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    Well there are several options that may pan out; for one I would love to get Winston Justice, but I really like the idea of trading down for additional picks especially a first rounder next year. There is talk of drafting QB next year, but I would like to have the picks to target and get Calvin Johnson if he declares. That being said I think trading down can benefit the Cowboys this year also.

    1st day picks that I think can help out.

    Gabe Watson Michigan 6-3 1/2 339 5.25
    Having a 330+ NT will help the Defense out the most in my opinion
    Max Jean-Gilles Georgia 6-3 3/4 355 5.47 Charles Spencer Pittsburgh 6-4 3/4 352 5.28 Taitusi Lutui Southern Cal 6-3 5/8 334 5.37
    Drafting one of these guys will add solid depth to the interior line and solidify the future there.
    Jason Allen Tennessee 6-0 7/8 209 4.39
    Because of His health grades a slide is predicted and well worth the gamble in the third, again in my opinion. I just hope he is there in the third. I saw some health grades of players 1 being the best and 4 being the worst, Allen had a 3.5 which leads to his fall.

    2nd day picks in no particular order are:

    Willie Reid Florida St. 5-10 1/2 188 4.34
    This guy has climbed my board in the last week; he wasn't even someone I was interested in until this week. I read an article that called him a poor man's Reggie Bush, but I definitely think this could be Parcell's Dave Megget, which he has not found yet.
    Joe Toledo Washington 6-5 1/2 337 5.11
    I like his athletic ability and potential as our future at LT. (Drafting a LT because I think Rob with a year under his belt and the added strength is our RT of the Future , if not even this year)
    Jason Hunter Appalachian State 6-foot-4
    235 4.53 Leon Williams Miami (FL) 6'3"2 45 4.54 Brandon Guillory Louisiana-Monroe 6-3 3/4 253 4.53
    I like one of these guys on the second day to add LB depth, as I am penciling in Singleton and Burnett at SOLB with hope for Burnett's future.
    Will Blackmon Boston College 6-0 1/4 198 4.46

    If this guy is available on day 2 I would jump all over him. Second day steal.

    Another notable player that I would consider taking at the end of day one or early on day two is:
    Chris Chester Oklahoma 6-3 3/8 303 4.88
    For some reason I am drueling at the thought of him lining up as a blocking tight end in goal line formations, and he is projected as having a bright future a Guard, but is still raw.

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