4th Quincy Black OLB
    5th Wendling FS
    6th Stephenson C

    *of course we need a CB late in the draft as well...and I have watched J. Wilson (MD) play for a while now and he is a burner with return ability......I hate seeing Crayton waving for a fair catch and the risk of Tnew getting hurt is just something i do not want to take any more!!!

    Wilson is a 4.39 guy that could slip to the later rounds because he is only 5'9. He is also a very good special teams player...I know he has blocked a few punt(s) in college...not sure how many, but more then 1.
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    Id rather have Meacham than Jarrett

    Id rather have Robison than Spencer

    Id rather have Manny Ramirez than Beekman

    Id rather have DT Soliai thank Black

    Wendling will not last till the fact he most likely wont make it past the first day.

    Wilson wont go past the 4th....his speed and solid coverage skills, along with his kick return ability, will keep him from the late rounds.

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