My Dream Cowboys Offseason

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    According to the "experts" we're hours away from tagging Anthony Spencer, in the hopes that we don't here's my cowboys mock off season before it finally gets started.

    Switch Base defense to Hybrid 4-3 (both for personnel reasons and to attract our biggest free agent target)
    Cut: Terence Newman, Kyle Kosier, David Buehler, Shaun Chapas
    Sign: Tony Fiametta, Mat McBriar, Mario Williams, LaRon Landry
    1 David Decastro (Elite player with combination of leadership, work ethic, and talent)
    2 (and a 2013 2nd rounder) Don’ta Hightower (Enforcer able to take on blockers and get to the ball carrier, our new Sam backer. Probably have to trade to get him)
    3 Kelechi Osmele (Big man who overpowers in run game, is still quick enough to pull and light on his feet for pass protection. Plus he can serve as a swing tackle when needed)
    4 Ben Jones (Not an overly impressive specimen physically, but is a team captain and is one of the nastiest players I’ve seen on the field.
    5 Robert Turbin (Reminds me of the Barbarian, the perfect counter punch to Murray)
    6 T.Y. Hilton (Raw, but talented player. Can compete for third WR spot and act as KR/PR immediately)
    7 Mike Daniels (Very quick, I see an explosive element in his game that I love. No idea where he’ll go, but I fell in love with him after watching him tear apart my beloved sooner’s O-line in the insight bowl this year)

    • Improved pass rush, and intensity on defense.
    • Offensive line solidified for years with hard working, talented players and great depth.
    • Leadership added.

    • Secondary is not improved, and has almost no depth. I believe our pass rush can really help here, but secondary would be a huge target in 2013.
    • Probably have to use a second round pick from 2013 to move up and get Hightower if he falls into the late 20’s of round 1.
    • Not sure how much LaRon Landry is asking for, might not be able to afford him and Mario. In which case I would go after someone like Decoud out of Atlanta, or bring back Elam.

    My starting lineup


    QB: Tony Romo
    RB: Demarco Murray
    FB: Tony Fiametta
    WR1: Miles Austin
    WR2: Dez Bryant
    WR3: T.Y. Hilton/Raymond Radaway(love this kid)
    LT: Tyron Smith
    LG: David Decastro
    C: Ben Jones
    RG: Kelechi Osmele
    RT: Doug Free
    TE: Witten


    CB1: Jenkins
    CB2: Scandrick (that hurts)
    CB3: uh... Mario Butler?
    RDE: Ware
    LDE: Williams
    NT: Ratliff
    UT: Hatcher/Lissemore
    WLB: Carter
    MLB: Lee
    SLB: Hightower
    FS: Sensabaugh
    SS: Landry

    On passing downs I would move Mario Williams in at 3-4 DE and play Ware and either Hightower or Victor Butler at the other OLB. Ratliff at the nose and Hatcher at the other DE. This maximizes our pass rushers on the field much like the giants do with moving Pierre Paul in at DT on passing downs.

    Special teams

    K: Dan Bailey
    P: Matt McBriar
    KR: Dwayne Harris
    PR: T.Y. Hilton
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    Hello, and welcome aboard. Boomer Sooner!!
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    Thanks for the welcome, nice to see other sooners/cowboys fans. I think the two go hand in hand very well personally.
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    So do I. One of my favorite fall activities is watching Oklahoma high school football on a Friday night, the Sooners on Saturday, and the Cowboys on a late Sunday afternoon. Utopia!

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